NEW Moon in SAGITTARiUS, 4 Dec 2021, 07h43 GMT

December’s Sagittarius New Moon is the very last eclipse of 2021. In many ways, this soli-lunar event has a two-fold purpose: to free us from old self-defeating patterns that may have been plaguing us since 2003, but also to orient us firmly towards the future, as we prepare to welcome in a brand new six month cycle that will propel us into the first half of 2022.

In many ways, this eclipse promises to be a very upbeat and positive affair, taking place as it does during the traditionally festive Sagittarius season, and in a saros family that Bernadette Brady describes as very joyful and happy. Events associated with this eclipse are likely to be beneficial and their effects are likely to continue long after the cosmic event itself has passed.

A passionate and intense sextile between love planets, Venus & Mars, together with alchemical Pluto, also points to major shifts and transformative experiences in the areas of love, sex, beauty, creativity, physical health, personal power and finances.


This solar eclipse shares many overlaps with the Nov 2021 Taurus lunar eclipse, continuing themes such as revelation and wake-up calls, the healing of sexual wounds and the healing power of love. The angel number 222 may be significant during this time. In fact, there’s a lot in this eclipse around divine inspiration and becoming a vessel for spirit – something I explore in relation to Sagittarius and the Greek word, ‘enthousiasmos’ in my videocast (watch it below).

Saros Cycle

This particular eclipse forms part of Brady’s 5 New South saros series which she describes as being very positive and joyful in nature and associated with peak psychological experiences such as falling in love. There may also be thematic ties to previous eclipses in the series, which occurred in 1913, 1931, 1949, 1967, 1985, and 2003.


On an individual level, this is a great time to press the reset button and set intentions or resolutions for the coming new year. The chart below should aid you to identify the life area where you stand to benefit most from beginning a new six month phase, project or personal cycle. For best results, look for your rising sign or Ascendant.

If you’d like to explore these themes specifically in relation to your particular sign, then consider upgrading your membership (DETAILS BELOW)so that you have access to the six month forecasts I have created for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Sabian Symbol

Much like the paradox of a solar eclipse taking place close to the south node, the Sabian symbol for the Sagittarius New Moon focuses on the past, and on the nature of time. If we believe quantum physics about the relative nature of time, and move beyond Newtonian ideas about linearity or the so-called ‘myth of progress’, then we open ourselves up to the possibility that the past can be rewritten, and that the future is not always an improvement on history.

Indeed, as David Didau has observed, even physics tells us that the notion of continual forward movement is flawed:

Our implicit belief in progress hoodwinks us into accepting that results should always be improving and things can only get better. We only have to remember the second law of thermodynamics: everything moves inexorably towards entropy and chaos…. Any temporary sense of progress is but a beguiling illusion, just another self-interested meme that replicates as it passes from mind to mind.

David Didau

In this sense, we are revisiting the idea of second chances or redemption, perhaps at a point in time when we thought it was too late, or there was no hope of things ever improving. However, as Didau argues, perhaps the only reason we believed this was because we assumed that progress, evolution or growth only happens in straight lines?

Progress is, if anything, halting, frustrating and surprising. Learning is better seen as integrative, transformative, and reconstitutive – the linear metaphor in terms of movement from A to B is unhelpful. The learner doesn’t go anywhere but develops a different relationship with what they know.

David Didau

According to James Burgess, the secret to understanding this particular Sabian symbol lies in embracing failure and our own human frailty. For him, it is ‘Only when we integrate both failure and accomplishments do we gain true empathy.’

Fixed Stars

At the Sagittarius solar eclipse, the luminaries will be located close to both the Part of Fortune amongst the fixed stars of Scorpio in the sidereal zodiac. As I mentioned in my previous forecasts during the run-up to the final eclipses of 2020, the centaur, Sagittarius was thought by some to be aiming his bow and arrow at the either the galactic centre (which contains a black hole called Sagittarius A) or the heart of the Scorpion, which is represented by the fixed star, Antares.

Reflecting the themes of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse, as well as the very positive sextile between Venus, Pluto and Mars happening at this eclipse, it seems to indicate a time of personal realizations and pivot points when we are finally able to come unstuck, or free ourselves from emotional drama and sub-conscious behavioural patterns that might have been disempowering us in some way.

Find out more in my videocast (below).


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