Will Boris Get the Top Job?

He’s not even in office yet and already the rebellion against his possible premiership has started. With voting now closed and an announcement imminent, it won’t be long before we find out whether Boris Johnson will finally realize his dream of becoming Prime Minister – or be pipped at the post by Jeremy Hunt.

If he is named as the new Tory leader, what does this mean for Brexit? And more, importantly, with several ministers having resigned/threatening to resign if he does take over from Theresa May, will he manage to hang onto the job he so covets?

I thought it time to have a quick look at the stars…

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One thing is for certain, the timing is very interesting – not only will the results of the vote be announced on the same day as the Sun ingresses into Leo, the sign of the king/charismatic leader – but it also occurs just days before an ebullient Mars-Jupiter trine in fire signs.

However, it is also comes just after a very intense and revealing Venus-Pluto opposition (Tory sex scandals anyone?), under which several ministers have either resigned, or have threatened to resign, if Boris does become PM or tries to prorogue Parliament. So the bigger question may not be whether he gets the job, but whether he can hang onto it…

Let’s not forget that Mercury is retrograde, which means people could decide to change their minds in a few weeks…

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