It’s a Girl!

its a girl!

Royal Princess is a May Baby

Shortly before midday, the news came through that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a baby girl at 08:34am BST. Seeing that they have already left the hospital, I thought I would put up the new Zodiac Child report for Princess Charlotte and the natal chart of Baby Cambridge for those curious about what astrology has to say about her personality.

My initial thoughts are that she’ll be quite a darling, very bubbly and socially adept, playful and witty, with bags of vivacious charm, but at heart, will also be a homebody, sensitive and and family-oriented. That said, she will also be an excellent communicator and no pushover, if Pluto in the seventh house is anything to go by! More later once I have had a chance to sit with the chart for longer.

Congratulations to the royal couple, and of course, to Prince George, who now has a baby sister to play with.

UPDATE: We now know that the little girl will be called Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – a lovely tribute to her ancestors, including her late grandmother, Princess Diana – so I have updated the Zodiac Child Report accordingly.

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