Apologies to everybody but due to personal circumstances, there was no October Full Moon newsletter. However, I did prepare a written Bitcoin forecast for the next two weeks on my Astroinsights Blog, and a video forecast for YouTube, which you can access below.

In a nutshell, this full moon is all about healing distorted masculine energy, be it expressed via patriarchy, economic exploitation, war, desecration, control or destruction, and restoring it to it’s more positive life-giving form as Eros-Phanes, the bringer of lifeforce and physical vitality, order and desire as the animating force that sets the cosmos in motion. In this sense, it makes a very nice pair to the upcoming Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in November, which is all about mending relationships and healing feminine energy.

It is also about taking calculated risks – this is, after all, the Hunter’s Moon. Mars pairs up with the Behenian fixed stars, Spica and Arcturus, to favour strategic action and initiatives, which could really pay off if you do your homework and minimise hotheadedness or impulsivity.

Book-ending this full moon are two very different aspects to Mars, ruler of Aries: one an expansive trine to lucky Jupiter (19th) and the other, a tense and dramatic square to Pluto (22nd), which to me, symbolise what I call the two faces of Mars. As a result of this polarising energy, I expect matters over the next two weeks to be a little unsettled and volatile.

On a positive note, this two week period also marks the direct motion of both Mercury and Jupiter, (18 Oct) which should aid in keeping communication fair and balanced; and perspectives, free from judgement.

The Sun will also ingress into Scorpio (23 Oct), marking a time that favours introspection, in-depth research and investigation, as well as activities like forensic accounting, therapy, antique restoration and transformative healing modalities like alchemy, shadow work and kundalini energy.

To find out more, check out the video below.


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