December’s Cold Moon in Gemini coincides with a plethora of cosmic events that call for us to do what we can to remain calm and centred so as to avoid getting swept up in all the chaos and noise created by a Mars T-square and a rather tense Saturn-Uranus aspect that reaches peregrine on December 25.

If events feel as though they might be slipping out of your control during the lead-up to Christmas, you can blame all the added static created by events at the Gemini Full Moon, which features a T-square to Jupiter by Mars and the nodes. This could accelerate the pace of events, or at the very least, add some friction to your interactions with others that may lead to impatience, flared tempers or dented egos, if you don’t keep a calm head and avoid overwhelm.

In addition, we will also have to contend with the third and final pass of a rather tense Saturn-Uranus square, which may have been testing your mettle on and off since mid-February 2021. This aspect, which reaches exactitude on Dec 25th, has been challenging us to find ways to adapt to a rapidly changing world, as many systems and structures are forced to breaking point in the wake of COVID-19 and its aftermath.

Aiding you to navigate through any potential problems or setbacks will be Jupiter & Mercury, who will be urging you you to see the silver lining or lesson in any situation, as well as improve your communication with loved ones in order to achieve greater clarity and harmony. Plenty of opportunities for resets and repairs abound, both at the solstice on Dec 21,  and on Dec 25 and 30, care of Pluto and a retrograde Venus.

Although the latter could well slow things down, or even reverse certain trends in your love life or in money or creative matters, it also provides an opportunity to reassess where you may have gone wrong in the past and in some cases, to repair relationships or situations where things may have broken down, become a little messy or fallen into disrepair.

To find out more about what to expect from December’s final half, check out my Full Moon videocast.

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