As part of my dedication to contine offering loyal subscribers an informative and enjoyable web experience, I have decided to ugrade the membership area of the website. This has grown exponentially over the last year, along with my YouTube channel and subscriber list. So much so, that it’s become bulky and awkward to use. Please bear with me while I upgrade both my technical knowledge and migrate everything over to a new platform.

Ultimately, I think it will be worth it – the aim is to provide subscribers and clients with more choices and a seamless, integrated experience, and to improve overall security and usability. While this happens, I have temporarily disabled the old Members Area but users should still have continued access to my written lunar phase forecasts via links in the newsletters I send out twice a month. Non-subscribers can read/follow my blog, and view video forecasts on my YouTube channel for replays of previous geoscopes and cosmic weather forecasts.


Anyone looking to keen on learning astrology but who isn’t technically minded will absolutely love geomancy. Geomancy, or ‘terrestrial astrology’, as it was once known, takes all the key elements of astrology and translates them into an easy-to-learn form of divination similar to the tarot or the I Ching. No need to consult technical tables or learn complex calculations!

This easy-to-follow ebook is designed as the perfect introduction to geomancy. Not only will give you a potted history of geomancy, but it also contains a step by step guide to this ancient art, which you have probably seen me use on YouTube. Includes a detailed breakdown of what each figure means, a number of suggested spreads, as well as a handy Appendix ection with easy reference tables that will provide you with everything you need to know to be able to perform your own readings.

Currently available in EPUB format (which you can read by downloading a free copy of Adobe Editions), I hope to add print version and Kindle versions soon.

Coming soon: Matching cards and a video-based online course to help you master this simple but profound ancient divination system.



The famous Antikythera mechanism found amongst the cargo of a shipwreck by archaeologists in 1900 off the coast of Greece has finally been decoded by experts.

The device, dating to approximately 150 BCE, was thought to have been used to predict planetary movements. Now, thanks to enhanced imaging technology, experts are finally able to say with confidence that it was, first and foremost, an eclipse predictor that followed the so-called Metatonic cycle.

Tiny inscriptions found on the gears and mechanisms previously dubbed unreadable due to their size and the damage sustained to the device under water, reveal that in additional to calculating the lunar phases and the orbits of the seven traditional planets, the device also seems to colour-code different eclipses into a series of categories. This suggests that early astrologers may also have been aware of different Saros families, and like some modern astrologers, assigned specific oracular/symbolic significance to each.

For more information, visit the academic article.


Psychic Fair pic

In February, AstrologySphere took part in a Psychic Festival and residential week-end, held for the first time at the Burlington Hotel in Folkestone.

Attended by some celebrities from the world of mediumship, including Colin Fry and Jayne Wallace, founder of the Psychic Sisters of Selfridges, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed making new friends and doing readings for some of the Kent locals.

My friend, Lee Whyberd, a fantastic Welsh medium, led some of the workshops and did several group readings alongside Colin Fry and a number of other familiar faces. He is extremely talented and gives exceptionally accurate readings. You can read more about him on his Facebook page, Heavens Above.


Good news! The New Astrology of Towns & Cities features in this month’s  edition of ‘Soul & Spirit’ magazine,  available from most major UK retailers.

In ‘The Bookshelf’ section, TNATC is described in the following terms:

“This unusual and inventive book asks how natives relate to their immediate environment…Relating astrological signs to our geographical locations, it focuses on major towns and cities in the UK, plotting the history of places with the significance of stars and planets.”
Read the full write-up.

This is the second review of the book, the first appeared in the March/April issue of The Astrological Journal – one of Britain’s foremost publications aimed at the UK astrological community, and published by the Astrological Association.

Editor, Carole Taylor, writes in the March 2014 edition that:

In short, this is a fascinating and unique book – a must-have reference that opens a window onto our relationship with the places where we live and work. I confess I looked straight away at the towns and cities where I have lived – as a Gemini with a Sagittarius Descendant, there have been quite a few of them! – and was stunned to see my personal connections to the astrology. And of course I looked too at the places I have always longed to live – an even more interesting and revealing exercise.

The book, which is now available in both print and eBook formats, is now also on sale in the iBooks and Nook stores.

To purchase a signed copy, contact me.

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