Get Ready for Chiron in Aries

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After dipping its toes briefly into Aries for several months last April, Chiron finally ingress into Aries full time today, where it will remain for the next 7-9 years. At first this cosmic shift may be imperceptible due to all the Piscean/Neptunian energy around at the moment, thanks to the influx of Mercury and the Sun into Pisces and transits between Neptune and personal planets, Venus and Mercury.

Shift in Emphasis for Healers & Therapists

However, once we get to the Spring Equinox, we will begin to notice a change in the wellness/health/wellbeing landscape. We’re entering fresh territory with regards to healing and energy medicine. Expect to see the advent of pioneering techniques involving heat, fire or light, or which focus on the muscular systems of the bodybetween now and 2017. Exercise as a form of therapeutic medicine, both psychologically and physically, is also likely to grab the headlines as people eschew addictive painkillers and mood enhancing drugs and embrace endorphin-boosting walks and rediscover the powers of physiotherapy as ways to overcome sports injuries and beat depression. We may also see a rise in therapies designed to overcome PTSD and other sports or war-related injuries.

Male Identity Crisis Looming?

The alpha male has also had a bad rap in the last two to three decades, which has led to an identity crisis for many men, particularly around the  quandary of how to display strength withotu appearing aggressive or overtly macho or pandering to patriarchy.   Over the next 9 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if cultural commentators and social trendsetters turn their attention to this issue. As a result, we may see a merging or morphing of the metrosexual/beta male archetype (prevalent during Chiron’s tour of Pisces) in a way that incorporates elements of a more rugged masculinity such as the beard of the hipster or the rippling physiques of the fitness freak or extreme adventurer.

A revolution around sex, sexuality and the portrayal of the male body may also occur along the lines of what we recenly witnessed in the fashion industry around female body image/plus size/weight/gender identity etc. Less conformism and more individualism is bound to be one outcome, given the influence of Aries.

Get Ready for your Chiron Return

Those born between early 1969 and March 1977 should prepare for their Chiron returns over the next few years. This usually coincides with a healing crisis of some kind that provide you with an opportunity to lay to rest old ghosts and overcome childhood wounds you may have sustained at around the age of 12 or so. Much depends on where Chiron lies in your natal chart as to how this is likely to manifest, but is certainly worth bearing in mind between now and 2027 or so.

Fire signs should expect their sensitivity and empathy levels to rise over the next few years – no bad thing for an element that can neglect the emotional needs of themselves and others in the rush and excitement of responding to external stimuli.


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