09 October 2022, 21h54 BST


Honouring Yourself

The last full moon before the start of Eclipse season 2.0, the Hunter’s Moon on 9 October actually has a lot of things going for it, including a kite pattern involving the luminaries, Venus, Chiron, Mars and Saturn. In fact, Venus & Mars will be edging towards a trine pattern on the 19th. Emotional healing is also a big theme – something that is probably best accomplished by being true to yourself and being honest about your needs. If this involves scheduling a temporary retreat from the world, then take it. With the Aries-Libra pole activated, don’t be surprised, however, if you feel torn between the desire to take care of your own needs, on one hand, and meeting those of others, on the other.

Take a Breath
In a lot of ways, this lunar phase is a chance to take a breath between the chaos and liminality of the Equinox, on one hand; and the high octane energy of the solar eclipse that’s due to take place at the end of the month.

As I’ve mentioned in previous forecasts, this one looks set to be quite a humdinger, so a well-intentioned pause before we head into our next six month soli-lunar cycle is probably a good idea.

In fact, both the Sabian symbol and the Lunar Face for this particular moon phase highlight the importance of withdrawing from the hurly burly of life in order to process your experiences, and where you feel torn or lost, return your focus to what’s important.

Chances for Emotional Healing
The Hunter’s Moon may also precipitate a period of emotional healing, especially when it comes to some of our most contentious and triggering life areas: love, money and sex.

That’s because, in contrast to the September full moon, when Venus and Mars were square to each other,  the planets of love and desire will be heading towards a trine during this waning moon phase.

Having made a series of contacts with the outer planets on their journey back towards each other, both are likely to be a little bit older and wiser by the time they perfect their aspect on 19 October.

However, do bear in mind that Mars is also due to retrograde at month end, very close to Halloween, so harmonious reunion is not likely to be a fait accompli – there may well be some work to do, especially when it comes to reconciling conflicting desires or needs within the masculine party or part of us.

Kite: A Chance to Reconcile Opposites
The luminaries will form part of an aspect pattern, which consists of five positive contacts surrounding an opposition, which represents a situation or issue we feel conflicted about. On this occasion, it is the Sun and Moon that sit on either side of the Earth. Both are accompanied by another planet – Venus, with the Sun; and Chiron, with the Moon.

Positively aspecting them are the malefics, Mars and Saturn – creating a strangely inverted situation in which what is usually benefic may become toxic, and vice versa. It may therefore be that we have to choose between taking time out for emotional healing, or having a good time with our nearest and dearest. In other words, we may have to choose between our need for self-care and alone time, or time spent being sociable or self-indulgent.

This fits well with the Aries-Libra polarity that is active at the full moon. And as we know, this pairing, almost better than any other, represents the pull between the needs of self vs. taking care of others. Interesting too, that these signs are ruled by Venus and Mars…

Rather than taking an either-or approach – something that might seem obvious, given the opposition, the lesson of the kite pattern is to try and find a more harmonious win-win solution.

With Saturn making positive aspects to almost all the planets involved in this aspect pattern, a sensible, slow and incremental approach is likely to be the winning one. By thinking ahead and not shirking our responsibilities, we can take the potential sting out of this otherwise polarising aspect.






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