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July is likely to be a bit of mixed bag astrologically, with plenty of positive cosmic activity from the benefics, Venus and Jupiter, which together with a numbe rof positive Neptune contacts, should keep a few lovers smiling and inspire artists or light workers. However, those who are more intellectually oriented or who work in tech, media or telecomms may find this a frustrating month, where activities get disrupted and nerves get frayed. This is thanks to several hard aspects involving Uranus and Mars, which could lead to conflict, unexpected outbursts and anti-social behaviour. Uranus will also retrograde towards the end of the month, calling for a period of review and repair, especially when it comes to friendships, group memberships and technology.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN CANCER – 4 JULY 2016, midday BST

As July begins, we can look forward to a New Moon in Cancer, which begins a fresh month-long phase in domestic, dietary and home-related affairs. Taking place just before 4am BST, this soli-lunar event marks the start of an emotionally satisfying period when home improvements, family get togethers and seaside holidays all feature strongly. This is also a good time to focus on food, nutrition and nurturing. This is a great time to ask yourself what makes you feel emotionally safe  – you’re likely to feel an instinctive need for security and a need to care for, or be cared for now. This could manifest in a need to open a savings account, buy a home or shore up your retirement fund; or a desire to feed or cook for others, or have someone ‘mother’ you emotionally.

Sabian Symbol – 13 degrees Cancer


This month’s Sabian symbol is focused on the need to reach out and connect with others, but also to exert strength of character and will. Sometimes there is a certain strength in coming together, be it through shared efforts, or community-building, which creates strong bonds and enables people to stick together/help each other out when times are tough.

According to James Burgess, this symbol also has to do with the need for power and domination, as well as the survival instincts. Think of the handshake and how essential it is to the ritual of networking or enlarging one’s sphere of influence. Politicians love to ‘press the flesh’ so, on a mundane level, this symbol, with its emphasis on the thumb, which is the strongest (and also the most individual) finger on the hand, seems to point to politics and the relationship between leaders and subordinates.

July is a month dominated by the Sun, the symbol par excellence of the leader, so this symbol of power broking seems very appropriate for a July New Moon. Given all the upcoming political campaigning and negotiations that is likely to dominate the headlines as the Tory leadership race heats up and the US presidential elections gather pace, this is certainly likely to be a strong theme over the coming weeks.

In particular, Burgess warns that power without responsibility or ethics is a dangerous thing, and something we may need to check if we see signs of it in our immediate environment or communities, something that is also likely to be true of the period around the Capricorn Full Moon. With the Chilcott Report set to be published very close to the New Moon on July 6, the timing seems especially poignant and significant.

Key Aspects & Influences

This particular New Moon forms a trine to Neptune and an opposition to Pluto, which suggests that spiritual ideals and altruistic inclinations are likely to be strong during the next four weeks, and will co-exist with an increasing distaste for cold-hearted ambition or naked power plays that are devoid of ethics or a sense of social responsibility. Pluto and Neptune’s involvement here really seems to echo with what James Burgess sees as the polar opposites locked up in this symbol, as well as the harsh reality of life at the level of survival:

It is the law of nature that the weak are destroyed; no amount of persuasion about ethics or reasonableness will thwart the power of the powerful. On some fundamental level, we have to engage with the struggle between hunter and hunted. Here, practicality is brought to the point of ruthlessness.

Pluto’s position in Capricorn, a sign associated with coldness and ruthless ambition, fits this description rather well, so it is possible that around about this time, you may begin to see through certain people’s motives and decide that their intentions do not resonate with your beliefs or ideals. Or indeed, you may begin to gravitate towards one particular person or way of life as time goes by, perhaps in the interests of survival, or to protect the future or safety of your loved ones.

Fortunately, this Full Moon will also make positive aspects to the lunar nodes, which does suggest that Fate may well take situations in a more favourable direction, without the need for conscious intervention. It may also indicate that collective action may be required in order to check any abuses of power that may become apparent.

On a personal level, this aspect also suggests that your destiny may lies closer to home to home than you think – chances are thatif you follow your heart over the next few weeks, you won’t really go wrong.


Mid-July, we are scheduled to have a Full Moon in Capricorn, highlighting the need to let go of certain career ambitions or personal goals, and streamline daily schedules or domestic arrangements so that everything works more efficiently. Themes around personal aspiration, career advancement and social status are likely to come to the fore now, or reach their natural conclusion, which could result in a promotion or recognition of some kind.

Sabian Symbol – 28 degrees Capricorn


This particular Full Moon occurs at 27 degrees and 40 minutes of Capricorn, which we then round up to 28 degrees. In terms of the Sabian oracle, this degree of the zodiac is associated with the symbol of a large bird aviary, which we could associate with social media like Twitter, as well as the general noise and chatter of many voices which can drown out our train of thought or make us confused about which opinion to follow.

According to Lynda Hill,

…this symbol can point to situations with many people; like ‘birds on perches’ everywhere, all speaking at once and having lots to say. Also, although you are able to wander a little, you are actually caged into a particular reality. This Symbol can picture the ways of bureaucracy, government or big business. Sometimes the telephone and the Internet can feel like the ‘Large Aviary’, especially if you never get to talk to a real live person!

It is therefore possible that you might have to negotiate some kind of crowd situation or public duty/appearance, whether it be campaigning for office, attending a concert or demonstration, speaking at an event or even participating in a live discussion on social media. You may have to clamour to get your voice heard, or indeed, to make decisions about who you feel is speaking the truth.

When in doubt, you may need to turn down the volume, or get back to basics, in order to make decisions. Being pragmatic and matter of fact may be the only way to narrow down your priorities or focus and deal with the matter at hand.

Key Aspects & Influences:

At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon will be sextile to Mars, which could indicate heightened emotions or increased passions, and actions based on feelings. Acting based on positive emotions, such as a spontaneous act of kindness in response to a tragedy or choosing to get involved in helping during an emergency, are all favoured now.

At the same time, the Sun will be conjunct the Part of the Honourable Aquaintance  – which seems to be something of a recurring theme at the moment – and does possibly point to further developments in relation to the EU referendum vote, or indeed, the fate of David Cameron. This becomes even more apparent when we consider what James Burgess has to say about the Sabian symbol attached ot this degree of Capricorn:

This image points to someone who has exceptional success in making all their personal concerns a matter of common welfare. Generally, in many areas of normal life, we cannot help but notice significant differentiations of interest between ourselves and others, and yet when we consider the full ramifications of what we do, we see that everything influences everything else in the community, so our apparently self-centred interests actually serve the greater good.

The message therefore seems to be to try and make the greater good dovetail with your own desires and ambitions, in other words, create win-win situations wherever possible, since this can only be of benefit to everyone. Let’s hope David Cameron and other politicans are listening now – with so much at stake, it has never been mor eimportant to ‘get things right’, as the PM is so fond of saying.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO LEO – 22 JULY 2016, 10h30 BST

Just after July’s halfway mark, on July 22 – the day of Prince George’s third birthday – the Sun will glide into charismatic and spirited Leo. In the northern hemisphere, this period usually coincides with the hottest time of the year, when many people are on their summer break.

The Sun is especially strong in Leo because this is it’s natural ‘home’ in the zodiac, so its energy flows especially well from here, radiating natural confidence, a sunny disposition and oodles of charisma and the ability to attract success, so if these are qualities you would like to cultivate, then the next month is the perfect time to do so.

It may also be a time in which themes around selecting suitable leaders, as with an election or talent show, take front and centre. Learning to sell yourself without showing off or putting others off is a lesson worth learning this month.

Monthly Skylights

Below are some key astrological dates to circle in your diary for May 2016. use the cosmic weather symbols to decipher how favourable or challenging each transit promises to be.

Key with wind

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