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Equinox 2018 Full Moon Forecast

The Aries Full Moon is, in a nutshell, an emotional turning point for many us. Thanks to the involvement of Saturn & the nodes, its likely that many of us will feel that we are being asked to make a fundamental choice at this time. Read my forecast below for more details…

This Week’s Astro-Insights — 1-8 Oct 2017

After last week’s shocks, curveballs and disappointments comes a week of major leaps forward, especially in art and matters of the heart, care of potent Pluto. READ MORE…

September 2015’s Astro-Insights

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With the autumn equinox almost upon us, it’s time to reassess, consolidate and get back to basics. After a busy summer, the next four weeks should be all about getting your life back in balance and deciding what you want your main focus to… Continue Reading “September 2015’s Astro-Insights”

September 2013 Astro-Insights

Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for September 2013… September Astro-Insights Blog This month, I look more in-depth into the natal chart of Prince George and try to put him in context astrologically with other members of the royal family . To read… Continue Reading “September 2013 Astro-Insights”