Manifesting Magic: 444 Portal

This weekend Venus moves from her earth trines with Jupiter and Pluto, to a meeting with solidifying Saturn.The last time these two planets came together in this way was at the 444 gateway, so look back to April for parallels.

This is major manifesting energy – whatever we have ploughed our love and care into, or value, now has the potential to take on added weight and form, allowing them to materialize in the 3D. So if you’ve been working hard on manifesting more career opportunities, success in creative endeavours or romantic commitment since the spring, then hang in there – your hard work and patience may be about to pay off. It is harvest time, after all!

Saturn’s involvement also touches on themes such as divine timing, as well as natural justice and commitments/obligations. It is also one of the social planets, focused on service, achievement, maturity and mastery. Venus is in Virgo, a very service-oriented sign, while Saturn is in Capricorn – it’s natural home.

Together, these two earth placements are highlighting the need to give as well as receive – to take what we have learned via our life experiences (including lessons learned through both pleasure and pain) and turn them into wisdom, so that others can benefit from them too.

By giving back, especially after being on the receiving end of good fortunate from the universe, we remain within the flow of life, becoming an elder and passing on the fruits of any knowledge and skills we have acquired to the next generation, thus seeding the information into the future.

This aspect touches on my discussion about Venus’ role in the Law of Attraction that I discussed in my Mid-October astrology forecast on YouTube, so if you are interested in this topic, then be sure to check it out.

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