Find out what themes the November eclipses will activate over the next six months…

For Scorpio’s, November is likely to be a headline month. Not only will you have a slew of planets crowding your zodiac sign, making you even more of a force to be reckoned with, but you also have a solar eclipse in your sign to look forward to.

First, though, a rather stressful square involving your ruler, Pluto, and rebel Uranus, on the 1st could lead to some nasty shocks at work, or in relation to health or pets. Alternatively, it could evoke in you a somewhat harsh and uncompromising stance when it comes to communications, siblings, neighbours or developments in your local community. Fortunately, you’ll also have a handful of planetary support, perhaps in the form of some helpful male advice, endorsement from a bigwig or positive PR, which should make things easier to deal with.

Following on from this, the solar eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd, will kick-start a fresh six month-long personal cycle for you during which you will have plenty of fresh opportunities to realize some personal goals, make yourself seen or heard, or undergo a complete transformation with regards to health, appearance or self-image.

At this time, you’ll have the Sun and Mars rooting for you, giving you an added dose of energy, focus, motivation and self-confidence, especially with regard to self-expression and communication style. With Mercury still retrograde in your sign until the 11th, you’ll no doubt appreciate this added support to help avoid your words or ideas being misconstrued. Neptune will also station on the 13th, which should mean more time in your schedule to rest, socialize, spend time with children or work on a pet project.

Pluto will also be making some key aspects this month that you may want to make a note of. The first is a conjunction with Venus on the 15th, which could result in greater intimacy with a lover, or alternatively, result in sudden falling-outs or arguments with female neighbours, teachers, siblings or close relatives. Coming two days before the Full Moon in Taurus on the 17th, this could also signal the end of a romantic relationship or business partnership that wasn’t working, perhaps rather abruptly. Whatever happens, know that the situation is likely to improve by month’s end when the Sun trines Uranus.

On a more positive note, a Mercury-Pluto sextile on the 21st offers you a window in which to retract something you may have said in haste, edit a personal statement or reword an important document or letter. Jupiter will also retrograde for three months from the 7th, during which time you may wish to revisit a favourite holiday destination, rewrite a legal agreement or personal memoir, or go back to study a much-loved subject. Contacts with former foreign connections, publishers, teachers or preachers are also possible now, some of which may end up being fortuitous, especially on the 12th, 19th and 28th.

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