Full Moon in Sagittarius, 5 June 2020, 20h12 BST

June’s Full Moon may not be a Supermoon – but it is a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, which signals larger than life responses, reactions and conclusions. Whether you are celebrating a graduation, putting the final touches to a course, educational project or trip itinerary, the mood is very much = EXTRA. When it comes to how matters begun at the Gemini Full Moon, expect culimnations or conclusions with ‘bells on’, as the English like to say.

Unfortunately, with the luminaries making a t-square to Mars in Pisces, there is also the potential for some drama and conflict, possibly on the passive aggressive end of the scale.

With a retrograde Venus travelling close to the Sun, this is most likely to involve an unresolved or ongoing issue linked to romance, finances or a creative collaboration. If so, you may want to watch my Venus Retrograde video for more relationship-oriented advice.

Sagittarius Full Moon Themes

At this particular lunar eclipse, we are not just bringing to a culmination activities begun at the Gemini New Moon in May, but also bringing to a close several other more long term soli-lunar cycles. Psychological patterns, family dynamics, hard-wired habits and emotional situations with ties to either the last six or 12 months are also likely to resolve themselves or reach their natural conclusion over the next two weeks as the Moon enters her waning phase. Look back to the 2019 Sagittarius Full Moon for clues – there may well be resonances with what occurs now.

  • Reaching the climax or end of a personal chapter or period of expansion
  • Balancing faith and reason
  • A need to be more honest and straightforward in close relationships
  • Celebrating an educational or spiritual achievement of some kind
  • Seeing the bigger picture: replacing facts and figures with big-picture thinking and putting personal/local thoughts or beliefs into a wider context
  • A strong desire for adventure, expansion and/or travel/cultural exchange
  • Practising emotional discernment and detachment, especially when it comes to what triggers us emotionally
  • Processing or integrating key life lessons around the meaning – the ‘Why?’ behind certain situations of the heart
  • Deriving a sense of meaning or purpose from participating in/contributing to something larger than ourselves

Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses, which occur at the Full Moon, tend to bring matters to a dramatic head or swift conclusion but are predominantly internal, rather than external events. Usually, though, they tend to manifest in the form of psychological crises or sub-conscious triggers that prompt you to come to a decision or take action in relation to any relationship, psychological dynamic or situation that has reached its sell-by date. However, they can also tap into momentum that may be gathering as a result of shifts in the collective ‘herd mentality’ – the instinctive ‘hive mind’ which we often witness in action on social media or in stock market crashes.

Additional Factors: Aspects & Moon Condition

Sagittarius Moon: Over-enthusiasm

It’s far to say that Full Moons in fire signs can lead to an excess of emotion. As a mutable sign ruled by confident and expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius doesn’t always know its own limits, which can lead to fanaticism, hysteria, mania, OTT outbursts etc…Given that this is a Full Moon AND a lunar eclipse, we are looking at some fairly BIG energy, so it is entirely possible that our emotional reactions to situations may be totally out of proportion to the trigger itself. The key will be a certain degree of detachment – something that the Sun and Venus in airy Gemini will be attempting to remind us of. However, the luminaries will be making a T-square to Mars in Pisces, which can have issues around the containment of anger and aggression, so it is entirely possible that practising emotional containment over the next two weeks could be quite a tall order. See more in the ‘Aspects’ section below.

Luminaries: T-Square to Mars: Fools Rush in

The overriding themes for this year’s Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse are the need to exercise good judgement and emotional restraint. In particular, do not believe everything you read or hear – taking things at face value could lead to a whole lot of unnecessary trouble and strife. Here, the themes of the June 2019 Jupiter-Neptune square, with its emphasis on inflated opinions, cognitive distortions, spiritual delusions, fake positivity, false gurus and naive optimism may well be pertinent now. This is because the luminaries will be making a T-square to Mars in Pisces. This rather sneaky aspect could lead to aggression or poor decisions borne from foggy thinking, passive aggressive behaviour or even covert attempts to undermine/manipulate the predominant narrative around a particular issue, especially if it carries a high emotional charge, such as, for example, the George Floyd tragedy.

We need to be very careful to avoid jumping to hasty conclusions or adding fuel to the flames by saying or doing something that hasn’t been carefully thought through. Which is one of the reasons why I cover it in every reading that I did for this month’s video forecasts.

Venus in Gemini square Mars in Pisces: Love vs Strife

Venus, currently retrograde, will also feature strongly. The planet of love, self-worth, creativity and money will be travelling very close to the Sun, from where she too will make a square to Mars in Pisces. In fact, this square perfects a few days prior to the eclipse, so will still be very active by the time we get to the Full Moon. This could stir up a hornet’s nest of problems within the context of relationships, especially if they involve unresolved matters from the past. With Mars in Pisces and Neptune very close by, there is likely to be a lot of confusion and fuzziness around key issues – a fact that isn’t likely to clear up terribly quickly, especially given that Mercury will turn retrograde later in June.

The key to resolving things – and maintaining your sanity – is to ask a lot of questions and insist that people be clear about their intentions and upfront with regards to the true nature of their offers/proposals – otherwise you could find yourself back at the same place you were in May when Venus squared Neptune twice. Remember: she still has another square to go, so when it comes to addictive behaviour, over-spending, numbing out, or wearing rose-coloured specs about deception, dishonesty or toxic relationships. Instead, it will be important to see this as an opportunity to overcome co-dependency issues and learn to stand in your sovereignty – thus avoiding the many problems that come from over-reliance on external validation and support in order to feel happy and fulfilled.

Watch my extended Venus retrograde video to find out more about how this is likely to play out in money and relationships over the next two months.

Sabian Symbol


16th Degree of Sagittarius: Spirit is ever alert to fulfil its desire nature (James Burgess)

Keywords: Observation and alertness: taking in the facts before making a decision. Doing a reconaissance mission/scouting things out.Issues of dependence/co-dependence. Being opportunistic. Settling for scraps. Leftovers. The rewards and pitfalls of “meal tickets”. Issues of social security. The homeless.

The Caution: Waiting for scraps that may not even be worth it or may never come. Losing the opportunity to care for one’s self in an independent manner. Giving away one’s power. Being opportunistic at the expense of others. Being ripped off. People “kissing and running”. Users and abusers. Having satellites. Hovering for scraps.

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