Astro-Insights January 2015 – ‘Skylights’ for 2015

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2015 is likely to be quite an eventful year.

Around the Spring Equinox, a solar eclipse in Pisces, topped by another pass of the Uranus-Pluto square, begins a fresh cycle in which humanity is challenged to evolve and let go of illusions, escapism and fantasy thinking, and accept responsibility for our current position, as well as the state of the planet, especially our oceans. With Uranus and Pluto getting in on the action, you can expect themes from April and December 2014 to resurface, including: the growing generation gap, the resurgence of the civil rights movement, acts of terrorism motivated by ideological extremism, the role of social media in driving collective change, and the relationship between technology and power.

With Saturn now in philosophical Sagittarius, and Jupiter due to ingress into hard-working, details-oriented Virgo in early August, it seems probable that this may also be a year in which we will have to learn to navigate the difficult business of how to live in the real world whilst also trying to stay true to our personal philosophies and spiritual beliefs. This challenge is likely to peak in early August when Jupiter squares Saturn – an event that only occurs once every 20 years or so.

Puritanism, perfectionism and the struggle to believe in, or channel your creative talents and psychic abilities are also set to become important in mid-September when a solar eclipse in Virgo coincides with a Jupiter-Neptune opposition. Opportunities to find a balance between healthy conscientiousness and obsessive-compulsive tendencies should abound between now and November. Attitudes to health and diet could also be an area that needs an overhaul, especially if your beliefs, attitudes or mental state are having an effect on  your wellbeing. Ethical food production and fad diets are two expressions of this energy.

Still, there is plenty to be optimistic about. We will have more than our share of upbeat and fortunate aspects this year, including a number of contacts between expansive, generous Jupiter and vampy diva Venus – great for love, socialising and creative pursuits – which I have listed below.

To find out more about what to expect from 2015, read on…

Lunar Phases


The first lunar event in 2015 will be a Full Moon in Cancer on January the 5th. Taking place at just before 05h00 GMT, and in that portion of the zodiac where the Moon was thought to naturally feel ‘at home,’ this is likely to be a fairly powerful occasion, especially when it comes to family, children, motherhood, food and home-related matters.

With a cardinal grand cross active between the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Uranus and the nodal axis, this is likely to be quite a tense and emotional time. The urge to make drastic changes within relationships, or reform laws or rules to better reflect the make-up of today’s society, is likely to be strong now. However, try not to throw the baby out with the bath water or overreact.

Certain unresolved issues left over from April or December 2014, perhaps with links to events that occurred around August 2010, could now come to a head. As with any full moon, this is a time of endings and natural climaxes, of finishing things off and letting go of unhealthy habits or debilitating emotions, so if you have anything to resolve or get off your chest, this is the time to do so. It’s a new year, so why not try and clear the slate so that you too can start afresh when the New Moon rolls around on the 20th.


On the same day that the Sun ingresses into Aquarius, a New Moon in the same sign at 13h15 GMT begins a fresh cycle for us all. In many ways, this will also feel like the true start to the year.

Generally speaking, this is a great time to initiate new group-related projects, plans aimed at furthering humanitarian or charitable causes, or initiatives that inspire others via the medium of technology.  Just by having the courage to express yourself or your social views in an authentic and affirmative way, you could also liberate yourself in some unspoken way, as well as inspire others to follow your lead.

Unlike the Full Moon in Cancer, which may bring with it aftershocks from December’s atrocities, this lunation is blessed by a friendly sextile between the Sun & Moon in Aquarius, and Saturn in Sagittarius. This will encourage us to spend the next month focusing on how to successfully balance fulfilling your personal needs with your obligations to others. For women in particular, it is not always easy to find a way to fulfil all the caretaking roles and domestic duties generally expected of them, whilst still making their mark in the world, or being taken seriously by society. With the positive, stabilising energy provided by this new moon, this is a great time to give it your best shot.

Solar Phases


On the same day as the New Moon, the Sun will ingress into quirky and idealistic Aquarius, making the next four weeks or so an excellent time for directing your energies towards living a more authentic life, furthering a good cause or making your mark as an individual on the creative or scientific front. Technology, indie art, subcultures and anything quirky or unusual come under the spotlight now as people dare to be different.

This is a period during which we can expect group-oriented activities and social reform to take centre stage, along with technological developments, scientific inventions, social breakthroughs and the emergence of new artistic or popular trends.

Key Planetary Events & Red Letter Transits during 2015

Retrogrades & Stations to note

Mercury Retrograde

This year, Mercury will have more than its fair share of retrograde spells, which could result in higher than average incidents of travel disruptions, accidents, information leaks, IT network crashes or telecoms failures, people being misquoted in the media, and relationship or political rows brought on by misunderstandings.

2015 Dates for Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury in Aquarius: 21 January – 11 February 2015

Mercury in Gemini: 19 May – 12 June 2015

Mercury in Libra: 17 September – 10 October 2015

Venus Retrograde

Venus, the planet of love, money and beauty, will also retrograde this year, starting on the 25th of July. Although this could put the brakes on existing romances, or force a rethink of certain love matches, creative endeavours or financial commitments, it could also potentially bring separated lovers back together again. Reconciliations and reunions are a distinct possibility between the end of July and early September, especially around the time of the highly auspicious Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the 6th of August – great for rekindling old flames and reforming previously successful creative collaborations.

Dates for Venus Retrograde:

25 July – 6 September 2015

Key Planetary Ingresses

Jupiter into Virgo: 11 August

After a nearly 12 month stay in languid, luxury-loving Leo, Jupiter is due to ingress into practical but perfectionist Virgo during the second week of August. Unlike some of the other neighbouring astrological signs, the differences between these two zodiac constellations are pretty stark, so this could come as something of a shock, especially if you were enjoying all the flamboyant, baroque-style energy of Jupiter in Leo.

Taking place within three days of the New Moon, and under the cloud of an impending opposition to Neptune in Pisces, this is likely to be a highly charged time on a number of levels, with many of us feeling the limitations of being human all too keenly.

Virgo-Pisces as a combination tends to bring out our desire for purity and precision, as well as a need to strive for, or live up to, the most lofty of ideals – a tendency that is likely to be exacerbated by Jupiter, which tends to encourage grandiosity, as well as a certain measure of religious zeal or morality

Consequently, you may find yourself becoming more than a little neurotic as your imperfections become magnified by your inability to measure up to what are essentially unattainable yardsticks. Try not to get too obsessed with perfection or bogged down by little details, or you’ll never achieve anything, especially in the days around the Jupiter-Neptune opposition on the 17th of September.

Overall, though, under this transit, we are all likely to become more conscious of our health, as well as develop a strong desire to be of service in some way. Unlike Jupiter in Leo, this transit is not about ego but rather about being the best you can be for the benefit of the greater good. Take care of the details under this transit, and everything else will fall into place.

Saturn back into Sagittarius: 18 September

After beginning the year on an upbeat and hopeful note, Saturn turns retrograde during the second week of March. This will see it retrace its steps back through the early degrees of Sagittarius until it re-enters Scorpio in mid-June, where it will remain until mid-September. During this period, we can expect a brief resurgence in themes that became commonplace during Saturn’s tour of the most secretive of water signs: sex or abuse scandals, corruption allegations, corporate dirty dealings, violent murders, cruelty to animals/children and behind-the-scenes skulduggery in the corridors of power.  It’s possible that this period will provide some closure for the innocent victims of these crimes.

However, by the autumn, Saturn will ingress back into expansive and tolerant Sagittarius, placing the focus firmly back on legal matters, higher education, religion, cultural exchanges, morality and ethics. During the next year or so, we are likely to continue to question our core religious beliefs, social norms and current laws in greater depth. Whereas before we may have been happy to live with a certain level of mystery in the past, now we may begin to query everything and ask what it all means ultimately. For a recap of what Saturn in Sagittarius is all about, re-visit my December 2014 Astro-Insights page.

Key Aspects

Below is a list of astrological highlights you won’t want to miss during 2015.  


 9 Apr 2015 – Jupiter Direct. Personal projects progress, everything flows, bosses are magnanimous

3 Mar, 22 Jun 2015 – Jupiter trine Uranus. Exciting expansion plans, leaps forward in technology, breakthroughs

11 Aug 2015 – Jupiter into Virgo. See above

11 Oct 2015 – Jupiter trine Pluto. Big changes, major shifts, altered beliefs, dramatic inspiration


Throughout 2015, Jupiter will also be making some feelgood contacts with Venus, goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and creativity, which should create plenty of opportunities for romance, fun and opportunities to express yourself artistically. Mark down the following dates in your calendar  – as well as marking out times when you can enjoy social popularity and good fortune, they are also great for business meetings, especially if you want to impress.

Venus-Jupiter Dates To Mark In Your Diary:

4 March 2015 – Venus in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo (Venus will also be conjunct Uranus, making this a time of exciting surprises)

22 April 2015 – Venus in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo

01 Jul, 04 Aug, 25 Oct 2015 – Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo

24 Dec 2015 – Venus in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Virgo

Happy New Year!

For more details of what to expect day by day, read my daily astro-insights on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

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