Mercury Moves into Scorpio…

As Mercury heads for its second square to Saturn today, the need for restraint with regards to inflammatory language becomes ever more important, especially once the Cancer Moon joins the dynamic in the early hours of Saturday morning. This is when poisonous words and paranoid thoughts can potentially become contagious.

With Pluto also lurking, invisible cloak on, in the background close to Saturn, the key message right now should be: “Handle with care, lest you open up Pandoras box…” Think of the Greek Erinyes, or indeed, the verse from the Babylonian Hebrew prophet, Ezekiel that Samuel L Jackson so famously quoted in Pulp Fiction.

Once it gets past Saturn’s rings, however, the planet of thought, communication and travel begins to gain speed. As it does so, it heads back towards its second ingress into perceptive Scorpio on Nov 10 – just before the 11:11 gateway (all about emotions and relationships) and the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (pivot points and big shifts) since the 444 gateway that’s due to take place on November 12th.

Once again, this will signal that it’s time to reconnect with our inner shaman and go deep into our roots. And indeed, spending time on the inner planes is a very positive way to utilise this deep and potentially ‘fertilising’ time, as the I Ching woudl say.

With the Sun contacting a retrograde Neptune on Nov 10th, seeing past distortions to the heart of things, and balancing light and dark within ourselves, will be a key theme that returns to the forefront – just as it did in mid-October at the Libra Full Moon. However, with Venus set to begin her tiffs with Mars and the outer planets on Monday, you may find yourself wanting to withdraw from the world temporarily in order to regain/maintain inner your equilibrium.

Actively choosing to use the rest of November for healing, integration and regeneration on all levels, both personal and social, will help to prepare you for 2020’s final (and rather dramatic) eclipse season, which begins on November 30. More to come on that soon…

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