4 November 2021, 21h15 GMT


Letting go of assumptions, returning to first principles and engaging in what the Buddhists call ‘beginners mind’ hold the key to unlocking the potential of the November 2021 new moon, which might otherwise prove to be a rather rocky and frustrating affair.

With two hard aspects set to take place between the Scorpio New Moon, and the planets ruling old (Saturn) and new (Uranus), November 2021’s waxing moon phase could feel a little volatile and turbulent. Indeed, with a lot potentially changing in the outside world, we may feel the need to find ways to hedge (Saturn) against uncertainty (Uranus).

However, by staying centered, questioning your thinking and surrendering the need to cling to old ways of being, thinking or doing, we could make some major breakthroughs, especially in areas where you may have felt stuck, afraid, isolated or limited.


To establish where you may be ready for a psychological or emotional reset, find your rising sign in the chart below – this will tell you which life area is ripe for fresh starts, new projects and a clean slate.

Sabian Symbol

Experimentation, innovation, new ways of thinking and doing things are all highlighted by this month’s Sabian symbol, which asks us to balance the inventiveness of Uranus, with the caution and methodical approach of Saturn.

Fixed Stars

At this New Moon, the luminaries will be forming parans with the fixed stars Alphecca in the northern crown (corona borealis), which is associated with achievements or an elevation in status, possibly after hardship and suffering; together with Acrux, the alpha star in the southern cross, with its focus on overcoming the challenges of materialism and the human condition, and finding ways to create long-term financial security or a legacy for future generations.

You can find out more in my videocast, which you can watch either on YouTube, or via the embed below.


BEGINNERS MIND: SCORPIO NEW MOON VIDEOCAST – Watch it on my YouTube channel or below.

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