Full Moon in Pisces


10 Sept 2022, 01h52 BST


Let the pendulum swing…

There’s an element of both grief and loss, on one hand, and a sense of change in the air as we approach the September 2022 Pisces Full Moon. Coinciding with the death of HM the Queen and Mercury’s stationing, we may feel as though life has come to a standstill and we’re drowning in the the emotion ocean, when surrendering may become the only way to avoid overwhelm. Get ready for what could feel like a momentous and emotional time.

In many respects, the Pisces Full Moon is about letting go, of surrendering to what may feel like an unstoppable tidal wave of events or emotions, some of which may threaten to overwhelm us with their intensity.

The sign of Pisces, and its ruler, Neptune, are both strongly associated with the 12th house, which is all about spirituality and the ways we try to contain or deal with unboundaried or disembodied states of being, including what we might call ‘fame,’ which has a lot to do with creating a fictional character via the process of collective projection.

It is also about what some have called the ‘happy escape’ – the state of transition we call death. Given all of this, it seems appropriate to be mourning the passing of one of the world’s most iconic and well-loved figures: HM Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, a woman known for her dedication to a life of service and charitable pursuits, as well as a strong Christian faith – all Pisces-ruled themes.

Given how emotional Pisces is, and the fact that Mercury will station on the very same day as the full moon, don’t be surprised if you feel as though the world has come to a standstill, and you aren’t sure which way is up or down.

This feeling is likely to last into the following week as the Sun moves to oppose Neptune. Combined with Mercury’s retrograde spell through Libra, together with an upcoming Venus-Mars square on the 16th, don’expect relationships to become rather fraught.

However, unstoppable change is on the way, led by Uranus, which will be making some positive aspects to the luminaries in the days around the full moon.

And thus, despite the possibility of overwhelm, know that positive shifts are in the works and it’s only a matter of time before the fog clears and we’re able to see the path ahead more clearly.

Signs confirming this should arrive during the waning moon’s second week when Venus begins a series of harmonious aspects to the outer planets – all of which I get into in more detail in the cosmic calendar.

Needless to say, just know that however fraught or difficult things may get in the short-term, brighter days do lay ahead. The key is not to shy away from the less comfortable period that occurs before that.

However, even there, the opportunity for grace to enter through the cracks of our messy lives or situations remains ever-present – something strongly highlighted by Hexagram 22, which you can read more about below.

So whatever happens – however surreal or complicated life gets – have faith that things do ultimately have the potential to work out a lot better than you might expect, if you can just loosen your grip a little, surrender to the mystery of what’s next, and allow things to take their natural course.






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