Music, mastery and emotional resilience – these are all likely to be major themes at the Rose Moon Lunar Eclipse that takes place on 5 July 2020. This particular eclipse carries strong resonances with the January 2019 eclipse series, (Password: JanEclipse2019) so it is entirely possible that it may serve to close out situations or themes begun at around that time. This is the very last eclipse in the Cancer-Capricorn axis – from November, we move firmly into the Gemini-Sagittarius Saros series that will last until the end of 2021.

With the luminaries making aspects to both the fixed star, Vega as well as Chiron and Black Moon LIlith, this particular lunar eclipse is likely to evoke the healer/shaman/otherworldly musician archetype very strongly, along with sub-themes around wayshowing, shapeshifting, magic, mesmerism, animal instincts, seduction and sexual power.

Vega forms part of the constellaton of Lyra, which has strong Starseed affiliations. For this reason, I have chosen to do a small feature on David Bowie, who manages to embody both the Greek mythic qualities of Orpheus but also the archetype of the starman or alien – and happens to have Lyran starseed alignments in his chart!

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The July 5 lunar eclipse takes place at 14 degrees Capricorn – just one degree shy of solar eclipse that occurred at 14 degrees of the same sign back in January 2019.

Anyone who has planets or chart points close to the midway degrees (15 degrees) of the cardinal signs (i.e. Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) is bound to feel this eclipse more intensely than most other people.

A cardinal earth sign, the Goat is the polar opposite of Cancer. So rather than being emotional, touchy-feely, needy and nurturing, Capricorn is tough, self-reliant, steely, pragmatic and ambitious. Think of the strong, silent characters played by actors like Clint Eastwood (who also happens to have natal contacts to the fixed star, Vega, more on which below) and you get the picture.

Public vs Private

While Cancer is focused on belonging to heart-based or private family groups, Capricorn is all about our relationships with public groups and society – hence it’s association with business networking, roles in office, social status, public reputation, management/leadership responsibilities. You could say it is about ‘what’, rather than ‘who’ we are. In essence, it is about coming to terms with how to live in the material world and our encounters with the establishment.

Other key themes associated with Capricorn include:

  • Pragmatism, getting real, gain through pain
  • Economy, thrift, self-denial, long-term thinking
  • Work, career ambitions and public achievement
  • Self-discipline, mastering a skill, becoming an expert/authority
  • Fatherhood, retirement, death and old age
  • Cultivated habits, conscious behaviour, learned reactions
  • Financial security, protection of self, self-sufficiency

Ties to January 2019 Eclipses

The July lunar eclipse in Capricorn is likely to share strong resonances with the set of eclipses that took place at the beginning of 2019, particularly the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of 6 January 2019. I do revisit some of these in the section on the Fixed Stars below. For a recap of the themes prominent then, you can revisit my written forecast from that time. Alternatively, browse my eclipse chronology (pasword: EclipseLibrary) to view other key eclipses in the Cancer-Capricorn axes for clues as to ongoing personal themes.

Sabian Symbol

This eclipse occurs at 15th degree of Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

It is interesting to consider this Sabian symbol in relation to what has been happening around the world, but particularly in the UK and the US, with regards to the pulling down of statues. Statues are all about legacy – they are monuments to a particular version of the past. And as we all know, history is a tale usually written by the victors.

However, as is often the case when we have the kind of light/dark, hiding/revealing energy such as an eclipse, things may not turn out to be exactly as they seem…

As it turns out, this phrase was never ‘invented’ by Winston Churchill, the ‘war’ prime minister who, as it turns out, was perhaps a bit less of a ‘hero’ – and certainly not a very politically correct one – than most people assume. According to Matthew Phelan:

We have rewritten history to credit the saying to one of the 20th century’s greatest victors.

The History of “History is Written by the Victors”
Much of our astrological knowledge comes from cuneiform tablets produced in ancient Mesopotamia, so when it comes to carvings on stone, I think it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Source: Sixty centuries of health and physick.. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

As Lynda Hill shows us in the keywords above, this Sabian symbol is concerned with ancient words or images that have been ‘carved in stone’. And of course, stone is a substance strongly associated with the planet, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, in alchemy and magic. Stone is hard and built to last. But it is also cold and unyielding. Much like patriarchy or the establishment. Both of which are beginning to crumble under the weight of the tidal wave of opposition that seems to have been unleashed by the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, with it’s mutable T-square activation to warrior planet, Mars.

Here, I find that geology offers us some interesting insights into this particular phenomenon – for aside from erupting volcanoes (Pluto) and tectonic plate movements that lead to things like earthquakes (Uranus in Taurus, anyone?), it is water that seems to be the most effective at wearing down rock. Just think of how water erosion undermines seemingly solid surfaces like cliffs, carves out caves, or indeed, wears away the writings/carvings we find on ancient stone monuments such as the Sphinx at Giza, for example. All without putting up massive resistance or making a big fuss. Interesting then, that statues began coming down and legacies/storylines questioned while Mars was in subversive Pisces…

At any rate, this Sabian symbol I think is a signal to us that this particular Lunar Eclipse is, on some level, marking the end of a particular set of narratives or ways of doing things. Which is incredibly symmetrical if we consider it in relation to the Sabian symbol of the degree of the preceding Cancer solar eclipse, which was all about new beginnings and a changing of the guard.

Of course, not ALL ancient knowledge is corrupted or useless – look at astrology, for example, which has been handed down to us by the ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Greeks. So I think the key thing at this lunar eclipse will be to exercise discernment and discrimination about what histories/legacies you feel you resonate with, and want to align yourself to; and which have outworn their sell-by date.

Astrological chart

Key Aspects

Moon trine Uranus

At the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the Moon will be making an unusual earth trine to revolutionary Uranus, the planet most keenly associated with ‘woke’ culture. It’s tendency to shock and awe, and of sometimes rude awakenings, is a characteristic that it shares in common with eclipses, especially solar eclipses that have strong cardinal signatures or involve hard aspects.

Since 2018, Uranus has been leading a quiet revolution in the diet, wellness and environmental sectors, drawing people’s attention to the unsustainable way in which we grow, produce and consume food, as well as the impact of our consumer-style lifestyle on the planet.

Thanks to COVID-19, which has in large part, drawn our attention to the levels of pollution in our air, soil and water – as well as the important role that diet and outdoor living play in keeping us healthy, via the mind -body connection and the relationship between bacteria, food and our immune system (the microbiome) – I think we are now more open to adopting greener technologies and alternative forms of agriculture and ways of living offered by visionaries such as Zach Bush.

On a personal level, this particular aspect is likely to result in deep perception shifts within the heart and the emotional body, although how or where these manifest will depend to a large degree, on where these placements occur in your natal chart. A good place to start are my July eclipse geoscopes, which look at this aspect from the perspective of all 12 zodiac signs, so if you know what your Rising Sign is, they will give you a strong indication of where these shifts are likely to occur.

Fixed Stars & Starseed Activations

Sirius & the Sun – Shining Brightly

Continuing the theme begun at the Solstice Solar Eclipse, the Sun will take the place of Mercury, making a alignment with Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy and associated with both brilliance and honours. For a recap, watch my IGTV cosmic weather forecast on key Starseed alignments during the June-July 2020 eclipses. A summary has been provided in the graphic below.

Vega & the Lyre of Orpheus

At the time of the eclipse, the Moon will be conjunct the fixed star VEGA, which is one of the Alpha stars in the constellation of Lyra (the harp of Orpheus). In addition to the archetype of the magician/shaman/musician this conjures up, it is also key for Starseeds, particularly those who identify strongly with Lyran energy.

According to Vivian Robson, Ptolemy considered Vega to be a fortunate star of the nature of Venus and Mercury which confers luck in politics and artistic talents, qualities we see in people like Michelangelo (who had his natal Venus conjunct Vega) and the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright (Pluto with Vega). However, it does also have a dark side and indeed, some of these traits can also be found in persuasive and charismatic but shadowy figures from history such as Franco, the dominating Spanish counterpart to Italy’s Mussolini and Germany’s Hitler (Saturn with Vega).

However, rather than recap what I have already written in my January 2019 forecast, I have chosen instead to focus on the figure of David Bowie for a minute. Not only is he a good example of what some consider to be a modern-day Orpheus given his musical talent and almost shamanic ability to shapeshift into different personas and weave together storyline and song in a unique and mesmerising way; but thanks to his Ziggy Stardust persona and his androgyny, he also embodies that otherworldly – some might say alien – quality which makes him the perfect ‘hybrid’ of old and new expressions of Lyran energy.

Star People: Lyra, David Bowie and Lyran Starseeds

David Bowie as the starman – both alien and astronaut – Ziggy Stardust

Anyone who has watched or read a biography of Bowie knows that he led quite a hedonistic, libertarian lifestyle, particularly in his youth; and that he was something of a wayshower or pioneer when it came to developing new musical genres or experimenting with different instruments, approaches, subject matter. He was also very charismatic, enjoyed ‘wine, woman and song’ (although he certainly was very gender-fluid too); and he also loved to travel, moving first from the UK to Berlin and then later to New York. All of which happen to be characteristic of Lyran starseeds. Have a look at the classic Lyran Starseed traits in my graphic below and you will see what I mean.

Chief traits of Lyran Starseeds. (Source: The Starseed Compass)

What’s fascinating is that astrologically, Bowie does have some strong Starseed signatures linked to Lyra in his natal chart. These include his Sun-Mars conjunction in Capricorn, which are located just a few degrees away from an exact alignment to Vega, the alpha star in the Lyran constellation.

Past Precedent

Looking back at the last two millennia, this group of eclipses (Van Den Berg 149 saros series) first began on 23 January 1917 and then repeated in Feb 1935, 1953 and 1971; June 1984; March 1989, June 2002; and March 2007.

Geographical position

This particular eclipse occurs will be visible from western Europe, most of Africa, Canada and the America’s. NASA have produced a detailed account for skywatchers, with tips on what to look out for.

An interactive map of the eclipse path can be found at Time and

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