Our second Venus-ruled Moon phase, the New Moon in earthy Taurus on April 23, encourages us to take pro-active steps to generate greater health and wellbeing by going back to basics  Рeating well, getting physical exercise and spending time outdoors in the sun, fresh air, and nature.

Taking place in the 4th degree of Taurus (444 anyone?!), the Sabian symbol for which is ‘A Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow’ , this New Moon is also urging us to work on generating abundance in a new way – one that requires us to turn our normal conceptions of reality on their heads – a process that could prove challenging.

This seeming clash of paradigms, symbolised by the square between the luminaries and Uranus, to Saturn in his guise as patriarch and archon of linear time and mortality, is likely to create a fair amount of tension. Until we realise that Saturn and Uranus have a long history, and that both have more in common than may at first be apparent.

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