Full Moon in Gemini, 30 Nov 2020, 09h30 GMT

Much like it’s twin, the June Strawberry Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, November’s Beaver Full Moon is the very last lunar eclipse of 2020. In many ways, this soli-lunar event serves as a cosmic bridge, connecting us to both past (the last six months) and future (2021 and beyond), helping us to finally get clarity on situations or conundrums that may have been eluding us since June, but also laying the groundwork for 2020’s dramatic finale – the December solar eclipse in Sagittarius. In many ways, this marks the true start to 2021, so it is imperative that we use the two week period of this waning moon cycle to:

  • Clear out psychic and karmic clutter: Resolve and make peace with situations, patterns or issues around conflict, protest, self-assertion and willpower raised at the June 2020 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
  • Direct our gaze forwards – towards 2020’s final eclipse – a total solar eclipse, also in Sagittarius, which kickstarts a brand new six month cycle that’ll take us into the first half of 2021. So ideally, we want to be clear about our new year’s resolutions by mid-December, so that we are ready to plant seeds and set intentions on December 14 at the Sagittarius New Moon.

Thanks to Chiron contacts (see the ASPECTS) section and a newly-direct Neptune, we are also being given a chance to close out karmic cycles and heal ancient wounds linked to distorted patterns of masculinity (dominance and aggression) and spirituality (victimhood and self-sacrifice), as well as clear up any misunderstandings, arguments or confusion created at the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse in June, when Mars & Neptune formed a T-square to the luminaries. Find out more in my short videos in the sections below.

This eclipse is also providing us with opportunities to heal relationship wounds and love addictions brought to our attention during Venus retrograde, especially around the Gemini New Moon in May 2020, with its emphasis on conflict and miscommunication; as well as the Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse, which featured a Venus-Mars square (see the section on Love vs Strife).

The good news that as we move into Sagittarius season, and the corridor of this lunar eclipse (which lasts for at least the duration of the waning moon cycle), we also head into a much more harmonious period with regards to love, money and creativity. This is thanks, in large part, to the ingress of Venus into sultry Scorpio on Nov 21, from where she will make some truly incredible aspects to the other planets in the lead-up to – and including – the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on December the 14th. Now that IS good news!

Gemini Full Moon Themes

At this particular lunar eclipse, we are not just bringing to a culmination activities begun at the Gemini New Moon in May, with its emphasis on the battle of the sexes (the square between Venus and Mars-Neptune) but also providing an opportunity to continue healing distorted masculine energies (our inner animus) – something highlighted back in June by the astrology (the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, as well as several key fixed star activations). This work now continues via the aspects of Neptune and Chiron to both the nodes and luminaries – something I discuss at length in my videocast for the 2020 Beaver Moon Eclipse, but also touch on in the Fixed Star and Aspects sections below.

On an individual level, this is also a great time to gain greater clarity on emotional/sub-conscious patterns or situations that may have confounded you during Neptune’s 2020 retrograde spell. The chart below should help you to gain some insights into which life areas these are likely to touch on. Bear in mind that this is a full moon, so find the sign of your ascendant (rising sign) and then read it in conjunction with it’s corresponding pair in the table opposite to ensure you get a sense of what the Sun (Sagitarius) and Moon (Gemini) may be helping you bring back into balance.

Sabian Symbol

Just as we saw at the Scorpio New Moon, the Sabian symbol for the Beaver Moon Eclipse once again alludes to the centaur. Rather than the constellation of Centaurus, however, this particular degree seems to refer to the Archer i.e. Sagittarius.

With it’s emphasis on archery – the bow and arrow that point us towards the future – I see this Sabian symbol as a prompt, shifting our focus forward towards 2021 and asking us to formulate our plans and resolutions for the new year. In fact, this is the ideal time to decide what we want to put to rest and leave in 2020 and what seeds we want to plant at the Sagittarius New Moon eclipse on December 14th, which marks the beginning of a brand new six month cycle that will take us into the first half of 2021.

In fact, as I discuss in this short video, I also see this emphasis on centaur symbolism as emblematic of the advent of a new type of leader epitomised in someone like Joe Biden who, in many ways, embodies the archetype of the Grail King or, in astrological terms, Chiron, the wounded healer who has learned to turn pain into pain, and wounds into wisdom. With Sagittarius rising and his Sun and Mercury conjunct Centaurus, he stands in stark contrast to Trump, a Sun Gemini, with his Leo Ascendant and Mars rising, who in many ways represents the old paradigm of patriarchy that we are all moving away from.

Given the healing trines between Chiron and the luminaries that happen during this particular eclipse (see below), I also see this two week spell as offering us a chance to heal distorted masculine archetypes and move into an era of much more empathetic and compassionate male role mole models – something we saw played out in last month’s election. (More on this below and in my Scorpio New Moon forecast)

Fixed Stars

In a repeat of the 2020 Venus retrograde and the astrology active around the June Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Orion Alignment), the north node in Gemini will contact Bellatrix in the constellation of Orion. This is likely to raise the spectre of warfare on all levels, including the battle of the sexes.

Find out more about the themes raised by Bellatrix in this short video:

According to Jamie Partridge:

The name Bellatrix comes from the Latin bellātrix, meaning “female warrior.” The name was first mentioned in the works of the 9th century Persian astronomer Abu Maʿshar and their translations from Arabic into Castilian by John of Seville in the 12th century. In Abu Ma’shar’s writings, the name applied to Capella, but was switched to Gamma Orionis by the Vienna school of astronomers in the 15th century and it stuck. It appeared in the subsequent reprints of the Alfonsine Tables.

Star Facts

Interestingly, many cultures of Mesopotamia saw Bellatrix along with Betelgeuse and Meissa, as the Constellation of the King, or Kakkab Sar, which was believed to bring good fortune, wealth, and military honours.

Saros Cycle

This particular eclipse does not have a Brady saros series (she only assigned those to solar eclipses). But in Van Den Berg terms, this eclipse forms part of Van Den Berg Saros series 116, which occurred in 1912, 1917, 1930, 1935, 1948, 1953, 1966, 1971, 1984, and 2002.

I noted with interest the many connections to years associated with major world events such as the Great Depression (1930), WWII (1948), and the year the US dollar fully untethered from the gold standard (1971) which happened in Gemini season – 5 June 1971, to be precise – the first step having been taken by FDR on Jun 5 1933 in an attempt to get the economy moving again after the depression – it led to the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 when only the government – and not private individuals – retained the right to own and store gold. (We sometimes forget the Mercury is also the planet of commerce and monetary exchanges…) And in January 1984, the very first Apple Macintosh went on sale. We live in interesting times…

The Truth Matters: Fake News, Propaganda & Post Truth Politics

With a newly-direct Neptune also making a T-square to the nodal axis at very similar degrees to the mutable T-square formed by Mars & Neptune to the luminaries back in June at the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, expect karmic situations around misinformation/disinformation such as propaganda and fake news, as well as the prospect of wars or protests, to rear their ugly heads again. More than likely, these may centre around defending or upholding an ideal or religious belief, however illusory, or be based on fabrications, deception and lies, thanks to the involvement of Neptune.

In an echo of that troubling and confusing energy that led to so much unrest and distraction back in June, Neptune will form a mutable T-square with the lunar nodes – at virtually the same zodiacal degrees as those activated by the T-square between Mars, Neptune and luminaries back at the June lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.

Links to 2002

Think about the ‘sexed-up’ September dossier that Bush and Blair used to justify their war on Iraq in 2003. Published in the autumn of 2002, which, incidentally, is the last time we had a pair of eclipses in Gemini-Sagittarius in the VERY SAME SAROS FAMILIES (Van Den Burg 111 and 116). This also involved the media (Gemini) – the BBC’s Andrew Gilligan interviewed a whistle-blower from the MOD named David Kelley, who later went on to commit suicide after the reporter was forced to name his source after giving evidence to a parliamentary committee who was investigating the so-called ’45 minute claim’ made by Tony Blair to a specially-recalled parliament to gain consent for military action in 2003 – a ‘fact’ that later turned out to be dubious and highly exaggerated. (Interestingly, Tony Blair has Bellatrix in his first house from where it trines his natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction = spin, the precursor to the era of post-truth politics).

Although I largely see this as an opportunity to regain perspective – a big theme at the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse in June – particularly around the role that fake news and some of the more out-there conspiracy theories played in fomenting both the protests and civil unrest we saw back in June and July, as well as the polarisation we saw in America during the lead-up to the November elections.

However, I do also worry about what mischief Trump will cause during his last stint in office – his unpredictable and volatile natal Sun-Uranus conjunction sits right amongst the stars of Orion, very close to Bellatrix. In fact, Bellatrix sits slap bang on top of Trump’s North Node in Gemini, suggesting karmic lessons around identity, self-confidence and perhaps also how he handles strong women with sharp tongues…As I wrote earlier this year, though, solar alignments with Bellatrix/Orion can potentially point to war and conflict or ego struggles. At the time of writing this forecast, there were already media reports citing concerns that he may try and start a war with Iran before leaving office in January – essentially picking up where he left off at the mid-terms in 2018. In my view, this would be a blatant attempt to ‘wag the dog’ – to use a military ‘win’ like a political football to distract from his loss at the polls and score points/improve his ‘optics’ with the American people. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to close out this 18-19 year cycle at the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

Key Aspects

Sun & Moon sextile/trine Chiron

At this lunar eclipse, a harmonious set of aspects between the luminaries to a retrograde Chiron in Aries, suggests an opportunity to heal past wounds or hurts, perhaps stemming from violence, abuse or conflict. Hopefully this will help to counteract some of that more troubling and confusing energy created by the Neptune T-square (see the Saros Series inset above) to the nodes.

On an archetypal level, this aspect set also presents us with a chance to heal distorted masculine energy – something I introduced in my extended Venus retrograde video and which Zach Bush recently echoed on Instagram in relation to a discussion he had with Pachamama’s Lynne Twist in the build-up to the Global Community Gathering on Nov 19. In essence, he called for a ‘metamorphosis’ out of the ‘immature masculine paradigm’ when it comes to the way we design our societies and economies, particularly our relationship to nature.

Below is my personal take on how the Chiron and Neptune aspects at this lunar eclipse have the potential to heal distorted masculine energies.

Mercury-Saturn sextile

Mercury will be very prominent at this Gemini Lunar Eclipse – not just because it rules the sign of the eclipsed Moon, but also because it will be making a key transit of its own – a stablising sextile to Saturn, still in pragmatic Capricorn. This should really help to calm and stabilise thought and speech processes, ground the mental body and help us to make sensible, logic-based decisions.

A great antidote, in many ways, to the somewhat volatile mutable energies of Gemini-Sagittarius, especially when we add in the potentially confusing/deceptive mutable T-square to Neptune which can have a destabilising effect if left unchecked.

Wondering how the Beaver Moon Eclipse will affect you personally? Find out with my personalised video forecasts and geoscopes – for all 12 sun signs! Alternatively, watch them on YouTube.

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