May 2014 Astro-Insights

Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for May 2014…

After the twists and turns of April, May should be a lot smoother sailing. In fact, things promise to get rather auspicious mid-month when planetary heavyweights, Jupiter and Saturn, form another trine to each other – the third since July 2013.    To find out more, read on.


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases


Late last month, the New Moon eclipsed the Sun in the sign of Taurus, setting in motion a brand new six month cycle during which we all have the opportunity to consolidate our earnings and professional skills, improve our appearance, and make solid plans or arrangements to help secure our resources for the future. To help you make the most of this positive, grounding energy, I have written a FREE in-depth  guide, which you can access by visiting my Eclipse Forecast page.


Following on from the Taurus New Moon will be a Full Moon in Scorpio, which is certain to throw up themes around the use or abuse of power, especially within the family or domestic environment, as well as the emotional issue of shared resources. Often these two subjects are closely intertwined, especially when it comes to gender roles and duties around the home or family, and the different values that society places on domestic responsibilities vs. household financial contributions. Traditionally, when it comes to such arrangements, it is the woman who manages the home and the man who goes out to work. And yet, when things go wrong within a family, the often very selfless and dedicated contribution of the homemaker goes unacknowledged, particularly with regards to the division assets in splits or divorces.

As a result, the power balance within household or family relationships is very often skewed in favour of the party who goes out to work and ‘brings home the bacon’.  And yet, if it weren’t for the skillful and tireless work of the stay-at-home partner, the other member would not be able to function as efficiently or enjoy the benefits of a well-run, happy home. Certainly, they might have less time for leisure pursuits if they had to take on extra domestic responsibilities such as cooking and laundry. They might even have to pay someone to keep their household running if they work long hours, and it usually only at this juncture that the value of these seemingly menial tasks becomes clear. It is these types of issues” – of what exactly constitutes a valuable joint resource – and how duties or financial burdens are shared, that could be thrown up at the time of the Full Moon.

Other topics which could come up around now include plumbing problems like blocked drains, as well as the culmination of discussions or projects concerning tunnels or underground boreholes, the rubber stamp on recycled goods proposals, or the restoration or sale of an antique.

This is a also good time to detox or go for a colon cleanse, as well as tackle psychologically difficult or taboo topics that need sorting out  – with such a lot of Scorpio energy around, you’re likely to be more interested in getting to the truth of a matter than protecting your modesty or humouring the more conservative elements of society. All of which could prove to be rather empowering ultimately!

Solar Phases

SUN INTO GEMINI – 21 May 2014

The Sun will ingress into curious and gregarious Gemini at 03h59 BST on the 21st of May, setting in motion a month-long in which to concentrate on improving your personal communication styles, making the most of any educational or learning opportunities that facilitate your intellectual development,  or focus on ways to expand your network of influential associates. Short business trips or the commute to work may also feature strongly between now and the Sun’s ingress into Cancer, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself visiting a car showroom or bike store. The day before, Mars will station in Libra, a move that will lead it to back towards a trine with the Sun on the 31st, so expect themes revolving around personal effectiveness or motivation, physical strength and vitality, as well as self-confidence and assertion within relationships to be added to the mix from this date onwards until month end.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout May 2014


Mars Direct: 20/1 May 2014

Since March this year, Mars has been hampered somewhat in its effectiveness by a retrograde spell, which has seen the planet of assertivenss and physical vitality retracing its steps through relationship-oriented Libra. Compromise and deliberation are not the strong suit of Mars, hence its detrimented condition in this sign, so this must have been hard, if not downright frustrating, particularly for those whose natal horoscopes feature Aries/Mars strongly.

For the last two months, particularly around mid-April, Mars may have been prompting you to look back at past relationship decisions, as well as reassess your current methods of dealing with conflict to see whether there are places where perhaps you might want to assert yourself a little differently, or do more to ensure that your personal needs are met. Perhaps you have compromised when really, you should have taken a firmer stand; or conversely, confused aggression with assertiveness, leading to stand-offs or arguments that may not have been necessary?

Either way, Mars’ involvement in April’s Grand Cross, makes it seem likely that you may well have learnt your lesson the hard way, and are now keen to find opportunities to make amends or sort things out with others, business or romantic partners in particular.

Good days in which to right wrongs, or make amends are the 12th (for remedying past hurts) and the 31st. The latter is especially good for those who find it difficult to defend themselves or be more assertive about their personal needs. Fairness, balance, equality and the law are all likely to provide suitable remedies for your current predicament, so if you are at all unsure of how to proceed, then look to these qualities as a benchmark for how to move the situation forward.


Venus into Aries: 03  – 28 May 2014

Passionate and fiesty are two words I would use to describe Venus in Aries. After all the softness and romance of Pisces, Venus (and you) may be ready for a different kind of loving or form of artistic expression. Think bold, be direct and act gutsy. This no time to be a shrinking violet, especially in love. if you like someone, let them know – Aries is not a subtle sign, so if this sounds like your style of doing things, then embrace  the opportunity to take the lead in love. Excitement, risk and novelty are all likely to get your motor running now, so make a point of trying to find positive outlets for this excitable energy and you’ll be amazed at what you discover and/or achieve now. Artistically, bright colours, sharp contrasts and vibrant sounds or textures are all favoured now, so don’t be shy to take a creative risk and see where it leads. Who knows, you could end up developing a whole new style or artistic technique.

Mercury into Gemini: 07 – 29 May 2014

If learning new things, meeting new people or visiting undiscovered places is your bag, then you’re going to love Mercury’s ingress into Gemini this month. Positioned in its own sign, Mercury is likely to encourage all the qualities of Gemini such as intellectual curiosity, social gregariousness and a need for movement and change, so if you love the thrill of the novel or what’s trendy, then this is your time to get out and about.

Networking, communications and activities that allow you to express yourself or hear the opinions or teachings of others are all well-starred now, as is local travel, doing deals, and acquiring new gadgets or forms of transport. This is a period on which people are likely to be witty and extroverted;  and the pace of life, exciting, so be sure to keep your mobile phone charged and your inbox open because the opportunities to socialise and be heard are huge. My advice: be prepared for any eventuality. That way, you are tasked with navigating unchartered intellectual (or geographical) territory or invited to a cool and exclusive party – all at a moment’s notice – you’ll be ready to accept the challenge and run with things, putting you at the centre of where it’s at. What a thrilling prospect!


Minor grand trine with Sun, Chiron, Jupiter-Moon & Pluto: 4-6 May

May gets off to a rollicking start with a minor grand trine crowned by the Sun in Taurus. This configuration, which is set to take place over 2 days, starting on May the 4th, will engage several of the mischief-making planets implicated in last month’s Cardinal Grand Cross, including Jupiter and Pluto. As a result, it is highly probable that you could see a continuation of some of the developments or affairs raised then – though now, they are likely to manifest in a more positive way.

Unlike April, then, this conglomeration of transits should offer plenty of opportunities for reform, transformation and healing, especially when it comes to family rifts and disagreements. If you were hit with life-changing news concerning a family member, your childhood home, job or finances in April, then you could get an opportunity now to take steps to push the situation in a more positive direction.

With the Sun so prominent in this astrological grouping, it seems likely that a reliable and practical male figure, possibly a leader or patriarch in the family, could prove pivotal in your discussions or plans. Perhaps he can offer some sage advice, or help you to make some savvy money decisions. Whatever occurs, know that being honest and open about your situation, and speaking from the heart is the best way forward.

When it comes to healing family rifts, a  confident but sincere and compassionate attitude should go along way to offset any damage caused last month and make people more open to what you have to say than the last time around.

The key to riding this particular wave is to be patient and consistent in the way you approach the situation – being methodical and staying the course will eventually bring about positive results. As the Desiderata says:

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.

Wise words.  A better description of a Sun-Taurean approach would be hard to find.

Jupiter trine Saturn: 24 May

After the rather tense and challenging transits that came with last month’s Cardinal Grand Cross most people will be looking forward to a bit of good news. Fortunately May brings us a nice big dollop of sunshine in the form of a Jupiter-Saturn trine  – the third in 10 months. The last two contacts took place in mid-July and early December 2013. So, you may want to cast your mind back to these periods (or re-read my July 2013 and December 2013 Astro-Insights columns) to consider what types of events or themes are likely to re-enter the frame for you mid-May. 

Saturn is currently retrograde, so there is a strong likelihood that you may find yourself returning to resolve an existing problem, limitation or shortage, or one that may have cropped up previously, but which you were unable to get past at the time. This could have concerned some kind of power struggle or problem with an authority figure, such as falling foul of a draconian rule/law/regulation, or encountering difficulties with a formidable and stubborn older person entrenched in their ways; plumbing issues or difficulties with building foundations, underground pipes or cable systems; shortages of fuel such as oil, coal or petrol;  or even some kind of serious ailment related to the teeth, skin or bones.

Alternatively, you may have recently been through a few problems and upsets at home or within the family – Jupiter’s involvement in the Cardinal Grand Cross means that upheaval and turmoil in this area of your life is a distinct possibility.

If so, then you’ll be relieved to know that, thanks to fresh developments or help from a caring expert or teacher, liberal religious leader, or very capable legal or cultural representative, these can now be tackled and overcome.  The key is retain hope and a sense of optimism, whilst also remaining open to suggestion. It could simply be a case of changing perspective or your beliefs about the outcome of certain situations, especially regarding food, security and family.

With Jupiter involved,  its possible that a paradigm shift of sorts, or perhaps an acceptance of certain familial obligations, extra work responsibilities or new dietary regimens could help you to view your position in a totally different light – less as a burden and more of a sign of your competence and standing within the family or community. Alternatively, a leap of faith intellectually or decision to view things from a more holistic perspective could enable you to identify a solution to a conundrum that you might not have entertained before, so don’t assume you know everything, and stay positive.

Whatever your circumstances, combining discipline and focus with enthusiasm and an open mind will certainly pay off around this time. What’s more, discoveries, developments or breakthroughs made now could well turn out to be the start of a really powerful and meaningful contribution to society at large, so don’t hold back – embrace your position within a clan or community and make your efforts count. You may be surprised at what you manage to achieve.

Mercury sextile Venus: 28 May

A great day in which to indulge your senses, or enjoy some good food in easy company is the 28th when Venus and Mercury combine forces to create the perfect atmosphere for socialising. Think in terms of a cosy dinner party at home for someone you love, a spa visit or special meal with treasured friends or close family members, and you can’t go wrong. Using your social connections to acquire something beautiful, like an artwork for your home, or designer clothing for a cruise, are also favoured now.  

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