Find out what themes the November eclipses will introduce for the next six months…

This November, Librans can look forward to some major changes, mostly of the positive kind, to their financial position, thanks to a rather powerful solar eclipse on the 3rd. Taking place at the New Moon, and involving a stellium of planets, all in your sector of earned income, this event will usher in a brand new six month cycle during which you are likely to find yourself rooting out bad spending habits, identifying better jobs or earning opportunities and generally undergoing a money metamorphosis.

Around this time, the Sun and Mercury will also be making a number of key contacts to planetary movers and shakers, Mars and Pluto. This may not come entirely as a surprise to you, perhaps because Mars in Virgo has been working away in the background, motivating you subconsciously to tidy up your accounts, get your admin affairs in order and generally get cracking on plans to do up any investment properties that you own, or  act on business leads that need following up. Now, thanks to the eclipse and Mercury’s stationing on the 11th, you can finally put our ideas into action. The 23rd should also be especially favourable for sorting out family finances or striking a good property deal, so be sure to keep this date in mind.

Jupiter will station this month, reversing its direction for 3 months in your sector of career and fame, which means that things may slow down for a little while in this sphere of life, giving you time to assess who your allies are, who to cultivate and which career direction looks the most promising to focus on during the first half of next year. Help from influential people you were once close to in your past is also possible now, especially on the 12th and 19th. The 28th could also be favourable, provided you are prepared to make the effort and not indulge too many of your vices, but it will be the rare and powerful Jupiter-Saturn trine next month that will prove to be the real corker, so you’ll want to prepare your CV and get yourself in good shape, ready for any eventuality.

Your ruler, Venus, ingresses into hardworking Capricorn on the 5th, so this should not be a problem – if anything, you need to guard against over-doing it workwise than the other way around. Neptune’s return to direct motion on the 13th furthers help to reduce confusion and scattered energies at work, making it easier to come up with creative ideas. Pets, domestic and health workers, as well as colleagues, should also be more enthusiastic, focused and reliable.

Schedules and daily routines should flow especially nicely on the 8th, 9th and 11th but it will be better to go with the flow on the 24th when very little will go to plan. The Full Moon in Taurus on the 17th brings to a close a month long cycle involving shared resources, sex and intimacy, making it excellent for concluding any matter concerning tax, loans or legacies.

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