Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 16 May 2022, 05h14 BST

2022’s very first lunar eclipse is a supermoon in Scorpio, which means it could be a fairly intense, possibly drama-filled period if you allow yourself to be sucked into the whirlpool of external events or give in to an unexpectedly strong wave of emotions.

A strong theme of the May 2022 eclipse will be initiation, thanks to Jupiter in Aries and a set of powerful aspects between the luminaries and Pluto. You can find out more in my analysis of Jupiter in Aries on my YT videocast. Death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, and rebirth or reinvention are all likely to be major themes. It’s also possible that you will find yourself closing the door on events linked to either the Nov-Dec 2021 eclipses, or the Scorpio lunar eclipse of May 2004.

The Scorpio full moon will be orbiting close to the Part of Fortune and the south node, which suggests that any exists or endings that occur now are likely to make room for more fortunate events and circumstances to come in.

Add to that a set of Saturn squares, and itโ€™s definitely possible that you may be faced with karmic lessons or soul contracts designed to teach you about boundaries, responsibility or mastery on some level, either now or in the three months that follow. More than likely though, this is a burden or challenge you will already be aware of and will be closing out now. Given Pluto’s involvement, it’s also possible that you may be repaid a karmic debt now, or have someone who did you wrong get their just deserts between now and the end of July.

With tons happening astrologically, this is likely to be a busy three month period, during which you may find yourself making some major decisions, travelling or speaking a lot more than usual. Be careful though, as Mercury will be retrograde, which could lead to the potential for misunderstandings or diplomatic gaffes. Don’t let any smooth-talking salesmen types have you on either!

A Mars-Neptune conjunction also features quite strongly into this eclipse – a slightly unusual combination that may challenge you to find the balance between focus and flow, or between doing and being.

With the Sabian symbol focusing on the seeming dichotomy between nature and culture, and on issues around nomadic vs more settled lifestyles, this is likely to be a very interesting three month period for the collective when many people will be rethinking their ideas about home, and their relationship to clan, kin and the more-than-human world.

You can find out more about the astrological significance of the April-May eclipses by watching the bonus set of mini readings I did for each of the 12 zodiac signs at the Taurus solar eclipse. These readings are EXCLUSIVE to site members.


On an individual level, this is a great time to release or make changes related to the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which include our relationship to nature, power, sex, money and our design for change vs stability. Bear in mind that this eclipse takes place during a full moon, so you need to look at both the house of your AS and it’s corresponding partner next door to see what two life areas you are trying to balance.

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Continuing the themes around the land, and our relationship to nature begun at the Taurus Solar Eclipse, we are now being asked to consider issues that arise from that, including property ownership, borders and boundaries, the right to live in, or migrate to a particular place, animal domestication and the relationship between nature and culture – something in examine in a fair amount of depth in my video forecast.


In my videocast on the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, I do a deep dive into the symbolism around the links between this moon’s fixed star aspects, and its connection to both the spiritual warrior archetype and the Perses degree of initiation in the ancient mystery religion of mithraism. However, for those of you who like a written summary, you can check out the diagram below.


This particular eclipse falls in the Van den Berg 131 saros series, and may have links to the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse of May 2004, or to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse of Nov 2021.

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