Is Bitcoin Ready to ‘Adult’?

Bitcoin, the world’s first and best known crypto currency, turned 12 in January 2021, which in human terms, usually coincides with the right of passage from childhood into adulthood.

Astrologically speaking, this event is signifed by what’s known as the first Jupiter Return – a time associated with wisdom, expansion and good fortune. For Bitcoin, this occurred on December 17th – just before the grand solstice conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in tech-savvy Aquarius on 21 December 2020. No coincidence then, that prices reached an all-time high. This has bullish and confident Jupiter written all over it.

However, Bitcoin is notoriously volatile. As we head into February, and the shine begins to wear off for retail investors, the question on everybody’s lips is likely to be what’s next? Will we have a repeat of the 2017 bubble, after which prices crashed in early 2018?

Or, thanks to steadying Saturn’s influence, will we see Bitcoin mature as institutional investors and central banks begin to take it more seriously? Here, as I discuss, the real question may well be, not whether financial institutions are ready to accept Bitcoin, but rather, as Cathie Wood put it recently, whether the notoriously rebellious and unpredictable Bitcoin is ready for institutions…

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