May 2018 Skylights

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May is set to be a month of upheaval and readjustment. Think one step forward, two steps back, with most flowing aspects twinned with tricky ones. We also have the ingress of Uranus, planet of technology and changes, into earthy and pragmatic Taurus to look forward to. This planet only shifts zodiac places once every 7 years or so, making this a rather momentous cosmic event. Get ready to be both shaken and stirred!

May 2018 Skylights

6 May – Sun sextile Neptune. Probably the most flowing of all May’s transits, this one combines the Sun’s earthy Taurean energy with some poetic and receptive Neptunian energy. Think of that wonderfully soothing sounds when the waves of the ocean laps against the shore… This is a great day to lead through a mixture of confidence and compassion.

7 May – Venus square Neptune, Mercury square Pluto. Today the planets of love and communication are set to knock heads with Saturn and Pluto, which could lead to a few roadblocks or power struggles, especially in creative matters and relationships. Think delays and obstructive behaviour, as well as a touch of passive aggressive sabotage. Ultimatums are likely to be met with disdain, however, so forget the tough love approach and ignore others who try to get all ‘control freak’ on you. The bottom line: don’t expect other people, or your work, to live up to your expectations/aspirations now. This is about learning grace under pressure and realising that you most definitely are not always in control of what life deals you…

9-11 May – Sun opposite Jupiter, trine Pluto. Although you may begin today feeling quite gung-ho and confident, it’s likely that by the end of it, you’ll realise that a ‘less is more’ approach is probably going to get your further towards achieving your goals. Pluto insists that you take a realistic and honest approach to personal plans. And whatever you do, don’ pretend that you know something if you don’t – today you’ll get found out if you try faking it. Instead of adding to your life, this is a great time to pare way what is non-essential until you get to the core of what you really want. Use power and charisma wisely now.

12-13 May – Mercury square Mars conjunct Uranus. Arguments, road rage, technical malfunctions, fires and accidents are all possible over this two-day period as Mercury creates sparks with Uranus, and Mars just fans the flames. If you don’t feel like putting out fires, then slow down, come up with a plan and then make sure you also have a Plan B when Uranus throws up a few unexpected forks in the road. This is volatile, rebellious and tricksy energy, so take care, especially when travelling or using anything electrical.

15 May – Uranus into Taurus. May’s headline cosmic news – the ingress of Uranus into Taurus for the first time in 84 years should evoke a sigh of relief from those cardinal signs feeling a bit burnt out from 7 years of fairly angry, disruptive and rebellious energy we’ve all had to deal with since 2011.  Hopefully, Uranus will be a lot less volatile and disruptive in this patient, earthy portion of the zodiac. However, whenever Uranus is involved, you can expect a lot of questioning and interrogation of the status quo – along with calls for modernisation and the upheavals that that may entail, especially if there is resistance from more conservative quarters.

Over the next seven years, expect food and farming revolutions  – Uranus will no doubt start shaking up how we produce and consume food, which is very topical currently. Banking and finance are two other areas where we may see some gradual but fundamental paradigm shifts, especially in the wake of Pluto’s shake-up of the global financial system since its entry into Capricorn back in 2008.

The transition from Aries to Taurus energy will be incremental though: Uranus will move into Taurus, only to turn retrograde and head back into Aries again for a last hoorah in November, so don’t relax quite yet. There may still be a few blow-ups or -outs ahead… Just in time for the New Moon too! See this as a period for setting yourself fresh goals in relation to making lifestyle changes that bring you into closer alignment with your true values and social ideals. 

16 May – Mars into Aquarius, square Uranus. A highly unpredictable day when actions could lead to unexpected consequences. Dare to be different, but don’t be unconventional just for the sake of it – stay true to yourself and act authentically and you could well enjoy surprising successes. Speed and efficiency are good, but impetuosity and a lack of preparation will only set you back. So think your strategy through and then take action. But whatever you do, don’t allow negative emotions such as selfishness or carelessness to get the better of you. Many hands coudl also make lighter work now, so don’t be stubbornly individualistic.

19 May – Venus sextile Uranus. Love gets exciting today as Venus sidles up to quirky, unpredictable Uranus. Unexpected meetings, last-minute social invitations and unplanned creative avenues could all lead to success when it comes to romance, money and creativity now. Trying something new in terms of fashion or beauty could also yield rewards now. Today spontaneity and novelty could really pay off, so be open-minded and be prepared to take a chance or the road less travelled.

23 May – Mercury opposite Jupiter, sextile Neptune. Subtlety and nuance are likely to get you much closer to the truth today as Mercury crosses swords with blustery, know-it-all Jupiter. Being over-confident in communications or making grand claims in written work will just land you in hot water. Instead, take a much more open-ended, cooperative approach to ideas and you’ll strike just the right note in meetings or conferences. This is a time to admit how much you don’t know, rather than try to bluff your way through.

24 May – Sun trine Mars. Looking for an added boost of physical stamina, personal confidence or mental staying power? This is your transit! Mars and the Sun combine in air signs to help you get over the finishing line with breath to spare. Today you’ll be both convincing and refreshing in equal measure, so don’t shy away if you’re offered a challenge – you can manage just fine so accept with a smile.

25 May – Mercury trine Pluto, Jupiter trine Neptune. A set of two life changing cosmic events are due to take place on this red-letter day, so be sure to mark it in your diary.

Thanks to a dramatic Mercury-Pluto trine, you have the opportunity to not only earn the respect of others through what you write/teach/say, but also truly change people’s mindsets. So be sincere in your communications and think carefully before you make a speech or post your next article, sermon, lesson or blog.

Life changing trips, decisions or discussions could also be on the cards now, thanks to Mercury and Pluto…it’s time to align your life, your thoughts and your words so that they reflect your highest principles and ideals. In some respects, it’s possible that circumstances may force you into making a choice in a do-or-die, now-or-never style. Rest assured, you won’t regret making a change. More than likely, these changes have been a long time coming, so won’t completely take you by surprise. Given that this is an earth trine, you can probably expect a more gradual transition than if this occurred in say, fire or air . The key is to be clear and pragmatic in your approach.

Spiritual planets, Jupiter and Neptune also combine in a rare but flowing and harmonious water trine at 10h52 BST today. Both these outer planets are closely associated with the sensitive and giving sign of Pisces. This portion of the zodiac is associated with spiritual avatars, messiahs and uplifting movements such as charities, along with otherworldly art, poetry and music. It is therefore a truly excellent transit for artistic, charitable and humanitarian efforts. It should also make for an inspiring meditation session or musical concert.

This positive transit opens up a celestial window that encourages humanity to really demonstrate its caring and compassionate side. Being selfless, kind, empathetic and forgiving really does have the power to change people’s lives now, including your own at this uplifting time. Teachers and gurus are likely to be at their best today in terms of messages that touch hearts and set minds on fire. Lead by example and live according to your highest possible ideals.

The key will be to make yourself open and receptive enough to enter the flow of inspiration in the universe that will be accessible around this time. Become a vessel for universal love, compassion, beauty and inspiration. Forget about your own personal needs and become a beacon of light and service for the collective, even if only temporarily.

This is a window in which to strive to make yourself and others proud. Choose the high road now, whatever you encounter – you’ll look back and be glad you did.

26 May – Venus opposition Saturn. A difficult and challenging aspect to end the month with, this opposition is likely to highlight differences, in terms of age/stage/values when it comes to love relationships. Money and creativity may hit snags or delays now too. Time is not on your side today, so don’t leave things to the last-minute – and don’t be late for meetings or social gatherings now – you definitely won’t be very popular if you do. Loneliness and separations are also possible outcomes of this transit. Know that this too shall pass. However, far better to take a realistic view of matters now than try wishful thinking. Do the right thing, even if it hurts now.

Look out for my May lunar phase forecasts, beginning with the Taurus New Moon mid-month…

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