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Taking place shortly after the September Equinox, the Libra New Moon is all about trying to balance and equilibrium – something that could feel elusive in the wake of Mercury retrograde hi-jinks and the push-pull of several  oppositions involving the outer planets. However, as we near the end of retrograde season, we begin to get a clearer sense of where we can make choices or exercise agency in personal matters; and where things are best left to fate or karma. Indeed, destiny, reinvention and transitions are all strong themes, thanks to the strong influence of Pluto in this lunation. Despite the drama, there is a strong sense of hope, growth and possibility, care of the playful energy of cosmic siblings, Venus and Mercury, who will be making a conjunction on the 26th.

Walking a fine line
On the face of it, the Equinox New Moon may seem a little chaotic. With Mercury still retrograde until early October, and Saturn edging back towards its fear-inducing square to Uranus, you could be forgiven for feeling that life in the external world is spinning out of control.

Luckily, an earthy trine between Mars and Saturn on Sept the 28th should help to ground us back into reality, and give us the grit and determination necessary to power through any obstacles or problems these destabilising transits may throw in your path.

Dawn of a New Era
Indeed, despite any fear, chaos or excess drummed up by Jupiter’s opposition to the luminaries, there is plenty of cause for hope – something attested by the Sabian symbol, lunar face and hexagram for this particular lunar phase (see below for details).

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ― Buddha

This moon’s sabian symbol is all about the freshness of a brand new day. The image carries within a sense of time or cycles resetting – a fresh turn of the wheel when everything becomes possible once again. It carries with it a strong message of a renewal, the calm after the storm when we emerge, perhaps out from hiding after a difficult time  – a dark night of the soul even – back into the light of a new dawn and can begin to rebuild our lives again.

Choice & Fresh Possibilities
This is further emphasised by the lunar face, which is all about realising potential and recognising the choices and possibilities in any situation, this New Moon contains within it the seeds of hope. At its heart is the notion that at any moment, we can opt to adopt a different outlook, or choose a new course of action, no matter how awful, stale or disappointing things may have been up until now.

“Our choices define us, and options to re-invent ourselves occur each day.” – James Burgess

Ascension, self-love and the ability to rise above any difficulties and realise our own potential, is another related theme, one emphasised by Hexagram 46 – the gate where the sun and moon will meet at the new moon. Climbing a mountain is the central image of this hexagram in the I Ching – one that encapuslates the notion of rising or climbing to a higher level through growth and continuous effort

Childlike Enthusiasm
One way to do so is by adopting a playful, joyful attitude of innocence  – something emphasised by the proximity of cosmic siblings, Mercury and Venus, to the luminaries at the new moon. Despite Mercury’s retrograde condition, and Venus’ confusing opposition to Neptune, both will form a refreshing conjunction in Virgo on the 26th, after which the pair will spend a fortnight making a series of positive spects to the outer planets. This should provide plenty of dates in which to beautify, rectify or re-orient your life in healthier and more positive directions.

Damage Control
Much to the relief of many, Mercury will also station on October the 2nd, re-entering Libra on October the 11th, allowing us to repair any damage wreaked through miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Balance and compromise, both emphasised by the sign of Libra and the Equinox, are the key to navigating any drama or chaos that this two week period may send your way.







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