March Skylights

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March is a pretty exciting month astrologically – as well as being book-ended by two full moons, this month also opens with a stunning Venus-Jupiter trine on the 1st, followed by an electric Mars-Uranus trine on the 11th – and that’s just for starters!

I can already see the numerologists having a field day interpreting all the 1’s popping up, especially when I add that Friday’s Full Moon takes place at 11 degrees Virgo…March, in many respects, marks the start of the astrological and solar new year, which fits with the yang energy of the number 1 – the Sun governs the number 1 and it is also exalted in the sign of Mars-ruled Aries, which it enters on around March 21 every year. However the Master number 11 can also be reduced to 2, ruled by the Moon, so it is interesting that this month we have another blue moon (that is, two full moons) to look forward to.

March Skylights:

1 March – Venus trine Jupiter. The planets of love and good fortune conspire together in water signs to inject more abundance, passion, creativity and romance into our lives. It’s one of the those days when you’ll notice more of a harmonious flow to interactions with others – great for marketing efforts, business meetings and social gatherings. If important people trust and take a liking to you now, you could definitely find yourself on the receiving end of some pretty impressive offers. Bear in mind, though, that water signs tend to bring abundance of the emotional, rather than material kind. Think happiness, joy, creativity and feelings of gratitude instead – I’ll happily take that, thanks!

2 March – Full Moon in Virgo. This is the first of two Full Moons in March – yes, that’s right – 2018’s second Blue Moon. In many respects, this one marks the end of February’s lunar phase, begun at the Aquarius New Moon on February the 15th. Given its proximity to Valentine’s Day, this lunar phase has definitely had a relationship theme about it. As such, it is perhaps significant that the Sabian Symbol for 11 degrees Virgo is “A bride with her veil snatched away” the implication being that it is time to take off the blinkers, cut the charades and get real, both with yourself and significant others. With the Sun close to Neptune; and the Moon opposing it, many are likely to find the next 2-3 days an emotionally confusing time. Not only will there be a shortage of available facts upon which to base decisions, but your feelings may be clouded by a mixture of nostalgia, disenchantment, sentimentality or wishful thinking. It is also possible that thinking may become dull or get numbed through escapist activities like indulging in narcotic substances. Luckily, sensible Saturn is on hand to provide a steadying hand and inject a healthy dose of discernment and practicality into affairs of the heart. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and stick with tried & tested methods when making important decisions. Even Mercury’s trine to Jupiter (exact on the same day)  calls for a need to get real – Scorpio has no truck with anything wishy-washy – this should help to strengthen gut instincts designed to protect you from harm, rather than encourage delusions of grandeur…

9 March – Jupiter Retrograde. Unfortunately, the Great Benefic will station this month, travelling backwards through the sign of Scorpio until July 2018. Although this will probably dampen spirits and dim optimism a tad, it still has the potential to help you return to recently shelved ideas, plans or schemes and revive them. So all is not lost – it’s just time to change the direction of travel in terms of your focus and passion – that’s all!

11 March  – Mars trine Uranus. A rather rare event, this riveting 120 degree connection between the planet of energy, drive and willpower; and Uranus, the great innovator and idealist, invites you to have the courage of your convictions. Actions (Mars) will speak much louder than words now, so be sure to start as you mean to go on: with the highest of intentions (Uranus). This is also your chance to break out of outdated energetic patterns or behavioural ruts and live in a healthier, more authentic, and less contrived way.  Health and fitness ‘hacks’ and unexpected technical/technological breakthroughs are also possible. The last time these planets got together in exactly this formation was back in Sep 2017, so you may want to go through your journals and see if you can identify relevant situations or events that match the theme of this energy; and then hit the ‘repeat’ button.

Of course, March is not all plain sailing – Venus will run into a few headaches with Saturn (13th), which could cause commitment issues or delays in love and money matter; and Pluto, which could force some difficult conversations, harsh romantic realisations or creative snags on the 23rd. But there’s plenty to look forward to, including a Sun-Jupiter trine (13th)  – great for realising personal and work ambitions – and a second Full Moon in peace-loving Libra at month’s end.

Before that, a New Moon in perceptive and gentle Pisces gives us all a chance to go back and address unfinished business in the area of creative projects, charitable pursuits and moral dilemmas. Find out more in my March 2018 New Moon Forecast.

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