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Order your astro-report now and save 50%!With winter fast approaching, the moment to slow down and turn inward has finally begun. With a New Moon in Libra and Mercury’s current retrograde spell still in effect for the first part of the month, you may have your hands full with various social obligations and relationship decisions. Venus’ shift into Virgo also calls for a more pragmatic and sensible approach to matters of the heart, creativity and finances. See October as being about getting real and finding ways to integrate recent structural changes or idealogical shifts brought about by September’s eclipses into long term life plans and patterns, especially with Mars and Pluto urging you to take action and make changes on a grand scale this month. Of course, all is not serious doom and gloom: Venus and Jupiter are also due for a conjunction reprise, this time in health-conscious Virgo, which should bring plenty of laughter, healing and opportunities for expansion your way on the 25th. For more details, read on…

Solar Phases

SUN INTO SCORPIO – 23 October 2015, 18h47 BST

This month, the Sun will enter passionate, brooding and secretive Scorpio on the evening of the 23rd of October.

At this juncture, it will now be entering the southern half of the ecliptic in terms of declination (which coincides with the darkest and wettest months of the year from the point of view of the northern hemisphere when the Sun is low is the sky. This may be one of the reasons why this realm was attributed to the Dragon’s Tail (the lunar south node), which is usually associated with negative karmic patterns and self-destructive behaviour.  The cusp between Libra and Scorpio also marks the halfway point of the Via Combusta, or burning way – that part of the ecliptic where both the Sun and Moon are traditionally considered to be in fall. I have written about this at some length in my Astro-Insights blog, but essentially, this part of the sky is considered to be highly malefic, which may be why the sign of Scorpio tends to get such a bad rap.

However, it is also assign very much associated with mental astuteness, healing and regeneration. In fact, many people consider this period to be a sort of retreat or Hermit-like time for the Sun, if you want to talk in terms of Tarot symbols, which is probably one of the reasons why it became synonymous with wisdom, perceptiveness and shrewdness. A bit like the astute protagonist of Wolf Hall, Thomas Cromwell, a Scorpio is definitely someone you want to have on your side!

Getting back to the present, this makes the four weeks between now and the start of the festive season to be ideal for resting, recharging and generally retreating from the world for some soul searching and contemplation. It is also ideal for in-depth research, reading and investigations of all kinds, but especially those concerning criminal activity, underground infrastructure and the process involved in breaking down dead matter and turning it into fertile and useful materials.

Unfortunately, this particular solar ingress is also likely to be a confusing time, or certainly a period where people’s emotional motivations are shrouded in mystery. Why do I say this? Well, the Moon will be I Pisces and will be separating from a conjunction to Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Given my past writings about the seeming link between Neptune in Pisces and storms, tidal surges and flooding, it is also possible that this period will coincide with some heavy rainfall in the northern hemisphere or a seasonal flooding event. Let’s see what happens.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LIBRA – 13 Oct 2015, 01h06 BST

Exactly one month after the Virgo solar eclipse, a New Moon in Libra begins a new cycle in relationships and legal affairs.

The Sabian symbol for the zodiac position of this particular New Moon is A GANG OF ROBBERS IN HIDING, which, a bit like the Sun in Scorpio, has a certain ominous ring to it. This image has a rather predatory air and  seems to hint at the possibility of  ‘people, possibly hidden in the shadows, waiting to take advantage of someone or something.’

Australian astrologer, and author of the 360 degrees of Wisdom, The Sabian Oracle, Lynda Hill suggests that this this period may highlight or bring about a situation in which you feel you have been wronged, or where you feel a certain amount of paranoia. I am reminded of the recent Channel 4 programme ‘Hunted’ in which a number of runaways are hunted down by law enforcement and investigative professionals. The paranoia that many of them seemed to develop whilst on the run was pretty intense and many of the fears and distrust that developed out of this state of mind were not always justified.

In light of this, I think it worth taking Hill’s advice, which is to be cautious and guard against exposing yourself to exploitation by others, but also be careful…

‘…not to get confused between reality and paranoia. You could spend your time searching for the real perpetrators, however a better solution may be to get on with your life, whilst being mindful that something could go awry. Perhaps an “authority” of some kind needs to come into play, to sort things through, to ensure future safety and get life back on track. This person can be an external party who’s in charge and powerful in some way, or it can be your own sense of authority that needs to sort out the facts of what’s really going on. Whatever happens in this situation, things will most probably come to light at a later time. This Symbol can point to delusions of someone’s thought processes. Make sure that there is no undermining of faith in others by indulging in suspicions that are ungrounded in reality. Locking out life can lead to feelings of being a prisoner or result in alienation from others.’ [1]

I suspect that this situation may refer to developments surrounding the refugee crisis in Europe, where many critics are starting to stir up the flames of xenophobia and fear by hinting at possible terrorists hidden amongst genuine refugees that could infiltrate European society as well as doom and gloom talk about how the quota system tow amongst EU member states may spell the end of the EU project as a whole.

Whatever happens, it is a time to have your wits about you and keep a healthy, sceptical distance from any attempts by others to suck you into their personal dramas or get you to agree with their extreme points of view. Do the Libran thing and be like Switzerland – stay neutral. Sometimes sitting on the fence really is the best option. Be safe!

FULL MOON IN TAURUS – 27 Oct 2015, 13h05 BST

Towards month end, a Full Moon in Taurus brings to a close another four week lunar cycle. Taking place at 4 degrees of Taurus, this lunar event is

The Sabian symbol for this point in the zodiac is THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW, which has more than a little of the Wizard of Oz and fairy tale air about it.

Still, this image seems to tie in with the divine discontent and search for fulfilment we saw with the eclipse moon phases last month, especially the Aries Lunar Eclipse, which seemed to be designed to help us reconnect with what is really important to us.

At the Full Moon, the Sun will be trining Neptune, which will further add to the magical feeling already inherent in this particular lunar phase.   As with Sabian Symbol imagery for the Virgo Solar Eclipse, the emphasis here with all the rainbow imagery certainly seems likely to be on striving for fulfilment and reaching for your dreams. It could also add a certain glamourous air to proceedings and give people an aura of mystery or allure that they might otherwise not usually display.

When Neptune is involved, though, there is always the possibility that one might get sucked into escapist fantasies or situations where we are forever chasing something that remains elusive and unattainable. As Lynda Hill notes,

“The quest to find our ‘Pot of Gold’ is very tempting but it can be forever elusive because it appears to move as we move or as we change our perspective. However, we all have our dreams and with a little concentrated effort we can reach our own version of the ‘Pot of Gold’. It can imply riches and rewards on many levels, sometimes beyond our wildest dreams. There may be a need to reflect on just what exactly these “riches” are. The promise of the ‘Pot of Gold’ entices us, but this can also be the cause of problems if we forget other more important things in life. …Often it is not the finding of the elusive ‘Pot of Gold’ at the ‘Rainbow’s End’ that is the real reward, but the rewards found during the search and the wonder the ‘Rainbow’ creates as it links heaven and earth. Perhaps there is a constant search for rewards without recognizing the riches that are already at hand. In this situation, many rewards can come from creative and spiritual efforts – just be a little wary of expecting too much.”[2]

Striking a balance between dreams and everyday practicalities, as well as learning to be consistent and realistic in our approach to attaining success, are all part of the lesson of this full moon, and seem to form part of the larger theme of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition that has been so active in recent weeks.  Hopefully you will you find a way to navigate this time in such a way as to find happiness in the here and now, and not become continually dissatisfied with what you have, whilst also feeling inspired enough to strive for future happiness and success?

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout the month

Retrogrades & Stations

Mercury Direct: 10 Oct 2015

Mercury finally ends its third and last retrograde spell for 2015 on October the 10th, bringing to a close a rather trying and possibly confusing few weeks with regards to relationships, politics and legal matters.

Of course, you have found it excellent for reconnecting with people from your past – perhaps you rekindled an old romance and caught up with a long lost friend, relative or colleague?

It is also quite interesting that in the news, the issue of retrospective compensation came up in relation to slave trade and the Caribbean colonies. In fact, Libran PM David Cameron was asked to apologise for the past cruelties of some distant family members and the abuses committed by English slave traders during the colonial era and authorise the UK government to pay millions in reparations ahead of his visit to Jamaica next week. Talk about come-back!

Although Mercury’s return to direct motion is good news for current relations and legal situations, it does mean that Mercury and Pluto will repeat their difficult clash of the 24th of September almost exactly a month later – on October the 22nd, so be prepared to have to sort out some unfinished business, possibly concerning plans, rules or structures, from around about this time.

Planetary Ingresses

Venus into Virgo: 8 Oct

During October’s first week, Venus will return to the position she held in early September, re-entering the sign of Virgo, where she will remain until the 9th of November. As I have mentioned before, Venus is traditionally considered to be in fall when in this sign, so don’t be surprised if this puts a bit of a dampener on your love life or creative spirit. All of a sudden, you may find yourself nit-picking and finding fault – whether with lovers or your own works of art. Flirtations and sexual dalliances are also likely to grind to a halt as people get a bit prudish, worried about details like money or hygiene, or suddenly develop a morbid fear of attracting criticism for their behaviour.

However, where this sign really comes into its own is in the realm of design for Venus in Virgo loves nothing more than to combine aesthetics with functionality through clever craftsmanship and attention to detail. Health and beauty is another favourite V in V combination, so work on improving your looks from the inside out now. Vintage fashion and charity shop home decor ideas will also shine under this transit – Venus loves to be efficient and thrifty when it comes to resources.

The good news is that, although detrimented, Venus’ move into Virgo means that she will also be joining forces with jovial Jupiter again to bring luck in love, a surge in creativity and an increase in funds – how thrilling! Look out for opportunities to expand your social circle, earnings and influence around October the 25th – definitely a date to circle in your diary. More news on our Facebook page closer to the time.

Key Aspects

For more details of key aspects and what to expect day by day during October, be sure to check out the Daily Astro-Insights on our Facebook page.


[1] Lynda Hill, 360 Degrees of Wisdom – The Sabian Oracle, p. 199

[2] Lynda Hill, 360 Degrees of Wisdom – The Sabian Oracle, p. 34

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