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After the relative calmness of May comes another set of bumps in the road as Mercury, Venus and Neptune hit some cosmic turbulence. Saturn, the great lord of karma, old age and school of hard knocks will be wielding his heavy stick and forcing us all to face up to reality, especially mid-month when the second pass of the Saturn-Neptune square happens. Think back to around this time in 2013 to see if plans or themes which came to fruition back then are now being forced to undergo some adjustments.

However, it’s not all bad news – towards month end, a megawatt Jupiter-Pluto trine gives you the oomph, confidence and motivation to reboot your health and upgrade your outlook, as well as your fortunes. After the mists of confusion and clouds of disillusionment brought about by Saturn and Neptune, this added clarity and optimism should feel like a welcome burst of sunshine. Read on for more insights into June’s cosmic weather…

Lunar Phases


After a rather bumpy start to the month, the Gemini New Moon on June the 5th should provide a timely influx of fresh energy, brightening up the general mood and putting a twinkle back in people’s eyes.

With Mercury now once again direct, and due to ingress into Gemini – one of it’s ‘natural’ domiciles – on the 12th, it’s likely that this month, you’ll find yourself revelling in the many new opportunities to learn, travel and exchange information that are likely to be on offer, knowing that this time, your words or ideas are not going to be misunderstood or misinterpreted. If you’ve been thinking about writing an article, starting a course or trying your hand at teaching or writing, then this is an excellent time to have a go at it. The next four weeks are also good for embarking on exploratory expeditions, business trips, buying new vehicles or introducing new forms of communicating or ways of learning.

 Sabian Symbol – 15 degrees Gemini


This month’s Sabian symbol emphasises the meeting of minds, and calls for a celebration of communal likemindedness. Not only do new ideas abound right now, but so do opportunities to explore or share them with other ‘birds of a feather’.  On a personal level, the next month is likely to be a period in which we revel in the company of likeminded associates. If you find yourself confused, critcised or stumped over a particular problem or issue, choose to talk it out with someone who is sympatico to your way of seeing the world – you’ll soon find clarity, especially towards month end when all the difficult Mercury transits have passed.

Other keywords that Lynda Hill provides to describes this degree include:

Sharing of innocence and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Simplicity. Sense of companionship. Communication. Best friends. Having the right teacher. Learning and studying. Conversations that illuminate issues. Speaking many languages. Gossiping.

Key Aspects & Influences

This particular New Moon will conjunct Venus and in so doing, pick up on the loose mutable grand cross that it forms with Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. As a result, this may well set the tone for a month in which relationships of all kinds undergo a bit of a testing time. With all the Gemini energy around, finding where you belong, particularly ideologically and/or intellectually is likely to be a key theme. The saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ seems pretty apt here – although difference and diversity can be stimulating, it can also be tense and tiring, so sometimes it’s just easier and more harmonious to be around people with whom you see eye to eye.

If you feel rejected, alienated, abandoned or disappointed with loved ones or certain key people in your life, it may be time to say goodbye to them, even if just for a while, and seek out more sunny, warm and character-affirming company. Seek out beauty through art  – you may also find both inpirtation and answers from talking to others and sharing experiences in social or creative settings.


Monday is traditionally ruled by the Moon, so it is perhaps fitting that on June the 20th, we will celebrate a Full Moon in cheery, ebullient Sagittarius. This Full Moon takes place on the same day as the summer solstice, making it a day of double culminations, both conscious and unconscious.

Within this context, the Full Moon will no doubt serve as a cosmic halfway mark, bringing educational courses, publishing projects, and sports tournaments to a climax. The same is true of psychological/emotional cycles, especially those that may be urging you to broaden your outlook, belief system or intellectual horizons – this a time when expansion and exploration will feel like a natural thing to do, especially when given encouragement to do so from superiors and mentors.

Sabian Symbol – 30 degrees Sagittarius


This particular Full Moon occurs at 30 degrees Sagittarius – the last degree of this fire sign, and as such, a critical point in its journey. Known as the anaretic degree or “degree of fate,” the final degree of any zodiac sign is often considered to have an air of finality or fatedness about it. In terms of traditional astrology techniques, this degree is associated with the malefic planets, probably because it’s considered too late to affect the outcome of a situation if you view it in terms of planetary movements and aspects.

Of course, this can work both ways. Sometimes it is best to just leave a scenario or dynamic to play itself out and not interfere or try to control matters – we don’t always know best or have the advantage of a bird’s eye view, which means we are not actually able to make good decisions. According to the Sabian Oracle, this particular degree of Sagittarius is associated with blessings, signs, and confirmations of faith. Jupiter, and indeed, it’s ‘natural’ sign, Sagittarius, are both associated with belief systems and laws, so in a sense, this symbol serves to bring both aspects together. Being rewarded by a higher authority for having trust or faith in a belief, viewpoint or conviction can be a very powerful and affirming experience.   As such, Lynda Hill associates this degree with peak experiences, shared cultural mores or ideals and encounters with higher beings or authorities, both sacred and mundane.

When you do things that are true to your inner self there is a feeling of connection to a higher power. This feeling is like a ‘Blessing’ and is a reminder of the spiritual purpose of life. The situation or event that is the center of your question may be in need of just such a ‘Blessing’. If you are one of the “worthy ones”, you will probably receive a sign that you are on the true path.

Given that this Full Moon takes place just three days before the Brexit vote, and that it carries connotations of nationalism and patriotism, this could  have significance in terms of the outcome, especially if you consider the Moon’s rulership over crowds and the general voting populace. Will nationalism win out over inter-nationalism and globalisation? Sagittarius is associated with both, so we’ll have to see what happens. (I hope to post an article about this on my blog, so watch out for updates in the next few weeks.)

Key Aspects & Influences

This Full Moon takes place on the day of the summar solstice. In this sense, it may mark a natural peak or climax point in a project, life phase or emotional or physical cycle. However, it also takes place on the same date as a T-square involving the Saturn-Neptune square, with Mercury at its apex. Mercury rules the head – the intellect – while the Moon rules the heart, suggesting a dilemma of sorts.

Add to this the fact that the Moon will be opposite Venus (so 180 degrees from where ti was in relation to Venus at the New Moon) and it looks as though you may well find yourself at the centre of an inner conflict between how to meet your own needs and those of others. With the outer planets involved, this dynamic may not just apply to one-on-one relationships, but also have a social dimension. Are you worried that you may face disapproval, or let others down, if you act in a way that feels authentic and true to what you feel or believe in? Seeking the advice of someone wise and experienced could well help you strike the right balance between give and take; and between individual growth and social acceptance now.

It may therefore be significant that the Moon will be orbiting close to the fixed star, Acumen, which some astrologers associate with enduring attacks – in this case, possibly on your character. Seeking advice but also acting in accordance with your inner sense of conviction does seem to offer the best route to victory in this scenario, judging by the Sun’s conjunction to the fixed stars Betelgeuse and Polaris. The former is associated with unmitigated success, while the latter, in its capacity as the pole or north star, is about signs which point or show the way. My interpretation then – have faith in your self, but also look out for signs of confirmation that you are on the right track.

SUN INTO CANCER – 20 JUNE 2016, 23h34 BST

This year, the Sun ingresses into homely Cancer at 11:30pm on June the 20th – the same day as the Full Moon. This is poetically fitting, especially if we consider that the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. The confluence of these soli-lunar symbols serves to highlight themes around home, family and the security and love one gets from the key relationships within one’s immediate circle of intimates.

The focus on loved ones and self-nurturing is further reinforced by the Sun’s conjunction to Venus at the time of the ingress. Venus is the planet, par excellence, of relationships, happiness, comfort and pleasure, so its presence close to the Sun in Cancer seems to suggest that over the next four weeks, self- confidence and wellbeing levels will be boosted by making time for enjoyable activities such as getting a massage, visiting an art  gallery or sharing a meal with your nearest and dearest. Comfort and rest, perhaps via some quality downtime chilling at home or the beach, or a family holiday at a seaside destination is another way to fulfil this brief in spades.

Concentrating on improving your diet and developing healthier emotional boundaries may be equally important now, given the involvement of the Moon. In general, lifestyle and wellbeing should receive more priority than work right now. Just as well it’s the start of the summer holidays then!

Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for May 2016. use the cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

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