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21 SEPT 2021, 00h54 bsT


The Pisces Harvest Moon may be closing out situations or themes linked to the Pisces New Moon in March 2021. Look for your Rising Sign to identify the two life areas where you may see things either culminate or close out now.


At the Pisces Full Moon, several planets, including karmic lord, Saturn, will join with the nodes to form a kite aspect pattern, a very auspicious but fated astrological configuration made up of a grand trine and sextile. (More in the chart analysis section below.) As a result, we are being encouraged to release any limiting beliefs, habits or emotions that are no longer serving us, and to gracefully let go of karmic cycles that have run their natural course.

With Mercury set to retrograde (Sep 27 – Oct 18) in Libra a week into the waning moon phase, – and within days of the equinox – we are also being given opportunities to revisit and rectify situations that may have been unfair; and/or to reconnect with others in a way that is more balanced and reciprocal. Between the full moon and the beginning of November, Mercury will also be making three contacts to the uber-auspicious fixed star, Spica, offering us a rare set of opportunities to embrace and be recognized for our unique skills and talents. (More in the fixed stars aspects section below.)

Includes your two week waning moon cosmic weather forecast. (Scroll to the end to view)

As I mentioned in my full moon videocast (which features more in-depth chart analysis for those keen to learn astrology), this month’s Harvest Full Moon features a kite aspect pattern. . Also known in some astrological circles as the ‘dragon’, it consists of a grand trine, plus a sextile that is bisected, or shot through down its spine, with an opposition. This creates a certain degree of tension between the harmony of the grand trine and sextiles on one hand, and the polarizing energy of the opposition, on the other. Often, it is associated with fate or destiny.

In the case of this particular lunar phase, the latter emphasis is underlined by the fact that the backbone or arrow of this particular kite is formed by the lunar nodes. Themselves known as the head and tail of the dragon, these two points are strongly associated both with the start/end of karmic cycles, as well as the soul’s karma/dharma, again underscoring the emphasis on fate and soul lessons. The energy of the entire aspect pattern is focused on the apex or tip of the sextile, which in this case, is formed by the south node in Sagittarius. For me, this suggests a time of karmic release when we are ready to let go of beliefs, worldviews or philosophies that no longer serve us.

It may also coincide with a time when ego defences and limited ways of seeing are breaking down and dissolving, thanks to Neptune’s conjunction with the Moon (and corresponding opposition to the Sun = ego/ structures/conscious thought/will). If you experience this, be sure to also embrace the Moon-Neptune need to be kind to yourself, as you may feel a lot more fragile and vulnerable than usual, and to practice compassion and forgiveness in your dealings with others. In many ways, we are closing out situations or themes begun at the March 2021 New Moon in Pisces, which coincided with a dreamy and magical Venus-Neptune conjunction, so think back to this time period to identify any potential parallels.


Like the iridescent sheen on the scales of a fish, this Sabian symbol is all about seeing beyond the usual limits of perception opening your eyes to the magic and beauty all around you. It is also about the different spectrums and frequencies that make up a wave of white light, or the different notes and instruments that together comprise a song or symphony. This particular lunar phase asks us to recognise the unique contributions that we all make to the tapestry of life, and to see how we, when we choose to work together in harmony, we can produce something far greater and more sublime than we could on our own. I am reminded of the following quote by the Neoplatonist, Plotinus:

“When we look outside of that on which we depend we ignore our unity; looking outward we see many faces; look inward and all is one head. If a man could but be turned about, he would see at once God and himself and the All.”

― Plotinus, The Enneads

There’s a lot in this degree about vision and sight. Given that we are talking about Pisces, a very mystical and poetic sign, I think the emphasis is less on literal seeing and more about spiritual and artistic vision, particularly the world of dreams, which in turn, is closely linked to both healing and prophecy. It’s possible that clairvoyant gifts may start to come online or deepen now – perhaps you will begin to see aura’s more clearly or have a significant dream? You may also be filled with inspiration to create a piece of art or music – something that allows your soul to speak in its own language – that of images and symbols.

Given the theme of awareness in relation to this moon’s lunar face (see below), this energy may also be good for manifesting – in the sense of visualising what you want to create or achieve – before adding in the magic ingredients of repetition + emotion to give the images potency.


pisces 25-30

double rainbow

At a certain level of spiritual awareness, we see unambiguously that the non-material aspect to reality is clearly a reflection of the material; those who doubt it are simply given to doubt. That which transcends is not ‘subject to’. When we are attached to the world of phenomena, we are subject to pulling and pushing – but it
is our choice,
because, with spiritual awareness, we are free to escape into the transcendental. It is not something airy-fairy and unattainable; it is the stuff between things, sometimes called Ether. We cannot live there, or even think there – but we can briefly sojourn there.

When we do, something profound and worthwhile occurs that has impact upon material reality when we reengage with our situations. We find ourselves better able to finesse obstacles, to lighten burdens, to know something of the relationship between cause and effect and make a greater indentation upon the hard facts of the matter at hand. It is true that we are in the world, and therefore significantly constrained, but it is by our own choice, and we can strongly influence the extent to which we are subject to causes. We may be in the world, but quintessentially, we are not actually of the world.



During the upcoming waning moon phase of the Harvest Moon, Mercury is going to do something really interesting – it’s going to make contact with Spica, the fixed star situated in the wheatsheaf of Virgo. This star is considered by astrologers to be very auspicious – synonymous with abundance, cosmic blessings and divine gifts, so this contact with the planet of communication, commerce and travel should coincide with fortunate meetings, heavenly messages and trips or opportunities of a lifetime. It’s also synonymous with brilliance – where we may have exceptional talents or abilities that make us shine or stand out from the crowd.

What’s so interesting about this particular contact is that Mercury will aspect it not once but three times within the space of a month. That’s because Mercury will turn retrograde on Sep 27 – a few days after making its first conjunction to Spica (Sep 21-22) at the full moon and autumn equinox. As it changes direction and begins retracing its steps through the sign of Libra, it will pass back over Spica, providing opportunities for second chances. So if a speech, trip, pitch, launch or communication didn’t work out the first time, don’t worry – you’ll get another crack at the whip between 2-3 October and again on 1-2 November when Mercury goes direct.

Given that the initial Mercury contact occurs close to the equinox on 22 September (when the Sun enters Libra), this particular period may also be an excellent opportunity to restore balance, or to make things right, in a relationship or legal situation, fairness and equilibrium being very Libran qualities.


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