Pivot Point: 11:11 Gateway

This week, we enter the strange world of repeating numbers, telluric twinges and intoxicating, often intense encounters, as we head towards the energetic vortex or gateway known as the 11:11 portal.

This gateway centres around to powerful themes:

  1. Emotions (symbolised numerologically by the number 2 = the moon) and our very human desire for authentic heart connections – a topic highlighted for us during Libra season by the October Harvest and Libra lunar phases.
  2. The need to cultivate self-empowerment, dignity and self-respect, as signified by the Master number 11, which is, numerologically-speaking, like a double dose of 1 energy – very solar in nature – qualities emphasised by this week’s powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

Astrologically speaking, the 2020 gateway is bookmarked by some pretty powerful energy, including a Venus-Mars opposition on Nov 10, forcing us to reconcile our sexual desires and passions with core values, personal sovereignty and a healthy dose of self-worth, as well as the third and final iteration of the seismic Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on Nov 12.

The latter transit is all about karmic purging, healing and reorienting our beliefs, as well as transforming the way we perceive reality, so that we are better able to align with the changing paradigms and power structures we are moving towards as a collective – a process that will culminate in December with Jupiter and Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius.

As you will see if you watch my 11:11 videocast, this is also a time of purging, healing crises and major shifts when we begin to integrate and consolidate all we have learned since the 444 gateway back in April , including that seminal period in May and June when Venus Retrograde forced many of us to face up to patterns of addiction, numbing out/escapism and co-dependency within the sphere of romantic relationships and finances.

Find out what to expect from this week astrologically in my latest YouTube forecast.

For those, who enjoy tarot, check out my 11:11 Portal Relationship Reading.

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