Unlike previous years, the second eclipse season for 2008 will take place in August and not September. Just like in February, the solar and lunar eclipses will fall in the Leo-Aquarius axis of zodiac signs and so the theme of self-actualisation and individuation continues…

10 South Saros Series

As Bernadette Brady has made clear in her work in this area, every year there are two eclipse seasons, one of which originates from the North Pole; and the other, from the South Pole. The eclipse series active in August originated at the South Pole (versus the eclipse earlier in the year that originates at the North Pole) and so forms part of what she has named the 10 South Series or eclipse family. Brady associates this particular Saros cycle with the theme of breaking out of hopeless or negative situations where there is no room to manoeuvre or negotiate. She also suggests that in circumstances where people are worried about something, they might find that the problem suddenly clears up or a solution appears miraculously  – a gift from the Universe that she says should be taken up without hesitation.

Given that so many of us are finding global circumstances so gloomy, it is likely that money worries may be top of your list, so this could be good news! However, eclipses are always unpredictable and so I would advise people to remember the phrase: ‘Be careful what you wish for because it could come true!’ Only, with eclipses – not always in the way you expect it to…


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Eclipses occur when the path of the Moon and that of the Sun cross. These happen at points on the Moon’s axis known as Nodes. Every year, the Sun will first cross the Moon’s path at the North Node and then, six months later, at the South Node.

This particular set of eclipses occur at the South Node of the Moon’s axis and could be interpreted as less about us making conscious decisions to move towards our true purpose in life, and more about fate stepping in to get us out of ruts. In a natal chart, the South Node is considered to be an indicator of our comfort zone – where we feel confident and can therefore get stuck. Evolutionary astrologers might say that this is where our natural gifts and talents lie but also what we have already learnt or experienced in previous lives. To keep in this ‘safe’ or familiar zone is not to grow or to be challenged or stretched. ‘Better the Devil you know than the one you don’t’ could be the motto of someone who is stuck in a negative but familiar South Node mode of being.

The North Node, on the other hand is really about our life’s purpose. Very often this is the area of our lives where we feel least experienced or familiar. However, it is usually the very place that we need to focus on in order to learn new life lessons, have new life experiences and develop fresh skills. In Vedic or Indian astrology, the Nodes are very much associated with karma and destiny.

Evolutionary astrologers such as Jan Spiller suggest that the way to overcome any negative karma and fulfil your destiny is to follow the promptings of the North Node. Often this can be a daunting prospect. However, in my experience, as soon as you make a conscious decision to ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, and set out on a North Node adventure, guidance and unseen opportunities appear to come out of nowhere and work behind the scenes to aid you in fulfilling your intentions.

Of course, occasionally we can get stuck in a rut and then become unwilling to change or move on. This is where eclipses can come in and boot you out of ‘pause mode’ and get you back into action. And here we get back to the topic at hand: I suspect that South Series eclipses may be about just that – clearing out karma and giving you the kick in the rear-end that you need to let go of situations or circumstances that are stunting your growth and get you back on track and moving in the direction of fulfilling your real life’s purpose.

 Going back to the 10 South Series eclipse themes I mentioned earlier, it seems vital at this point that you feel in control of your life and not at the mercy of somebody else. This is especially true when it comes to situations or relationships that affect your ability to be yourself, to feel comfortable in your own skin and in the environment in which you find yourself. If you constantly feel that you have to defend your position, act out of character or overcompensate for a boss, friend or partner that doesn’t accept you the way you are, then it may be time to move on. The August eclipses could be the catalyst that aids you, directly or indirectly, in finding a better situation where you don’t feel like a square peg in a round hole.



Driving home this message from another quarter will be the asteroid Chiron, which conjuncts the Moon’s North Node between the 1st and the 10th of August, around the time of the solar eclipse. Chiron is the planet of the wounded teacher or healer and suggests that you could overcome your deepest pains (especially long-held childhood hurts) and in the process, learn to help others with a similar problem or discover your true passion or life’s work. The best way to sum up the energy of Chiron is this saying from Richard Bach: “You teach best what you most need to learn.”

Because Chiron is working so closely with the North Node at this time (and therefore in opposition to the Sun-Moon eclipse) I suspect that these eclipses may well bring with them a message about your soul’s mission or spiritual purpose in life. Destiny may be about to deliver you a wake-up call. The message may come in the form of a person that you meet who becomes a spiritual mentor or some wise words from a loved one.  It will definitely appear as something ‘other’ than yourself, given the opposition angle involved which is often associated with relationship. Keep an open heart and mind, watch out for synchronicities or repetitions of particular words, symbols or situations  – especially things that come in threes (Angela McGerr believes that this is the language of angels). Despite the possibility of emotional pain, this is a time when you can free yourself of psychological and spiritual baggage and become more in tune with the spiritual significance of your role on Moon  – your higher purpose.


Around the 16th of August, a lunar eclipse in Leo-Aquarius will take place. The Full Moon will be within 1 degree of the North Node, so if you missed the signs during the solar eclipse, they will now be flashing red lights at you. Emotionally, things could really come to a head now as far as how you feel you want to contribute to the world as an individual, or bring equality back to a situation that has swung too far over in one direction.

The proximity of the Moon to the North Node during this eclipse seems to signal that you should listen to any strong emotions or inner promptings that arise now – they could be messages from your spirit guide or higher self which provide you with the answers you need. Here you are being advised to listen to the wisdom of the heart and to follow the signs shown out in the world as they point you in a new direction.

Astronomically, this eclipse will be visible over Canada, Greenland and Siberia. This is because this Saros Series began on March the 10th in 1179 and has been moving slowly northward with each passing year.

Previous eclipses in this series during the 20th and 21st centuries occurred in: 1900, 1918, 1936, 1954, 1972, 1990.

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