Doing the flip…taking our power back…seeing and resonating with core emotional truths and aligning with our inner source of wisdom and sovereignty.⁠ This is what November’s Scorpio New Moon is all about.

Coming off the back of the third and final pass of 2020’s second-most dramatic transit – the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12 – this moon phase also offers us all the opportunity to resolve, let go of or make peace with, a longstanding saga, situation or dilemma that may date as far back as the May 7 Supermoon in Scorpio.

With some uplifting aspects to inspiring and poetic Neptune in the mix, this is also a great time to make strides towards achieving a goal or dream you’ve been passionate about for quite some time. Because, thanks to some grounding contact to that stellium of power planets sitting in ambitious and earthy Capricorn, manifesting energy during this waxing lunar phase will be off the charts! See the ASPECTS section below for more info.

Leadership and personal charisma are another big theme during this lunar cycle due to the influence of the fixed star, Agena, which Joe Biden happens to have in his natal chart. This is all about a different type of authority figure – someone who has the common touch and who leads from a place of compassion and empathy. Details below in the FIXED STARS section.


November’s New Moon takes place in the sign of passionate, penetrating and powerful Scorpio. During the next lunar month, many of us will be continuing the themes around transformation, self-empowerment and pursuing our truth or personal passions underscored during Scorpio season, and carrying them forward into December.

Coming in the wake of of last week’s super-powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (which only happens every 12-13 years) this particular New Moon may have an added intensity to it. Don’t be surprised if you feel compelled to really step into your truth and honestly communicate how you feel or what you believe, even if this makes you unpopular with some people.

In reality, this is probably something you have been wrestling with since the 2020 March Equinox. However, six months on from the May 7 Supermoon in Scorpio, and two passes of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction later, you’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what’s truly important to you.

Now, having stepped into your power and claimed your personal sovereignty, you probably won’t waste too much time or energy entertaining other people’s drama, toxic patterns or attempts to manipulate or control you – something that could rear it’s ugly head due to the Venus-Pluto square happening on the same day as the Scorpio New Moon. (More on which in the ASPECTS section below)

Instead, what is likely to matter more now is integrity, inner peace and alignment with your core beliefs, personal values and emotional priorities – and this is where the planets are saying that your focus should be as we move through the final week of Scorpio season.

The good news is that unlike Venus, which is in a surprisingly cranky mood all month, a newly direct Mars in Aries is set to make some spectacular aspects to the outer planets during November, which should give you the extra motivation, drive and energy to create momentum when it comes to achieving your ambitions and putting plans into action. It also won’t hurt in the assertiveness department either, which should help both with relationship roadhumps (i.e. not taking people’s BS) and on the career front, especially when it comes to stepping into leadership roles (See the SABIAN SYMBOL and FIXED STARS sections below).


Sabian Symbol

A new kind of leadership – the kind epitomised by the centaur Chiron, is a big theme highlighted by this moon’s Sabian Symbol.

This theme is something I discussed in relation to Joe Biden in my videocast for the Scorpio New Moon (see below), and I do find it quite spooky that it should come up now – which is around about the time that we are due to hear the official results of the vote count in several US states after the US Presidential Election on November 3 – just after the Taurus Blue Moon.

Interestingly, there is also a strong connection between the idea of a charismatic and inspirational leader here in the degree symbolism, and the fixed star aspects made by the Scorpio New Moon. See the Fixed Stars section below for details.

Fixed Stars

At this New Moon, the luminaries will be orbiting near to the fixed star Agena in the foot of the constellation of Centaurus, the Centaur, which is associated with popular figureheads who have the common touch, as well as charismatic healers and teachers who have the ability to empathise with those less fortunate, and strive to uplift those who have previously been marginalized.

Again, this is something I discuss in my videocast (below) in relation to the natal chart of Joe Biden, who is a quadruple Scorpio, so won’t repeat myself here. However, I do find it interesting how the Sabian symbol and the meaning of this constellation converge just at the time when he may be officially declared the 46th President of the United States. Just remarkable!

Key Aspects

Sun & Moon trine Neptune

In a continuation of the dreamy energy many of us felt going in to the 11:11 portal, both the Sun and Moon will still be in orb of a dreamy water trine to Neptune, which should help us to visualise really clearly in our minds eye what it is that we want to achieve going forward.

However, the really key part of this water trine is the access it will give us all on a heart level to forgiveness, compassion and the ability to let go of what we can’t control. This will be essential to master because, thanks to a potentially aggravating Venus-Pluto square on the same day as this New Moon, it’s fair to say that some things or people, may be sent to try us!

While Scorpio is famous for its deep but constant emotions and powers of perception, it can be difficult for this fixed water sign to switch off or detach, which is why they have such trouble letting go. Scorpio’s lesson is to realise when to surrender, and this is where the mutable energy of Neptune in Pisces really comes into its own. Water flows around obstacles, rather than trying to resist them or trying to force or manipulate situations. It generally also keeps moving, no matter what – unlike the fixed energy of Scorpio, which can become a little stagnant, even toxic, if left to stand for too long.

Knowing when to persist and when to surrender control and go with the flow, is the key to avoid being overpowered by our emotions right now, especially if we feel triggered by events or situations precipitated by the Venus-Pluto square, which could lead to some power struggles and stand-offs around money, values or relationships.

On a positive note, this is an excellent aspect for meditation, visualisation and any form of creative pursuit – inspiration will flow like a waterfall, so be sure to have a recording device nearby – and a few spaces in your schedule – to catch the muse when she appears…

Luminaries sextile Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn

One of the big theme I see around this particular phase is the return of hope as we pass through the 11:11 portal towards the passage leading to 2020’s final Eclipse season and the much-celebrated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.

This theme began to really make itself seen and felt at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November the 12th, which served as a kind of big reveal of the invisible processes of positive changes that have been at work behind the scenes since the 444 gateway back in April, but which were hidden from view because of all the clearing that needed to happen first as part of the groundwork and foundation laying for what is to come.

Now, with major leadership changes and fortunate shifts starting to happen at the highest levels of power, we are beginning to see the power of great benefic Jupiter, to mellow and bring silver linings to the relentless and quite harsh combination of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn – a trend that will continue to grow and amplify as we move towards Sagittarius season on the 21st of November.

With the luminaries set to make sextiles to all three power planets in earthy Capricorn at this New Moon, we will really begin to feel and register this positive shift on an emotional level. Momentum is building now, which means that it is only a matter of time before it bursts into physical form in the 3D.

In fact, this particular waxing lunar phase is prime manifesting time – the potent combination of earthy outer planets and watery personal ones helps to bring together outer and inner worlds in the most fertile way possible. We all know that thoughts have the power to become things – but only if they are energised by the life giving and animating force of emotions – a resource we all currently have greater access to, thanks to the incredibly transformative cosmic energy of 2020 Scorpio season. Add to that a newly direct Mars, planet of willpower and motivation, and the sky really is the limit for what you can achieve right now.

Happy manifesting!


11:11 PORTAL RELATIONSHIP TAROT READING – Watch it on my YouTube channel.

COSMIC WEATHER FORECAST: Videocast consisting of Astrological Headlines + a Geoscope to gauge the major themes and cosmic energies for the next two weeks. (Watch below)

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