September 2015’s Astro-Insights

September Astro-Insights

With the autumn equinox almost upon us, it’s time to reassess, consolidate and get back to basics. After a busy summer, the next four weeks should be all about getting your life back in balance and deciding what you want your main focus to be during the cold, dark winter months ahead. With two eclipses in store and a Neptune-Jupiter opposition active for a good part of September, there is a lot that is likely to remain in flux, so it’s a good idea to be adaptable and go with the flow, especially when it comes to complex issues or complicated arrangements. Read on for our astro-insights into September…

Solar Phases

SUN INTO LIBRA – 23 September 2015

The autumn equinox, marked by the Sun’s ingress into Libra – a sign associated with the balancing of opposites, including day and night – arrives on 23 September. Between now and the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio, it is time to reassess your priorities and regain a good balance between give and take, work and play, family and friendships. Equality in relationships, justice in society and moderation when it comes to diet or lifestyle, are all likely to be key themes now.

With Venus, ruler of Libra, due to resume forward motion this month, it’s also a good idea to turn on the charm, especially around VIPs; and make an extra effort with your appearance because you could find yourself unexpectedly in the limelight or in line for recognition or promotion, especially around equinox time when Venus in Leo makes her third sextile to exciting Uranus.

In lieu of this special relationship period, we are offering 50% off all relationship astrology reports  between 23 Sep and Oct 23 to help you get back on track with love and matters of the heart this autumn! For details about this special offer visit the Astro-Report Shop website.

Lunar Phases


After last month’s emotional Full Moon in Pisces, it’s time to simplify, come back down to earth and get back to basics, care of a New Moon in Virgo.

Highlighting one of the major themes of September, this lunar phase also happens to coincide with a solar eclipse, making it doubly potent. As I have written elsewhere, solar eclipses usually coincide with the start of a new six month phase, and this one is likely to be about becoming more emotionally discerning and identifying what is relevant and useful in your everyday life – in terms of emotions, habits and ways of doing things. Over the next six months, don’t be surprised if you feel a distinct urge to refine, tweak and rejig what isn’t quite working. Think back to 2006, when we experienced a similar set of mis-matching lunar eclipses in Virgo and Aries, except that the eclipses themselves were in reverse order. It may be that we are now finishing off patterns or cycles that were initiated back then. More on this to follow in my Eclipse Forecasts.

However, with the Jupiter-Neptune opposition in orb from 1-25 September, it may be difficult to discern what to realistically aspire to. Dreaming, intuitive signs and visualisation are all very well, but nothing is likely to really change or be achieved unless you do more than simply aspire to reach your goals- you need to walk your talk and put new habits into practice. Furthermore, practice makes perfect – if at first you don’t succeed (perfectionism and it’s opposite, disillusionment, are likely to be big issues this month) keep at it until you get there. Just because it doesn’t perfectly happen first time, doesn’t always mean that it is not ‘meant to be.’

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is A CARAVAN OF CARS HEADED FOR PROMISED LANDS, which has something of the spirit of ‘Carnivale’ or the Wizard of Oz about it. There is a sense of joining together with likeminded people and going in search of a better life or way of doing things. Following on from last month, there is likely to be a lot of ‘divine discontent’ or restless energy around – the desire to take off will be compelling. Of course, whether this all turns out to be a mirage or a wild goose chase depends a lot on your intentions, your drive to succeed and the direction in which you choose to head. Be sure you’re running towards, and not away from something – motivation is key now, so try and be as honest with yourself and others as possible to avoid disappointment, disillusionment or deception.

For more details, read my September 2015 Eclipse Forecast.


Towards month end, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries brings another six month soli-lunar cycle, begun in April, to a close. If the first half of 2015 was all about relationships and finding more ways to balance and compromise, then this full moon gives you permission to focus more on your own needs, desires and development. Although the first sign of the zodiac, and therefore often associated with immaturity and selfishness, Aries is also synonymous with qualities such as child-like enthusiasm and unquestioning devotion – doing things sincerely and with all your heart. These are definite merits to really going for it, and having the courage to be true to your passions, as Jane Austen illustrated quite powerfully in her book ‘Sense & Sensibility.’ In this sense, the Aries Full Moon is all about replacing fear with love, and reconnecting with what truly makes you happy and fulfilled.

As with the April lunar eclipse in Libra, this eclipse forms part of the 17 South Saros family that can trace its roots back to 1997 and is associated with sudden advancement, unexpected success, happiness in love and projects within a group or collective context, so have a think back to what you were trying to work on or achieve because there may be a connection. More in my Eclipse Forecast, due soon.

In terms of mythology, Aries is ruled by Mars, and is the first of the fire signs. The element of fire has a very ancient association with spirituality and inspiration, while Mars has strong links to passion, eroticism and desire. However,  as those who practise kundalini yoga will tell you, this urge does not always have to be directed at earthly or purely sexual pursuits. In fact, scholars such as Dr Angela Voss have pointed to the connection between eros and spiritual yearning or creative aspiration:

We have separated human sexuality from religious experience, yet surely everyone can testify to the tremendous emotional power of the “longing for the beloved” and probably most have sensed what feels like an immeasurable distance between the ideal of love, the perfect beauty, and the person sitting next to them at breakfast. How then to bridge that gulf, to see the world of nature and human beings as reflections of divinity, to understand passion and longing as a movement of the soul that may go much further than physical desire, yet which also may endow that desire with the potential for spiritual transformation?[i]

It therefore seems appropriate that the Sabian Symbol for this particular lunation, which occurs at five degrees Aries, is A WHITE TRIANGLE WITH GOLDEN WINGS. For centuries, the triangle has been associated with spiritual aspiration and divine longing. One way of illustrating the concept that lies behind the Hermetic dictum, ‘As Above, So Below’ would be to draw a star made up of two triangles – one with its apex pointing up towards heaven; and the other, facing downwards in an earthly direction. As Lynda Hill points out, this is image appears to emphasise the upright triangle, which is very much about spiritual upliftment, elevation and inspiration. The wings further emphasize the desire to raise oneself upwards, towards the sky, which in many cultures, is associated with the divine. No wonder, then, that the word ‘desire’ originates from the Latin word, desidere, which means ‘from the stars’!

At this time, then, you may wish to find ways to give your imagination free flight (it is, after all, the eye of the soul) and allow yourself to get lost in a wave of inspiring visions, meditations or enthusiasms, even if only briefly (and in spite of how self-indulgent or selfish it may feel). Sometimes we have to make room for, and consciously reconnect, with the childlike wonder and pure delight that often lie just below the surface of our adult masks. Getting in touch with this inner fire can help to feed our souls and put us back in touch with the essential joyfulness and fundamental vitality that flows through life. Enjoy!

For more details, read my September 2015 Eclipse Forecast.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout the month

Retrogrades & Stations

Venus Direct: 06 Sep 2015

Over the last few weeks, Venus has been urging us to reconsider key relationships and creative decisions, to get some clarity about where our priorities lie and what we truly value, especially when it comes to money, self-worth or matters of the heart. Now, as she resumes forward motion in early September, it’s time to act on those realisations. Between now and the 8th of October, it’s time to throw yourself fully into those activities you care most about, and to cherish those people who mean a lot to you. Leo is the sign most associated with the heart, and Venus is now urging us to be true to who or what we love. In the words of Confucius, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” The same applies to whoever you to choose to go with. The heavens have given us all some extra time to enjoy the sunny energy of Venus in Leo – lap it up while you can!

Mercury Retrograde: 18 Sep-10 Oct 2015

To add to the confusion and indecision created by this month’s Neptune oppositions, Mercury will turn retrograde in mid-September for the third time this year. Interestingly, each time Mercury gone AWOL during 2015, it has been in an air sign (see my list in a previous post), suggesting that this year, we need to spend more time developing other outlets for self-expression and ways of navigating through life beyond our heads, from intuition and imagination, through to emotions and even our much-neglected five senses! It may also mean that we need to radically change our perception and ways of communicating, especially from an intellectual perspective. Many of us have become extremely cerebral, which can serve to distance us from the world and other people. Now, with Mercury in Libra, the sign of relationship, it may be time to reclaim our more social side and reconnect with others. After all, many philosophers have argued that it is our connections with others, together with our ability to co-operate or join forces for the betterment of society, that forms an intrinsic part of what it is to be human.

From a mundane astrology point of view, this is a good time for legal appeals, retrospective compensation, re-negotiation of key political alliances or strategic partnerships, as well as reconciliations with significant others from our past.

Pluto Direct: 25 Sep 2015

Pluto also returns to forward motion this month after its annual retrograde spell. Still travelling through the sign of Capricorn, it is likely to add weight to any calls for economic or political reform, as well as institutional rule changes. I think the banking industry in particular may be in for further restructuring (and regulation) in order to stabilise the world economy, especially after Black Monday.

Along with Saturn’s tour of Scorpio, this planetary positioning has become synonymous with the uncovering of corruption at all levels – Pluto tends to bring taboo subjects to the surface and force people in positions of responsibility to be accountable for their actions. As a result, any criminal or government-led investigations that may have been hidden from public view over the last six months or so (think FIFA, Heath etc) are likely to come to light or become public knowledge now. Whatever occurs, you can be sure that dramatic change is back on the agenda.

Before it does change direction, though, Pluto will make a number of highly significant aspects to a number of key planets, including the Sun (5th), which could bring about a reprise of issues that were hot around election time in May 2015 – will we hear news of further shifts within the main political parties or see a major cabinet re-shuffle? Keep an eye on the AstroSphere Facebook page and Twitter feed for details.

Planetary Ingresses

Saturn back into Sagittarius: 18 Sep

Having spent the last few months stirring up old scandals and encouraging people to pick clean or bury any old bones or skeletons they may have had lurking in the closet, Saturn now makes a comeback to optimistic, but moralistic sign, Sagittarius in mid-September.

The focus now returns to matters like morals, laws and religion, and their potential to curb undesirable or unsociable behaviour such as bullying, racial prejudice or cultural intolerance. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning your core religious beliefs, or ideas about social cohesion and ideological conformity over the coming months. For a recap of what Saturn in Sagittarius is all about, visit my December 2014 Astro-Insights page or revisit my 2015 Skylights column.

Mars into Virgo: 25 Sept – 13 Oct

A much more practical, details-oriented approach to solving problems and overcoming obstacles is likely from the 25th when Mars ingresses into earthy Virgo. Doing a little bit every day, rather than trying to do too much at once, is likely to prove both effective and satisfying at getting through all those must-do items on your long list of chores. The next few weeks are also great for actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle or eating more wholesomely. Again, small but significant changes, such as cutting out grains or switching your morning meal to something that prevents cholesterol or regulates blood sugar could end up having a big impact on your overall health, whilst also being easy to integrate into everyday modern living. While Mars is in this no-nonsense sign, it’s time to put aside fads or grand designs in favour of simple but effective changes that you can realistically achieve and then maintain.

Key Aspects

For details of key aspects and what to expect day by day during September, be sure to check out the Daily Astro-Insights on our Facebook page.


[i] Angela Voss –

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