Cosmic Curveballs: Venus T-square

Between now and Tuesday, the Venus, will take her turn to make a T-square to Neptune and Jupiter. This could lead to inner turmoil as you are forced to come face to face with romantic illusions, spiritual delusions and creative confusion.

The lesser benefic’s clash with Jupiter in earnest Sagittarius from flippant Gemini calls for balance and harmony between opposites. Right now, its important to find the middle ground between excesses of air (intellect/communication) and fire (zeal, enthusiasm, action).

Being too cavalier with words (or having superficial acquaintance with the facts) could lead to a lack of judgement and poor decision-making, on one hand. On the other, coming on too strong/going at something with all guns blazing without first stopping to check whether you’ve made any assumptions might not be wise either.

Gemini and Sagittarius are bi-corporeal signs, which suggests that solutions are likely to come in pairs or involve a two-fold approach. So if you find yourself clashing with others, it’s possible that you may BOTH need to review your current positions and find a compromise. Think BOTH/AND or, indeed, NEITHER now, rather than EITHER/OR. As Oscar Wilde once said, the ‘The truth is rarely pure and never simple.’

Values and ethics, as well as boundaries are also likely to play a key role in situations that constellate now. Truth, honesty and a willingness to strip away self-deception or unrealistic expectations all provide good starting points for resolving potential relationship clashes or ethical dilemmas.

With Neptune retrograde, it may also be a good time to review past situations and internalized beliefs to see if helps you to narrow down options or identify the true source of current problems. Look back to 21 January for clues to potential themes, parallels or answers.

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