Find out what themes to focus on over the next six months…

Aquarians could well find themselves making some key decisions relating to their life direction, career or public position, care of November’s solar eclipse in Scorpio. Taking place on the 3rd, this New Moon event will mark a brand new six month long phase in your private life during which you could decide to take the plunge and change career, move out of the spotlight, or alternatively, run for election. Choosing to do so may be catalysed by a public grant, inheritance or financial backing from a corporation or business associate.

Coming on the back of a rather earth-shattering Uranus-Pluto square on the 1st, it is possible that any decisions or announcements on your part will seem rather sudden and perhaps prove to be rather shocking to those in your immediate environment, leading to some heart-wrenching private conversations on the 15th. You may not have considered the price you might have to pay within relationships for choosing to be honest and true to yourself. However, the time to move on has arrived and no matter how strong your sense of duty, or how guilty you feel, the urge to break free from situations that you have found claustrophobic will be very strong.

Whatever you do, try not to be impulsive – with Mercury retrograde in your career sector until the 11th,  you may not be thinking very clearly, so it’s probably best to wait until Mercury stations before taking action,  because plans will be subject to change before then. In fact, with Jupiter due to retrograde for three months from the 7th, you may wish to have a back-up plan with regards to work or health insurance, because you or others involved could also change their mind. Advice from higher-ups, or encouragement on the 3rd and 6th from a mentor or patron, together with Neptune’s stationing in your sector of money and assets on the 13th, will give you an indication of how the land lies financially and what to do next. 

Still, money matters or property investments should begin look up this month, especially on the 9th, 11th and 12th although you’ll want to avoid making any impulsive investments or purchases on the 24th because you may not be in possession of all the facts. Serious conversations with potential employers or backers concerning exactly how to proceed are likely on the 26th, so you’ll need to have your ducks in a row by then.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 17th could coincide with some goodbyes to or from a family member, or see you moving out of your current place of residence. However, it will be the Sun-Uranus trine on the 30th that will finally bring all the pieces together – messages of support from friends, groups or members of the public or a social media success will confirm that you have done the right thing, thereby giving you the courage to take the plunge.

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