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Moon Signs

Use the chart below to find out which TWO areas of your life (astrological houses) the Scorpio Supermoon will illuminate. For the most accurate results, choose the sign of your Ascendant for the position of the moon, and then the corresponding partner sign (opposite) for the position of the sun. These are the two houses or life areas you are being asked to BRING INTO BALANCE.

For more details on what to expect from May 2021, be sure to read your Monthly Horoscope.



Fixed Water: What’s Below Surface Level

body bubbles deep dive

The April 2021 Full Moon takes place in passionate and mysterious Scorpio, a fixed water sign. The chart for this particular lunation shows a predominance of planets in water and earth signs – a very fertile and creative combination. What better than mud pies to either have some fun, build a sculpture, or feed the plants that will just be starting to hit their stride around about now in the northern hemisphere?

There is a strong emphasis on water in this Full Moon, from the presence of both the Moon, Neptune and Mars in the water triplicity, to the Sabian symbol for the Supermoon’s degree. However, rather than the undulating waves of the sea, or the flowing waters of a river, we are instead, talking about the still waters of a lake onto whose mirror-like surface, the beams of the Moon are reflected. (More below on this image)

As we know, still waters often run very deep, and so what we may be confronting at this full moon (which in and of itself, concerns polarities and binaries) is the stark contrast between appearances (the lake’s smooth, glittering and marble-like surface) and reality – what may lie hidden or submerged beneath this mask of calmness and tranquillity.

So themes around mirroring, masks & hidden secrets, superficiality vs depth, appearances vs reality are likely to be quite strong, reflecting the Scorpio-Taurus polarity that will be activated by this pink moon.

Swan Lake: Time to Take a Deeper Dive?

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

‘Walden’, Henry David Thoreau

As Henry Thoreau once wrote, most of us lead lives of ‘quiet desperation.’ Like a swan, we often try to project an air of calm, collected and graceful confidence to the outside world. All the while, inwardly screaming or struggling to stay afloat. Think of the paddling feet of the swan that goes on beneath the surface of the lake – it’s a great metaphor for what is really going on behind the perfectly manicured and curated ‘store front’ version of lives that we post on social media.

reflection of swan on body of water

In Thoreau’s opinion, most of us sense, but do not wish to admit to, a void in our lives – one we try to fill with material success, status, physical possessions and ticking off the list of ‘relationship goals’. But this, for him, is to put value on the wrong things which won’t make us happy – cue the old Amex commercial of price vs priceless etc. So far, so very Taurean. A better representation of the geomantic figure of Amissio you couldn’t hope to get.

However, to use the geomantic metaphor, what the Scorpio Moon is asking us to consider is the counter-balance to all that Taurean emphasis on stuff (Amissio = material loss), which is passion (Rubeus). What are we passionate about? What does our soul truly desire? And, what deeply repressed subconscious drives may be getting in the way of us either knowing what these are, or wholeheartedly pursuing them?

And herein could lie the crux of the matter. At the Scorpio Full Moon, we may be confronted with this very question. And if so, the Lunar Face suggests that this may be a time to do a little internal exploration – to do a deep dive below the surface of our psyche intot he murky depths of our sub-conscious minds (as represented by the lake) in order to get the truth of what may be holding us back.

Scorpio, Shakti and the Sacral

woman in orange tank top sitting on black table

Given the lake image given to us by this moon’s Sabian symbol, it seems rather fitting that the chakra associated with the water element – the sacral – which governs relationships, abundance and creativity – is the centre being highlighted at the supermoon. So don’t be surprised if issues relating to this chakra come up for healing, clearing or transmuting at this full moon.

Given that Scorpio is a feminine sign that rules many of the issues associated with this chakra: sex, intimacy, secrets and shared values or possessions, I find it fascinating that in the vedic/yogic traditions, it is in this centre (or indeed it’s corresponding power centre located dimensionally below the chakras along the so-called ‘hara line’), rather than the root chakra, that kundalini – the vital, life-giving, snake-like energy of the feminine creative force (the Empress or the goddess Shakti) is said to reside. More on this topic lower down.

On a more positive note, this could also be a time during which you begin to see confirmatory signs that something you may’ve been trying to create or manifest, is about to show up. Much will depend on where you’re at in in your journey in terms of facing up to your demons and surrendering to the natural flow or the divine plan for your life – something that was strongly highlighted back in February at the Pisces New Moon.

FEEL: Passionate & Intense

close up of paper over white background

In and of itself, Scorpio is an intense sign associated with passion, rage, obsession and power, all of which could be strong themes over the upcomign waning cycle that takes us to the middle of May. Add to that the fact that this is not just a normal full moon but a Supermoon, and we really could be in for quite a tumultuous, eventful or ‘full-on’ two week period.

Externally, this could express itself through high drama, high octane situations, which could arise or blow up suddenly, thanks to the influence of Mars and Uranus. But, if this Moon placement takes place below the horizon in your chart, then it this could be a more internal event which carries the hallmarks of the ‘swan lake’ scenario outlined above.

Another way this energy could manifest is a passionate confession from an admirer – the involvement of Uranus does suggest suprise events involving a male (conjunct the Sun) that have the potential to blindside you. Moon in Scorpio, Boris Johnson, better watch out – scandal and sleaze are both Scorpio-ruled. (See details in the transits section below).

Given that the Moon also rules the instincts and body, we could also be talking about intense physical sensations across the pleasure-pain spectrum. Healing may be another theme, as could alchemical transmutation. With Mars making a trine to the Moon, energy work on the muscles or male reproductive organs should prove very successful, as could family therapy (Mars is in Cancer). Again, much will depend upon where the Sun and the Moon are located for you natally at this particular moon phase (check your chart above for details if you haven’t already.)

photo of snake
Poisons and kill or cure remedies or therapies could be a big theme at the Scorpio Supermoon

Purification is certainly another theme that could come up. Here, I am reminded of Hexagram 18, which in the traditional I Ching, is associated with the need to renovate a corrupt situation or cleanse/purify something that has become toxic or poisonous. (Think of the famous political slogan, ‘Empty the swamp’, and you get the picture). With our attention already drawn to snakes via the link to kundalini energy (see above), I would also not be surprised if poisons, or kill-or-cure remedies or therapies are highlighted (think of the Greek term for medicine AND poison = ‘pharmakon’).

Given the strong emphasis on earth-based energies at this Full Moon (we have a stellium in Taurus – see more below), I wouldn’t be surprised if we collectively find ourselves faced with some kind of environmental emergency involving pollution such as an oil spill. A call to action about the link between soil, chemical pollution and our physical health, is also possible, and is a topic that does tend to evoke very strong emotions, especially when linked to food production.

Whatever does go down, whether shocking, surprising or triggering, will ultimately be for our highest good. So try not to worry too much and instead, adopt a curious, if somewhat detached stance, to whatever occurs. As James Burgess is urging us in his analysis of this waning moon’s Lunar Face: Rather than resist or wail that we are cursed, it is far more productive to ask exploratory questions such as, “Why is this happening now?”, as opposed to “Why is this happening to me?” The answers may prove to be surprisngly illuminating!



Mars, the former ruler of Scorpio, will just have ingressed into Cancer, from where it will make a lovely water trine to the Moon, which will loom rather large on the eastern horizon, due to its proximity to the Earth. I rather suspect that the iput of the red planet here will serve to accelerate the pace at which situations occur or unfold.

italian fashion people woman

Add to this the fact that the Sun will be conjunct Uranus (more on which below), planet of sudden, lightning swift shifts and realisations, and we really could be talking about some seriously swift-moving – and perhaps rather unexpected turns of events. In some cases, given that the Sun and Moon are in opposition, we could even feel a little blindsided or caught off-guard.

Given that Mars will be placed in the Cancer – the sign of the Moon – such events could also make people feel a little raw and sensitive – this normally brash planet tends to get a little defensive and vulnerable when in this cardinal water sign.

Given that we have a Supermoon in the sign considered to be that of the Moon’s fall, it’s possible that some of us may feel a little uncomfortable – triggered even – by events that unfold now. However, as we will see when we get to the Lunar Face, this is all for the greater good – it has the potential to help us uncover hidden emotions, submerged truths or hidden parts of ourselves that may have been previously been obscured from view – rather like the Moon when she isn’t being illuminated by the Sun.


photo of monumental sculpture
Lord Shiva with the crescent moon on his crown, and the cobra of his beloved, Kundalini Shakti, around his neck. Notice the bindi, or power point, on his forehead, which has its counterpart in the lower abdomen or womb area

At the time of the full moon, the Sun will have ingressed into the sign of the Bull, beginning Taurus season. Joining him will be Mercury and Venus, both travelling quite close to their lord of light – and to each other. I can’t help but think of a king surrounded by his closest confidants – perhaps his mistress/lover (Venus) and adviser (Mercury).

And indeed, this metaphor seems apt, given the fixed star aspects activated by the Supermoon – as you ‘ll see when you scroll down, both of the stars making aspects to the Sun are associated with a royal couple: a confident and fertile ram king and his wise consort, Cassopeia.

To me, this image, together with the emphasis on the sacral chakra, strongly evokes the themes of tantra: the meeting of divine counterparts or the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, as depicted within the Vedic tradition as the sacred marriage of Shiva and Shakti. Given that Shiva is described as a cosmic ‘king’ and the ruler of concealment – a strong theme at this full moon (think of what a secretive sign Scorpio is and then check out the Sabian symbol for this particular degree of the Scorpion), I think it is possible that this earthy stellium and its transits to both Mars and the Moon, could hint at a kundalini awakening or inner tantric union for some.

Caduceus – the winged staff surrounded by serpents and carried by the healer-teacher-magician, Hermes Trismegistus in the Western esoteric and alchemical traditions

Scorpio, in and of itself, is a very healing energy. Combined with the energies of kundalini, as symbolised by the caduceus – the wand encircled by two serpents with wings – the emblem of magician-healers such as Hermes Trismegistus and the Archangel Raphael, and of the medical profession, we could indeed, perhaps expect miracle healings and energetic realignments, especially within the body, over the upcoming fortnight.

Add to the mix the paradigm shifting energy of Uranus, which will be conjunct the Taurus Sun, and we really could be talking about major frequency shifts within the forcefields/grids of the earth, or the electrical (nerve) systems in our bodies/auric fields.

It is also possible, given the Sabian symbol involved, that you may discover a hidden talent or healing ability during this period, perhaps quite by accident. Whatever occurs, could take you by surprise: even in stable and patient Taurus, we do have to remember that Uranus is still the planet of shocks and sudden developments.

Wheel of Fortune: Lunar Degree & Face

LUNAR degree: Sabian SYmBol

The Sabian symbol is a series of messages channelled by the medium, Elsie Wheeler, and interpreted by the astrologer, Marc Edmund Jones, during the course of one day in 1925. They give a set of symbols, word associations and images for each of the 360 degrees of the tropical zodiac. The duo believed that they had managed to tap into what Jones called ‘ancient mind matrix’ of the Sabian Brotherhood of ancient Mesopotamia – an occult sect from the city of Harran that was keen to preserve the original Chaldean traditions, centered around moon worship (the name Chaldean literally means ‘moon worshippers’), which underpinned the very earliest beginnings of astrology. This included talismanic or sympathetic magic, which Michael Baigent describes as “the magic whereby a deity’s power is attracted or coerced down to be concentrated into a physical object” using resonant symbols, metals, colours and numbers. We see this continued in texts such as the Picatrix – and later in the natural magic of Marsilio Ficino.

Mirroring, projections and reflections all seem to be a big theme at the Scorpio Supermoon. Unlike other large bodies of water, lakes are usually very still, and their mirror-like surfaces are perfect for reflecting the light of the moon, planet of instinct and emotion, so it’s possible that this particular two week moon phase could be quite revealing or illuminating, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Equally, lakes are often deep – just like the mysterious fixed water sign of Scorpio – which could point to situations that have hidden depths or to someone who is hard to read. Given that we are talking about a supermoon, which tends to turbo-charge what is already quite an intense time of the month, this particular waning moon cycle could push people to breaking point, leading to heartfelt confessions and/or psychological triggering, so be prepared and leave yourself a little breathing room if you are feeling a tad emotional or overwhelmed.

We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.

Anais Nin

However, the flip side of this image is that the moon and mirror-like lake could also look romantic and appealing, but actually turn out to be surprisngly superficial. So, in some cases, it’s possible that certain situations that seemed appealing and hold great potential, may in fact, turn out to be all ‘smoke and mirrors’. Much will depend upon which of the two malefics (Saturn and Mars) currently making contact with the Scorpio Supermoon are more prominent in your chart. For more information on these lunar aspects, visit the ‘Planets’ section above.

However, as James Burgess reminds us in his meditation on the lunar face of this particular Supermoon (below), this full moon could also be a time when buried or hidden treasure is revealed – what lurks beneath the surface could turn out to be even better than expected. Indeed, a big theme is ‘appearances are deceptive’, whether this is a loved one’s poker face when really, they are really struggling, like the swan on a lake that looks so peaceful, but is frantically peddling below the surface; or someone wearing a mask. In general, though, trust whatever comes to the surface – whatever has been buried, ignored or pushed out of view needs to be seen and acknowledged. Remember that the truth sets you free.


Rather than use the decans, which divide each zodiac sign into three, we will be zooming in 2X to look at what Marc Edmund Jones (who created the Sabian symbols) and Alan Leo – the father of modern horoscopic astrology – called a‘ demi-decan’ which in turn, has ties to the traditional astrological concept of planetary ‘face’. By way of analogy, think of it as being like the five-minute intervals we have on the face of a clock. Together with the Sabian symbol, which uses a channelled image to describe the nature of each individual degree of the zodiac wheel, I think that that this offers us a more in-depth snapshot of the ‘quality of time’ represented by each moon phase rather than simply looking at something as general as zodiac sign.

Exploration & Discovery

In 360 degrees of wisdom, James Burgess describes the nature of this particular demi-decan as follows:

grayscale photo of woman peeking on planks

SCORPIO 6 – 10
When what is said and what is true differ, then the foundation of our life is false and insecurity results, so a cautious person will test a situation to examine its truth fully. It is not entirely neurotic to goad another to find out how they react; such provocation may seem to lack good sense in the moment – but as a long term strategy it has some merit. It is only really possible fully to trust someone when you have had a set-to with them, and come out the other side with nothing more serious than hurt feelings and a bruised ego.

Life is a real treasure in both outer and inner aspects – the physical and the psychological – and each realm responds to our deeper exploration with pearls of wisdom and the certainty of personal evolution.

James Burgess

Exploration takes us into new areas of experience where we may find the need to mobilize hidden resources, and through this, we can uncover an innate creative genius that finds answers to all challenges. Whether they are to do with dealing elegantly with someone’s emotional process, or safely moving heavy objects from here to there, a careful, fail-safe attitude is useful.

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