People Power? Pluto into Aquarius

On the 23rd of March, Pluto will change signs for the first time since 2008, ingressing into idealistic and humanitarian Aquarius just after midday where it will remain (bar a few retrograde spells) until 2044. This is momentous on so many levels – not just for humanity, but for all of us individually. As Pluto …

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Battle of the Sexes: Venus-Mars Square

After their double conjunction in February and March 2022, Venus and Mars square each other about a week after the September 2022 Pisces Full Moon. With Mercury retrograde and the Sun opposing Neptune on the same day, the likelihood of lovers’ quarrels and money mix-ups is pretty high. In many ways, this has the plot …

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Orpheus & Eurydice: Venus-Mars 2.0

Love could get a little intense – and passionate – as we head for 2022’s second conjunction between the two love planets, Venus and Mars. In fact, don’t be surprised if you feel as though your closest connections are being tested during this period. That’s because both planets are set to meet with dark lord, …

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Star Crossed Lovers: Venus conjunct Mars

Valentine’s Day 2022 is set to be extra special thanks to some stunning cosmic weather that includes the first of two unions between Venus and Mars. In their first get together since their near miss in December 2021, the planets of love, beauty and passion will finally come together in earthy Capricorn – just two …

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Game Over? May 2021 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Fair play vs foul play, truth vs. fiction, and facts vs belief are likely to be themes highlighted by May’s Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This super-charged full moon will be closing out the six month cycle begun in December 2020 with the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, so it’s possible that you find yourself faced with …

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Bounceback or Bloodbath? Bitcoin & the Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse

Bitcoin has taken a bit of a beating recently, thanks to a lot of FUD from the suits & money men about ‘bloodcoin’ – and some poorly timed announcements from Elon Musk. After a sharp drop in price of over $20K in the space of less than a week, It seems to be in the process of slowly recovering. But is it out of the woods yet?
In my latest forecast, I look at the outlook for Bitcoin for the rest of 2021 and how the May-June eclipses may hold the key to what happens next in crypto’s biggest success story.

2021 Biden Inauguration Day

Scorpio, Joseph Biden, together with Libran, Kumala Harris, are both set to be ‘crowned’ at noon Washington time today as America’s next leaders. The next chapter in America’s history begins. After last week’s shocking events on ‘the Hill’, can we expect a peaceful transition of power? Or will there be more mob-style disruption? I took …

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Mars Into Taurus: Bitcoin Bull Market?

Mars enters pragmatic and earthy Taurus on January the 7th where it will remain until early March. This is likely to fuel the feverish speculation we are seeing on the crypto coin market, particularly with regards to Bitcoin and Ethereum, where things are looking decidedly bullish. Since the Sagittarius solar eclipse and December’s Jupiter-Saturn grand …

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