We’ve all heard of attachment style theory and how it can reveal the deep subconscious habits and beliefs that we keep re-enacting in heart connections. Astrology can take things one step further by looking at relationships from the perspective of soul lessons and soul contracts. Let astrology unlock the secrets of your particular relationship style and soul’s code, empowering you to understand the key karmic lessons and repeating emotional patterns in your closest relationships.

Soul contracts are often designed to bring us into a close encounter with the truth of our own heart. True connections cannot be arranged, figured out or fixed up. Any attempt to control a relationship flows against the current of our soul. The best that we can do is to enter into its mystery, engage in its paradoxes and know our selves intimately enough to be in relationship, whatever that might bring.

A written astrology report based on your particular date and place of birth, running to between 20-25 pages.

Areas Covered in this Written Report:

  • Karmic patterns & Family ties – What the Moon can tell us about our innate emotional needs and early childhood conditioning from family that together create our subconscious attachment style
  • Early soulmates – Sibling rivalry & the influence of childhood mates
  • Kindred Spirits – Friendships, peer pressure & group dynamics
  • Soul & Relationship – Significant relationships eg marriage and key lessons
  • Pleasure, passion & love – Desire, joy and finding your bliss
  • NEW: Dark side of the Moon – Blind spots, addictions and compulsions
  • Fate, Destiny & Crossing Paths – The overriding themes and nature of our soul contracts and soul purpose we may have chosen to work this lifetime, based on the astrology chart


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