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This month, I look more in-depth into the natal chart of Prince George and try to put him in context astrologically with other members of the royal family . To read more, visit September’s Astro-Insights blog .

You can also see a Zodiac Child Report of his natal chart by visiting the Sample Charts page of the Astro-Report Shop.


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN VIRGO – 5 September 2013

This September, the lunar month will begin on the 5th of August at 12h36 BST with a New Moon in practical, details-oriented Virgo. The next 30 days should be a favourable time to begin new writing or editing projects, arts n’ crafts initiatives, and health or pet-related endeavours. It is also excellent for spring cleaning, hygiene improvements, as well as assisting someone in charge with the details and logistics they don’t have time to do. Virgo is the constellation most associated with agriculture and the harvest, so gardening tasks, such as planting bulbs, dead-heading, pruning or tool cleaning, should also prove to be satisfying now. On the minus side, you may want to beware of perfectionist or overly critical tendencies during this time.

FULL MOON IN PISCES – 19 September 2013

Unlike the previous two years, this month’s Full Moon will take place in sensitive and imaginative Pisces, making it a much more balanced September elementally. This will occur on the 19th at 12h13 BST. Given that Full Moons are usually pretty charged times, and that Pisces is a touchy-feely water sign, it seems likely that this lunar phase will be especially emotional. Although this bodes well for musical, photographic and film-related events, where the aim is to move people, it could prove to be overwhelming for those who are already prone to feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the suffering or baggage of others, so try to be considerate to those around you by not unburdening yourself unnecessarily, being too self-indulgent or especially touchy. Avoid overdosing on medicines – read the labels carefully – and take it easy when it comes to alcohol and drugs. With Venus due to sextile Pluto on the same day, you may need your wits about you because it’s all change when it comes to money and relationships.

Solar Phases – Autumn Equinox

SUN INTO LIBRA – 22 September 2013

This year, the Autumn Equinox takes place on the 22nd at around 21h44 BST. Currently, it is the zodiacal sign of Libra that rules the Autumn Equinox because the sun sets in this constellation around this time, when the hours of day and night are more or less equal. (Equi = equal and nox = nights). The spring and autumn equinoxes also mark the two times of the year when the sun rises due east and sets due west. According to the famous English herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper, the reason that the Sun is considered to be in fall in Libra, is because it coincides with a time when, ‘…the leaves of the trees fall, all creatures are lumpish, and mourn.’[i] As the sign that rules justice, equality, fairness and equilibrium, this month is likely to be one that focuses on the fairness or discriminatory nature of certain rules, laws and regulations, as well as business partnerships, one-to-one relationships, legal contracts and peace treaties.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout September 2013

Planetary Ingresses

Still moving rather quickly, Mercury, the swift-footed planet governing travel, communications, thinking processes, learning and commercial activities, will again pass through two whole signs during September, as it did last month. First up, Mercury ingresses into Libra on the 9th of September, from where it will highlight legal discussions and peace talks, as well as any gadgets or travel packages that focus on relationships and dating. In the news and fields of education, the emphasis will be on fair and balanced viewpoints.

Later, on the 29th, Mercury segues into sexy but complicated Scorpio, from where he will highlight medical research, crime reporting, in-depth and far-reaching reports, as well as commercial activities involving recycling, antiques, law enforcement, healing and forensics.

Venus remains in her domicile of Libra until the 11th of September after which she too ingresses into Scorpio. This is likely to up the temperature in the bedroom, as well as increase the likelihood of drama and intrigue in both business (think dodgy art deals) and romance. Be mysterious now if you want to lure a new lover, and be sure to ask a lot of questions if you are thinking of purchasing a work of art or valuable object – the paperwork might not be in order, or the provenance could be a little murky.

Planetary Stations

After a break of several months, Pluto now returns to direct motion on the 21st of September. This is likely to increase the pace and intensity of change when it comes to organisations you are affiliated with, as well as put more pressure on you or others to make some much-needed alterations to current plans, schedules, habits or routines. On the mundane level, it is very possible that we may hear more talk of banking reforms, official secrecy laws and spy-related activities, corporate restructures, market fluctuations or scandals involving tax evasion in the coming months. Dormant issues centering on structural engineering, especially the reinforcement of foundations, building work done in basements or underground, dental work and skin resurfacing/rejuvenating are all likely to return and need dealing with between now and April 2014.

Key Aspects

September brings with it several key transits that may be worth diarising. These include:

  • 1st to 7th  – A powerful meeting between the Sun, Pluto and Jupiter during this week, through a combination of trine and sextile aspects, makes it a crucial time for change in world politics, especially foreign policy, the morality and ethics of power (is might always right?), the role of religious and educational institutions in the development of society, and attitudes towards the family unit, and notions of roots, home and belonging. Those in leadership positions have a fantastic opportunity to make a big difference to current inequalities or confront injustices, such as continued reluctance to accept gay marriage or recognise the right of same-sex couples to have children, or to just show the world that politics can be done differently to the way it has been in the past. The same goes for large energy conglomerates and those in the food, childcare or home-building industries – a more ethical, but perhaps less fundamentalist approach is really the only way to survive and so the sooner those steering future policy realise that, the healthier and better off their companies, and society, will be in the long-term.On a personal level, this is likely to coincide with a time when changes to society’s approach to morality, religious tolerance and relationship with power stand to have impact on your personal life structures, forcing you to make some key decisions about fundamental issues. These include questions concerning religion, education, attitudes to foreigners and foreign countries, our relationship with questions of personal power and responsibility, and the way in which we express or assert ourselves in the world. Look to the placement of the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in your natal chart for clues as to how and in which area, these shifts are most likely to occur.However, given the positive nature of these aspects, any changes that occur now are likely to alter your life for the better in the long run.

  • 14th – A highly romantic and ethereal Venus-Neptune trine takes place today – brilliant for artistic inspiration, film launches, photographic exhibitions and dream dates.
    – On the same day, an exceptionally energetic and dynamic Mars-Uranus trine makes it likely that a revolutionary new piece of technology,
    gadget or humanitarian initiative will be announced around this time.

  • 19th – A Venus-Pluto sextile gives us all a chance to heal any rifts or hurts caused by the challenging Venus-Pluto square that took place on the 25th of August

  • 21st – Thanks to a Saturn-Pluto sextile that will be in orb for most of the most, you can really move mountains and achieve a substantial amount of work now, if you put your mind to it. Expect plenty of opportunities for personal growth, perhaps through letting go, rather than acquiring new things. This is a good time to shed emotional baggage, financial dead weight and streamline the way you work.

  • 26th – A stellar Venus-Jupiter trine in water signs could see you strike it lucky in the area of relationships, especially with family members and lovers. Family-based or home-related affairs, as well as culinary-based initiatives, such as the opening of a restaurant business, should go exceptionally well now. Think of this as a continuation of the themes raised at the time of the Major Grand Trine in July and you won’t go far wrong.

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[i] Nicholas Culpeper, An Astrological Judgement of Diseases, 1651

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