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After April’s eclipses and shifts in astral gear, May will be all about adjusting to recent changes and trying to find a way to make new plans or systems work smoothly. There’s still likely to be a fair amount of turbulence and the need for revision, especially mid-month when mercury retrogrades, but overall, with a fair few plants in Gemini, the prospect of making progress is pretty promising. Here are my astro-insights for May 2015.

Lunar Phases


As the first week of May opens, a dramatic Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday (from the word for Moon+Day) forces us all to confront certain fears, taboo subjects or issues surrounding power. On a personal level, this is a great time to seek out an energy healer, begin psychotherapy, or visit a medical practitioner concerning a hormone or reproductive issue.

This particular Full Moon occurs at 13 degrees Scorpio, which according to the Sabian Oracle, means that:

If things are not working at the moment, you probably need to ‘experiment’, trying different combinations and possibilities. In doing so, you will not only most likely find the solution to the situation, but you will also learn a lot from any errors that are made along the way. Look for creative solutions to the situation facing you. A lot of amazing discoveries can be made simply by having a go at something or creating the right mix of ingredients. As the situation unfolds, you’ll learn clues as to what should be the next thing to do, the tasks that are worth performing or the risks that you are prepared to take. Be prepared to be inventive and make things up as you go along. Sometimes we have to just “go for it” and do what we feel needs to be done without knowing what the outcome is going to be. Take a few calculated risks and along the way you just might discover something unexpected.

Following on from last year’s Scorpio Full Moon (16 May 2014), this particular full moon could bring to a head/to a close any criminal investigations or legal cases concerning rape, abuse or human trafficking. It is also possible that underground buildings or infrastructure such as sewerage pipes and tunnels, may need servicing or repair works done to them. There could also be news about undertakings surrounding mineral prospecting, oil drilling or taxation as well.  In the case of the UK, where British citizens are due to go the polls on 7 May, this could quite literally signal the end of the election campaigning cycle.

In-depth/forensic research assignments, antique restoration and recycling projects are all good activities to try and wrap up now.

NEW MOON IN TAURUS – 18 May 2015

A fresh lunar cycle gets underway midmonth, with a New Moon in earthy Taurus – an exalted position for the Moon. Neither the Sun or Moon will make contact with any other planet during this particular soli-lunar event, giving it a pure and undiluted Taurean energy, so consider the next four weeks or so to be a good period to live life at a slower pace, make time to pamper yourself and where possible, spend time close to nature.

If you’ve been considering a camping break, visiting a nearby beauty spot, going camping or visit a salon or spa, then this is a good moment to do so. It may also be ideal for visiting the bank, seeking the advice of a financial advisor or making plans to purchase shares or invest in property or artwork. When in doubt, don’t take unnecessary risks – Taurus is a cautious and conventional sign, so stick to traditional ways of doing things now and make sure you are covered for all eventualities in terms of insurance. Spread your bets basically. Many economists are predicting a slow-down in the UK economy post-election as investors exercise caution and wait to see what sort of government emerges from what promises to be a close-run affair – what economic policies are espoused is still very much an open question at this point, something that will no doubt affect the decisions of wealthy non-doms and foreign investment companies wondering whether or not it is safe to put their money into the UK or not.

The only thing to bear in mind is that this New Moon will take place close to the fixed star, ALGOL, a symbol of female passion and intensity, which of course, can sometimes be a little scary for others, especially men, to contend with. According to Vivian Robson, this star was thought by the ancient Greeks to represent the head of Medusa and was called Ra’s al Ghul (the Demon’s Head) by Arabic astrologers; Lilith by the Hebrews. As a result, it was associated with misfortune, especially in terms of mob violence/unrest and extreme illness – not exactly a nice prospect! However, it also gives victory over the enemy in war, so hopefully this will mean some progress in the fight against IS in Syria and Iraq.[1]

On a more positive note, the Sabian symbol for this degree (27 degrees Taurus) is AN OLD INDIAN WOMAN SELLING BEADS AND TRINKETS, which Lynda Hill interprets as symbolising:

Older, wiser elements of society making offerings to the younger, less integrated. Small, but worthy products. Adapting to changing conditions, particularly monetary or financial. Working hard for small returns and rewards. Battling against the odds. Selling the products of one’s culture. Artefacts. Jewellery. Handicrafts. Retailing. Supplying the populace with beautiful things. Markets and stalls. Patience. Bartering and bargaining.[2]

Solar Phases

SUN INTO GEMINI – 21 May 2015

The Sun will ingress into curious and restless Gemini at 09h45 BST on the 21st  of May, thereby initiating a fresh month-long cycle in which travel, education, self-expression, the media, transport and politics is likely to loom large. You’re likely to feel an urge to communicate or socialise more, learn something new or want to get out and about more, so be sure to have your air miles card at the ready! That being said, you may want to take into consideration the fact that Mercury is scheduled to retrograde mid-month, so where possible get any trips out of the way before May the 19th. This is an ideal time to invite the neighbours around for lunch/tea, reach out to loved ones via social media or find ways to air your views publicly. Healthy debate, business deals and speeches are all well-starred under this influence.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout the month

Retrogrades & Stations

Mercury retrograde: 19 May – 12 June

Mercury, planet of commerce, communication, self-expression, travel and telecoms, will retrograde in Gemini on May the 19th, suggesting reversals or slow-downs in matters governed by the ‘swift one’. As a result, you’ll want to build in extra time for presentations, business discussions or journeys of any kind because you’re probably going to need it! Also, when it comes to relaying or storing information, be sure to back-up data, double-check that emails/faxes/letters reached their intended destination and give your vehicle a once-over before setting off on a trip because gremlins are likely to creep into the machine…Also, be careful when making public statements or political points because you could be misconstrued. You have been warned…

On a more positive note, if you wish to return to a previous project/issue and revise, correct, update or improve it, this is a good time to do so. Reconnecting with teachers/mentors/friends/colleagues etc. from the past also usually goes well under this influence, so by all means, take a trip down memory lane – it’ll probably be the safest journey you can make right now!

Planetary Ingresses

Mercury into Gemini: 1 May – 19 July 2015

If learning new things, meeting new people or visiting undiscovered places is your bag, then you’re going to love Mercury’s ingress into Gemini this month. Positioned in its own sign, Mercury is likely to encourage all the qualities of Gemini such as intellectual curiosity, social gregariousness and a need for movement and change, so if you love the thrill of the novel or what’s trendy, then this is your time to get out and about.
Networking, communications and activities that allow you to express yourself or hear the opinions or teachings of others are all well-starred now, as is local travel, doing deals, and acquiring new gadgets or forms of transport. This is a period on which people are likely to be witty and extroverted; and the pace of life, exciting, so be sure to keep your mobile phone charged and your inbox open because the opportunities to socialise and be heard are huge. My advice: be prepared for any eventuality. That way, you are tasked with navigating unchartered intellectual (or geographical) territory or invited to a cool and exclusive party – all at a moment’s notice – you’ll be ready to accept the challenge and run with things, putting you at the centre of where it’s at. What a thrilling prospect! Just bear in mind that Mercury will retrograde mid-month until early June, so be prepared to have to redo or renegotiate anything started during this time.

Mars into Gemini: 12 May – 25 June 2015

The desire to seek out novelty, cover fresh ground or discover new ways of doing things will be especially strong between mid-May and late June as Mars sweeps into fidgety and impatient Gemini. Under this influence, you’ll want to wear the latest exercise gear, follow up-to-the minute fitness trends and be drawn to gadgets that you can incorporate into your daily workout or week-end sports-related hobby.

If you’re a journalist, writer or teacher, you’ll also feel the urge to initiate plans, come up with new ideas and spread information. Just be sure that you don’t rush the process and get your facts mixed up, especially when Mercury stations mid-month – otherwise, you could end up looking a bit silly. Although you may be more decisive under this influence, you could also change your mind a lot, so leave yourself some wiggle room when it comes to making social plans, scheduling business meetings or arranging travel bookings.

Venus into Cancer: 7 May – 6 June 2015

Love becomes a much more private, cosy affair as Venus glides into shy, home-loving Cancer. Nestling at home on the sofa, cooking for loved ones and generally chilling out, are all likely to be your default setting after hours during this somewhat more restful period in terms of love, money and creativity. This is a great period in which to spend quality time with family or loved ones, reconnect with best buddies and indulge in familiar activities that make you feel comfortable and nurtured. Meals shared with close friends, lovers or housemates should be especially fun and pleasant now. Cooking classes, home décor and interior magazines are also well-starred under this influence. Emotionally, you may be less inclined to take risks, both creatively and in terms of finances, and seek out people who make you feel appreciated and secure. A great time for new mothers getting to know their babies, as well as an excellent period in which to conceive if you are keen to become a new parent.

Key Aspects

Sun trine Pluto – 6 May

Major power shifts, structural reforms or changes of leadership are all possible under this potent, but positive transit. With the Sun, symbol of leadership and authority set to trine Pluto, symbol of dramatic transformations, reforms and reshuffles, the day before UK voters cast their ballot at the polls on May the 7th, this particular aspect could well play a part in whatever unfolds, both politically and economically, post this rather historic election. Could we be in for a change in terms of who the ruling party is? This aspect does seem to hint at a transfer of power, so watch this space! Certainly, whoever does get into government will have a profound effect on policies concerning banking/finances, property and inheritance tax, if this trine is anything to go by. Look out for my blog on the 2015 UK general election, which should be published sometime this week.

On a personal level, this is a great time to assert yourself professionally, make a bid for a position of leadership, take strides forward in terms of acquiring something for investment purposes or making improvements to your appearance. You have focus, staying power and the ability to withstand pain or opposition now, so don’t be afraid to make a play for what you want now.

Venus trine Neptune – 16 May

Creative pursuits and relationships take on a magical quality today as Venus in caring Cancer moves to trine sensitive Neptune in Pisces. As the planets of love, imagination and fantasy combine their energies in the element of water, matters take on a fluid, almost surreal air. Dreams really can come true under this harmonious transit, so don’t be afraid to show others that you care and lower your guard a little.

Music, photography and film may also serve to inspire you artistically, so if you’re stuck for new ideas, then head for the cinema, turn on the radio or visit the seaside – water will prove especially soothing and inspiring now. The key is to listen to your intuition and follow your heart – combining spirituality and art or love also goes extremely well now.

Venus opposite Pluto, square Uranus – 22-26 May

Over the next few days, you or someone else could be in for a bit of a rude awakening as the planet of love, art and money collides with Pluto and Uranus. You and a family member, agent or lover could well have very different ideas about how you think your art or relationship should be conducted, and this could lead to sudden or unexpected about-turns, confrontations or communication breakdowns. Often, where Uranus is concerned, abrupt endings, exits or break-ups are possible, Melt-downs and tantrums are another possibility at this time, especially if power struggles are involved. Unexpected bills, power outages and accidents around the home are also possibilities now, so be careful with anything electrical or handling anything hot. Essentially, expect things to be volatile around this time, so build in alternative options and avoid scheduling a major exhibition or art show now because things may very well not go as planned.

For more details of what to expect day by day during May, be sure to check out my daily astro-insights on Facebook.


[1] Vivian Robson, Fixed Stars & Constellations, p.123

[2] Lynda Hill, 360 degrees of Wisdom: The Sabian Oracle, p. 223

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