October will be topped and tailed by not one TWO full moons – one on the 1st and one on the 31st, which should make this month a VERY interesting time.

The first, a Full Moon in Aries, is all about balancing the needs of self vs those of others, including what some animists call the more-than-human i.e. the plant, animal, mineral kingdoms. This moon is called the Harvest Moon by the Native American Indians, which I think is all about the need to prepare ourselves for the coming metaphorical (and literal) winter that is likely to descend as the days shorten in the northern hemisphere and things begin to intensify astrologically in the lead-up to the November-December eclipses.

Relationships and unhealthy patterns of relating also have the chance to be healed over the next two weeks, care of a conjunction between the Moon and Chiron. Check out the special love reading I did on YouTube to coincide with this Full Moon if this is an issue that has come up for you. Male body or mental health issues, including testosterone-induced depression, as well as male body dysmorphia (eg. Freddy Flintoff’s recent admission about his struggles with bulimia seems very timely) may also make headlines, given that this is something that Chiron has been highlighting since its ingress into Aries in 2018.

The Libra Sun will also be emphasizing issues around fairness, diplomacy, peace and equality – a highly charged issue, especially in the UK and US right now. A newly direct Saturn will form a square to a packed stellium of planets in Aries from it’s position close to Pluto, is also likely to be a major theme. Look back to January and February for parallels.

The second, known as the Hunter’s Moon, will take place on Halloween or Samhain, as it is known in the Celtic/pagan/wiccan calendar, in the fixed signs of Taurus-Scorpio. Cue all the images of angry ghosts and karmic rebalancing I talked about in my recent Instagram post concerning Mercury in Scorpio, which turns retrograde mid-month – during the dark moon phase leading up to the New Moon in Libra on the 17th.

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