Find out what themes the November eclipse will introduce for the next six months…

November marks the start of a new chapter in domestic, family and property affairs. Thanks to a solar eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd, many Leos can look forward to a change in lifestyle, a possible house move or a chance to start afresh in terms of familial relations. A Mercury-Mars sextile on the same day, which has a connection to this event, could bring with it the chance to increase earned income, which could bring you one step closer to creating or owning the family home of your dreams, if you’re prepared to put in the effort. Following on from an energising double sextile to both Mars and Pluto by a Sun-Mercury conjunction on the 1st, this could see your home life benefit from changes at work, an improvement in your health or the introduction of a new family pet.

Be warned though – a Uranus-Pluto square, also on the 1st, could result in an unexpected spanner being thrown into the works in the form of a legal snag, technical hitch or a challenge to your beliefs or cultural traditions from foreign quarters. The result is likely to be a high degree of tension, which could affect your health or work, so be prepared for any eventuality around this time. However, all is not lost: things are likely to resolve themselves by month end when you or your offspring may come up with a creative solution to potential problems. 

If you need to take action or lay down some clear boundaries with family members, do so on the 6th when the Sun conjuncts Saturn. This is also a good time to make serious decisions or put personal plans into action. If this all sounds quite heavy and intense then fear not – a stunning Sun-Jupiter trine on the 12th should brighten up your outlook, perhaps via a grant from an institution or moral support from an influential male family member. If a loved one is hospitalised, you can also be pretty sure that under this influence, they will make a full recovery.

Children, creativity and personal passions get a boost from the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius on the 22nd. If you are single, just be aware than any attractive strangers or potential lovers may not be all that they seem, leading to possible disappointment on the 24th. This is not a great day for entering into joint ventures, new deals or tax agreements as confusion and deception are likely to abound.

The Full Moon on the 17th brings a career or social status matter, such as an election to public office, to its natural conclusion, while a Sun-Uranus trine on the 30th could bring surprising but pleasant news regarding a pregnancy, joint venture or creative collaboration. You could come up with some unique ideas or inspired solutions to a technical problem or tax conundrum that saves the day.

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