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July the 26th marked the opening of the 2020 Lion’s Gate Portal, an annual cosmic event that will peak on 8 August and remain open until approximately the 12th. Astrologically, this marks the time when Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, rises heliacally with the Sun at dawn from the lattitude of Egypt, which is located very close to the Tropic of Cancer.

Unsurprisingly then, this annual meeting of Sirius and the Sun was considered to be a very important event by the ancient Egyptians. After all, it marks the time of year when the two most luminescent stars in our galaxy come together to combine their light along the line of the horizon. From a spiritual point of view, this is blending of two suns – for every star is a sun, after all – something we tend to forget.

For the Egyptians, crossing the horizon marked the moment of rebirth – something the Sun did every day at dawn, when it emerged from its nightly journey through the Dwat or underworld.

So much so, that this event became an important part of their New Year celebrations – a festival designed to celebrate the return of the Nile floods – and therefore, of the life-giving waters that brought fertility and abundance back to the parched desert sands of the delta region.

In addition to being the brightest star in the sky, Sirius was important to the ancient Egyptians for other reasons. It was considered to be the power behind the sun. The sun kept the physical body alive and Sirius kept the spiritual body alive.

Sirius was associated with Isis, the mother goddess of the earth, who is part of the trinity of Egyptian mythology. The Great Pyramid of Giza is said to be built in alignment with Sirius.

Ancient Egypt online

The Nile delta forms part of what is known as Lower Egypt and that, for much of its history, Egypt was divided into two parts, which is why it is often referred to as the land of the two crowns.

Lions Gate Portal 2020

According to several Starseed channels, including Abigail Wainwright, this year’s event will be especially intense as we receive a large amount of lightcodes from the Sirius star system, a ‘download’ designed to accelerate the Ascension process. These involve upgrading both the physical body and spiritual ‘lightbody.’

Abigail Wainwright describes it thus:

This Lions Gate Portal is about opening more fully to this divine light & the embodiment of the soul within a physical form. It is a significant part of the awakening process. It is going to be felt deeply for all on a path to restoration on all levels of being

Abigail Wainwright

In Western numerology, this event has become more closely aligned with the symbolism of the number eight, which is all about transformation, transmutation, as well as the relationship between spirit and matter. So, a death and rebirth experience that has echoes of the astrological sign of Scorpio and its rulership of the 8th house.

Death, Rebirth and the Horizon

Astrology has a long relationship with ancient Egypt (Western astrology was essentially ‘born’ here), so it should come as no surprise that the concept of the Ascendant – marked by the star constellation that is rising at birth – has close ties to Egyptian religion and the importance they placed on horizon events, particularly those associated with the Sun.

They believed that the Sun god travelled around the earth every day in a boat, rising at dawn, culminating at midday and then sinking into the underworld on sunset. Here the Sun would battle with the powers of darkness, the demons of the underworld, dying like Osiris at midnight, before being reborn on the horizon again at dawn.

Thus, this Lion’s Gate activation, like most alchemical processes, may require a trip or two into the underworld – a breaking down and purging of shadow energy and egoic patterns in order to rebuild, all of which fits perfectly with the symbolism of Pluto-ruled Scorpio and the number 8 in western numerology.

So, don’t be surprised if you are feeling much more raw and emotional than usual, or are experiencing what are sometimes known as ‘ascension flu’ symptoms. (Which in itself, can make you a little paranoid, right?!) I have certainly been feeling this energy since the lunar eclipse, which occurred in the aftermath of the second pass of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on 30 June.

The good news is that after any period of darkness or confusion comes a new dawn – a breaking through into the upper sky at the liminal point of transition at the level of your own horizon – a return to our soul’s original and pristine state, before incarnation into the body and the suffering and mental conditioning that that often brings.

But first, a surrender to the divine feminine, goddess of the womb of creation, – the dark earth of Gaia and the inner field where new seeds are planted and new codes are activated within our DNA. This is all about re-imagining our relationship with Mother Earth – and moving away from the divisive male-female, light vs dark dualistic paradigm that pits everything earthly or ‘lower’ as inferior, (and which I see as part of the fears and shadows of the collective unconscious in the Western psyche) but simply a necessary component of polarity, which is part of the intrinsic nature of the 3rd dimension. Not seeing the lower world of the Dwat as demonic or hellish, but instead, as a place of rebirth, fertility and renewal, much as the ancient Egyptians did. These ideas resonate strongly with the messages that came out of the I Ching reading I did for the Lions Gate portal. Check it out on my YouTube channel.

According to Mariah Baretta, of One Precious Light, the 2020 Lions Gate Portal is all about what she calls ‘higher heart awakening’ when new regions of the heart chakra associated with aquamarine light and higher forms of love (those associated with the planet Neptune, considered by many to be the ‘higher octave’ of Venus), such as compassion will be activated. This process may also open up new spiritual gifts or extra-sensory perception, but of course, this comes with the potential to feel more sensitive and vulnerable in the short term, (feelings amplified by the ingress of Venus into Cancer on August 7) with empaths and sensitives most likely to be feeling the pain of the collective – something I can definitely attest to.

On her Instagram account, she writes:

Through the Lions Gate portal, many will be awakening to even more advanced higher dimensional skills. There is a strong emphasis on communities (higher dimensions) coming together to begin building. This is a new phase – the last six months were about individuality – the next six – building with others. Stay open now, despite what you may feel or what seems to be happening.

One Precious Light

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