Oct 2005 Eclipses – 7 South Saros series

Libra Solar Eclipse

eclipse libra

TYPE: Annular

DATE: 3 October 2005

DEGREE: 11th Degree of Libra

SABIAN SYMBOL: A professor peering over his glasses.

SAROS SERIES: This solar eclipse forms part of the 7 South Saros Series. According to astrologer Bernadette Brady, who specialises in the area of eclipses and predictive astrology, the 7 South Series is associated with the releasing of immense power, anger and the clearing of obstacles and blockages.

PREVIOUS OCCURRENCES: 10 August 1915, 21 August 1933, 1 September 1951, 11 September 1969 and 23 September 1987.

Aries Lunar Eclipse

Aries Lunar Eclipse Sept 2015

TYPE: Partial

DATE: 17 October 2005

DEGREE: 25th Degree of Aries

SABIAN SYMBOL: A double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings.

SAROS SERIES: Brady – N/A; Van Den Berg: 146

PREVIOUS OCCURRENCES: 24 August 1915, 4 September 1933,  15 September 1951, 25 September 1969 and 7 October 1987.

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