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October is all about a balanced approach to passion, attitude and action. After the confusion, hold-ups and apathy of September, it’s time to pick up where we left off before Mercury went retrograde. This means making some key decisions  – and then carefully acting on them, whilst side-stepping a fair amount of messiness and chaos ! Aiding us in these undertakings will be Mercury and Mars, who will be joined by powerful Pluto, now firmly traveling in forward motion, and sensible Saturn, both of which should provide the determination, focus, gravitas and common needed to help us navigate any obstacles in the road ahead.

Of course it’s not all work and no play. With Venus sizzling in sultry Scorpio for most of October,  together with a New Moon in Libra and some fabulous Jupiter & Neptune transits to look forward to, there should be plenty of drama, romance and passion on offer this month! Add to that Mercury’s hectic itinerary of planetary contacts, and it’s fair to say that we’re in for a busy month, especially socially!

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into this month’s Astro-Insights forecast! For a summary of the cosmic weather for October, scroll down to my Monthly Skylights chart.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LIBRA – 01 October 2016, 01h11 BST

The month begins with a New Moon in relationship sign, Libra in the early hours (01h10 BST) of October the 1st. A new phase is beginning in love, art and legal matters – one that gets an extra boost of luck and expansion from the two benefics. Lucky Jupiter will be orbiting close to the Sun and Moon at the time of their sacred marriage; while alluring Venus in Scorpio will be hooking up with sensitive Neptune in water signs – an aspect that in and of itself, is designed to help make romantic and creative dreams come true. Wow!

My advice: Use this cosmic ‘power moment’ to set new intentions for the coming month and invite the Universe to help you re-imagine your relationships and invite more fairness, pleasure, love, romance, laughter, peace, balance and magic into your life.

As anyone in esoteric world will tell you, New Moons are like powerful seed moments: At this time of the month, goals and wishes take root and receive an added charge of cosmic energy, so use this time to formulate and give voice to your desires or wishes – even if just by writing them down in a journal – you may be surprised at how the cosmos will conspire with you to open unseen doors and assist you in manifesting what you want.

In the words of Marsilio Ficino:

“Do nothing without the favor of the Moon, since she conveys heavenly things generally, frequently, and easily to things below. ” (Liber De Vitae, Book III)

So if you can, put aside mundane chores on the new Moon weekend and just allow yourself to daydream a little – this is one of those magical times designed to help feed our souls. Music will be especially hypnotic and moving now: Use it to guide your imagination and look for any signs during what promises to be an enchanted time.

Sabian Symbol


Great art, poetry and literature reflect universal truths about life, and can help bring about realisations concerning one’s own personal situation. That is why masterpieces continue to appeal across generations – like myths and legends, they form part of a tradition of wisdom and truth that transcends fads and fashions, and raises age old themes that speak to us about the human condition.

When a piece of art or music moves us, it is because it resonates with something in our soul, its symbols bypassing the intellect, with its tendency to analyse and dissect, and communicating directly with our very being, in what Henry Corbin called ‘the language of the heart’. James Hillman, a disciple of Corbin’s, wrote that ‘the heart is the seat of imagination.’ I would go further and quote Floubert, who wrote that ‘imagination is the eye of the soul’ – and it is this eye that is likely to be awakened at the New Moon when Venus trines poetic Neptune and the Sun and Moon do their sacred alchemical dance.

Given the connection to images, traditions and the world of symbols, it seems appropriate to take a leaf from the many ancient pagan and magical traditions that celebrate the New Moon and try out a New Moon ritual of your own, whether this be meditating on an image or symbol, writing in your journal or performing a small ceremony. You may be amazed at what you discover! For tips on how to go about this, try this web article as a starting point:

FULL MOON IN ARIES – 16 Oct 2016, 05h23 BST

With so much emphasis on ‘we’, thanks to the glut of Libra energy around this month, it can sometimes get a little tricky to find time for ‘little old me’. In fact, the frustration could really build up to unbearable proportions by mid-month, leading to a volcanic release of steam. At the Full Moon in Aries when emotions tend to run high anyway,  Mercury will also clash with Pluto  – as result, thoughts could get really dark; and conversations, heavy.

The antidote to such intense, angry energy is to set aside some ‘me’ time and resolve to be honest about your needs or feelings in a way that is direct but not hurtful BEFORE you reach boiling point. You may also want to accept that although things may get pretty volatile internally, this may just be a passing storm, and so even though you may feel very strongly in the heat of the moment, you might want to think twice before inflicting your venom/emotional chaos/paranoid diatribe on some poor, unsuspecting person when tomorrow, you may feel completely differently about the situation.

Another constructive way to vent any pent up energy may be to do some strenuous exercise – this will focus the mind and keep it from dwelling on unhealthy subjects or indulging in obsessive thinking, whilst tiring out the body so that you don’t feel so angry or restless.

Sabian Symbol


Given last month’s New Moon and the emphasis on intention setting, it is interesting that the Sabian symbol associated with this particular Full Moon concerns the manifestation of thoughts, wishes and intentions. The wind could be seen as a symbol of thoughts, wishes or visualisations that are about to take form and ‘become things’ in the material world, as the net curtain suggests by taking the shape of the horn of plenty.

According to the Sabian Oracle:

Quite possibly something is coming that has many promises. What actually arrives on your doorstep may or may not be exactly what was wished for, but it is very likely to be somehow rewarding. How wonderful and yet surprising would it be if what you wanted actually did manifest? This could be a time of the realization and enjoyment of layers of spiritual nourishment.

Wow! Now isn’t this a FAR better expression of Full Moon energy than stamping around like one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters?

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – 30 October 2016, 17h38 GMT

October blesses us with not just one, but two New Moons. According to news reports, this is known as a Black Moon (Blue Moons being used to signify two Full Moons in one month) but this is news to us astrologers because we know that the lunar cycle and our calendar don’t always sync up properly. Still, it is a rather cool way to describe this month’s second new Moon in hypnotic and magnetic Scorpio! So I’ll stick with it just this once.

This particular New Moon is fascinating in that it not only conjures up all the usual Scorpio themes of listening to your intuition, tuning in to the sub-text between people and learning to sense atmospheres, but it also has an added dimension of otherworldiness about it, thanks to it’s proximity to Halloween (a time when the veils between worlds are traditionally thin) and the involvement of Mercury, which will be hovering nearby and making a trine to magical Neptune. As a result, you may find yourself able to perceive things far beyond your usual capabilities, if you listen closely enough. If you’re keen to develop psychic abilities, then this is the New Moon for you!

Sabian Symbolism


What a wonderful image and how appropriate! The notion of the Moon’s light being reflected in a lake conjures up an image of scrying – a divinatory practice carried out by prophets like Nostradamus and most recently popularised in films such as Lord of the Rings – in which one attempts to see the future in a pool of water, crystal ball or mirror. This image is clearly an injunction to practise some mindfulness and attune your senses to pick up more than you may consciously be aware of.This is definitely ‘seeing’ with the mind’s eye or the imagination, rather than any use of the usual five senses!

Lynda Hill offers us her interpretation of this particular oracle symbol:

The image of the ‘Silvery Moon’ or a ‘Lake’ is very much like that of a mirror. What is it about your situation that may need more “reflection”? Is there a need to really take a good, close look inside yourself or another?… It may be wise to remember that still waters run deep and things may not be as they seem on the surface. This image can bring beauty into your life and the need to remember the grace of nature. It’s an opportunity to quietly reflect on the feminine aspects of your life and feel the gentle warmth of the Goddess.

Solar Phase

SUN INTO SCORPIO – 23 October 2016

On October 23 the Sun enters passionate and mysterious Scorpio. This kick starts a month long cycle in which matters concerning sex, death, legacies, tax, the use or abuse of power, and recycling or regeneration are likely to become prominent.

Use the next four weeks to pursue personal projects or business activities involving recycled materials, antique restoration, in-depth research, archaeology, history, psychotherapy, secret activities or underground facilities, mining or crime fighting. Surgery, healing and medical procedures are also well-starred under this transit.

Wherever possible, don’t take anything at face value – instead probe for clues as to people’s real motivations, listen to their tone for sub-text, ask questions about a situation from all interested parties and look for any hidden meaning or missing facts within written material. If there’s a personal mystery to solve or some research to be done, this is an excellent time to turn detective!

Spending some time alone pondering the deep mysteries of life – rather like The Hermit – is another excellent way to tap into this profound and strangely mesmerising energy.

Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for October 2016. Use the key of cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind


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