Smiles, Masks & Hidden Tears

July’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer not only brings back lessons and experiences from 2014 to process and integrate; it may also force many of us to come face to face with the masks that we, and others wear in close personal relationships.

How we protect ourselves emotionally can create short-term feelings of security and help us manage our fears of being hurt, but often at the expense of emotional congruency and/or real closeness – something we may be forced to confront during this new upcoming soli-lunar cycle.

The flip side of ridicule, laughter and playing the fool, especially if a joke/piece of entertainment is taken too far, could also become an issue between now and the end of the year.

The key to mastering this particular eclipse cycle is to find positive and healthy ways to express your feelings, needs and opinions without hurting others or permanently damaging the dynamics between you and your tribe.

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