Find out what themes the November eclipse will introduce for the next six months…

November brings with it another round of fresh starts, care of a solar eclipse at the New Moon on the 3rd. Together with the north node, Mercury and Saturn, the Sun and Moon will form a stellium in Scorpio – a formidable cadre of planetary points all signalling the arrival of a new six month cycle affecting your communication or teaching style, relationship with close relatives, neighbours and community leaders, or daily commute.

In addition to the eclipse, the Sun and Mercury will also be within orb of a series of transits to heavenly movers and shakers Mars and Pluto. Starting a few days earlier, on the 1st, this hive of inter-planetary activity is certain to emphasise the need for reform, reorganization and reinvention, not just concerning your self-image and appearance, but also in terms of your relationship to your immediate environment, as well as children, lovers and your private passions, including hobbies and sports. If you’d like to spend less time commuting to work and more time with loved ones or working on a personal project, then perhaps you need to make some adjustments?

The perfect time to put plans into practice will be after the 10th when Mercury, your ruler, returns to forward motion. Throughout the month, Mercury will be making some killer aspects to big hitters Neptune (9th and 11th), Pluto (21st), Saturn (26th) and Jupiter (28th) which means plenty of opportunities to gather information, make plans, get people on board and then execute your goals with energy and pinpoint precision, thanks to the influence of Mars, which will continue to tour your sign until December.

As well as the Full Moon in Taurus on the 18th, which should bring a legal or foreign-related matter, educational or publishing project to a conclusion, Neptune will also station this month (13th) returning to forward motion. Together with two Venus sextiles (8th & 28th), this should help to restore the romance or creative spark back into committed relationships, be they business or romantic in nature.

By contrast, Jupiter will retrograde from the 7th, which is likely to slow down, delay or force a review of your associations with, or loyalty to, certain individuals, groups or societies that may or may not have your best interests at heart. It’s possible that their recent treatment or attitude to a family member, possibly a child, or a lover, may have given you pause for thought. Now you have the chance to re-form ties with those with whom you feel a sense of kinship and belonging, and let go of your affiliation with those you don’t.

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