September 2007 Eclipses & the Venus-Neptune opposition

The eclipse pair occurring in September 2007 will be the mirror opposites of those that happened in March 2007, with a lunar eclipse in Pisces, and a solar eclipse in Virgo.


Lunar eclipse in Pisces

On the 28th of August, the full Moon total eclipse will take place between 07h52 and 13h22 GMT and will be visible to those living in the US, South America on the evening of the 27th of August; and in Japan, Australia, New Zealand on the night of the 28th of August.


During this event, two planetary oppositions will take place between Venus and Neptune in Leo and Aquarius; and, between Mercury and Uranus in Virgo and Pisces respectively. The first aspect could add a slightly self-indulgent, confusing or deceptive element to the mix; whilst the second might lead to unexpected or erratic speech, thoughts or learning behaviour.


Key overall themes could well focus on the areas of career, children, sport or hobbies, friendships and group memberships. Issues and affairs concerning women will be emphasised now. Lunar eclipses always occur during a Full Moon, and so there is likely to be an air of completeness or wholeness around events at this time, not to mention an added dollop of emotion or drama – this is the end of a cycle so it great for wrapping up projects or closing deals.


Solar eclipse Virgo

Later, on the 11th of September, a partial solar eclipse in Virgo will take place at 12h44 GMT. In astrological terms, this eclipse stands in opposition to Uranus, which gives the eclipse  an even more unpredictable nature than usual.


Bernadette Brady calls this the 9 New South Series and claims it is associated with themes centering around health and loved ones, as well as paperwork and communication. She also asserts that these eclipses carry a certain air of fatedness about them.


This eclipse Saros series began on the 19th of July 1917 and will end in August of 3161. Prior to 2007, eclipses in this cycle have occurred in 1935, 1953, 1971 and 1989.

Interestingly, 1917 was the year that the freezing of food was introduced. It was also the year that some very famous politicians were born, including John F. Kennedy and formerly Indian president, Indira Ghandi.

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