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This month, I hope to look at the recent spate of terrorist attacks in Kenya and Nigeria to see what the astrology can tell us, if anything. However, due to heavy work commitments, this column is going to be a bit late. Keep checking the AA Facebook page and the Astro-Insights blog for further updates.


Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing seasons, which affect not only the beginning of different natural cycles, but our moods and choice of activities; whilst on a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases make up the time-span of a month. In fact, the etymology of the word month, comes from the Indo-European word, ‘me(n)ses’, meaning “moon.” 1

During this period, the Moon also moves through the zodiac, with every progressive full or new moon cycle occurring in the sign more or less following that of the previous month.

Lunar Phases

NEW MOON IN LIBRA – 5 October 2013

Thanks to a New Moon in relationship-oriented Libra on the 5th at 01h35 BST, we can look forward to a month in which collaboration and partnerships of all kinds are well-favoured. This is especially true of new initiatives and projects, as well as matters concerning the law, gender or racial equality. Efforts aimed at creating balance in all things, especially lifestyle, should also go well between now and the next New Moon. If you’ve been working too much and neglecting loved ones, or putting a lot of investment into one-sided relationships, then you may wish to reorganise your priorities and reassess the give and take in key associations. Under this lunar phase, the emotional focus is very much outward, making you feel more extroverted and sociable than usual, seeking out the company and opinions of others in both work and play, and making an effort to consider the needs and happiness of loved ones before your own, are likely to be major themes now.


October’s Full Moon in Aries, which is scheduled to take place on the 19th just after midnight (00h38 BST), also happens to be a lunar eclipse. Given the emotional nature of Full Moons, the unpredictable quality of eclipses and the impulsive, rather fiery nature of Aries, this could be a rather unsettling time when sudden, unexpected events bring disagreements, individual initiatives, or military campaigns to a head. This could result in fireworks or clashes with authority, especially if others have attempted to control you or refused to listen to your needs or feelings.

At the same time, Mars, the ruler of Aries, will be very close to an exact opposition with Neptune in Pisces, which could have a polarising effect. On one hand, you may feel feisty and ready to defend yourself against unwelcome criticism, possible deception or unsolicited assistance that comes with strings attached. On the other, you may feel like a helpless victim in need of saving or of sympathy. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. The trick is to avoid self-deception, escapism or attempts to avert responsibility whilst also learning to assert yourself confidently without the need to be too defensive or aggressive about it.

Any self-initiated projects or attempts at independence that you have been working on over the last six months or so, are likely to reach their natural climax, or conclusion now.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO SCORPIO – 23 October 2013

This year, the Sun will ingress into passionate and loyal Scorpio on the 23rd of October at around 07h10 BST. This kick starts a month long cycle in which matters concerning sex, death, legacies, tax, the use or abuse of power, and recycling or regeneration are likely to become prominent. Interestingly, this is the day that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen to christen their first born son, Prince George. Given that he has Scorpio rising, I wonder if this was deliberate? At any rate, this is a good time to work on personal charisma and how to win friends and influence others, as well as get to the bottom of who really calls the shots and why.

Planetary Events & Energy Shifts throughout October 2013

Planetary Ingresses

Venus in Sagittarius: 7 October -5 November
Venus once again changes signs on October the 7th, this time into fun and freedom loving Sagittarius. As a result, you may find yourself with itchy feet, restless for adventure. If you can’t take off for exotic destinations or to find yourself in a wilderness retreat or beauty spa, then use this time to immerse yourself in art, literature or documentaries about travel, foreign cultures or religions – it should cure your wanderlust. Discussing philosophy over coffee or lunch with someone attractive should also prove to be highly pleasurable. In fact, cultural organisations, religious festivals and educational talks are all really good places to get inspired, or to meet someone special between now and early November.

Mars into Virgo – 15 October – 7 December
After a tour of fiery and regal Leo, Mars will ingress into practical and efficient Virgo. If you’ve been keen to lock down the details of a project or contract, or concentrate more on your health, then this should be the perfect time to do so. You’ll have plenty of drive to drill down and fine-tune things at home and at work. Nutrition and digestive problems, as well as physical exercise, are all good areas to tackle over the next few weeks. You’ll also find others less diva-like and more helpful – just as well because there is a lot to do between now and the winter holiday season, so the less fuss, the better. Just be careful of becoming too fussy, critical or pedantic – Virgo brings out the perfectionist in all of us, and Mars isn’t one to hold back, which can lead to a lot of whingeing and cutting remarks if you’re not careful.

Planetary Stations

Mercury: 21 October – 11 November
After several months of rapid movement through the zodiac, Mercury, the planet of merchants, travellers, politicians and orators, turns retrograde for a few weeks from the 21st of October. This will prolong its stay in perceptive and probing Scorpio. The net effect is likely to be a complete revision and intensive investigation of past issues, especially those that involve power struggles, criminal activity, intrigue and mystery or possibly, dubious financial transactions. If you are a researcher or forensic scientist, this should be a good time for you to go over old cases, check your initial findings and figures to see whether you missed anything the first time around. Delving into the past, perhaps into your family history, could also lead you to uncover a long-buried secret now. Beware of becoming overly obsessed with taboo subjects or people you really shouldn’t involve yourself with, either because they hold power over you, have murky connections or are simply not good for you emotionally. If anything, this period should remind you of the reasons why some things or people became part of your history and are part of not your present.

Key Aspects

October brings with it a number of important transits that might be worth diarising, including:

  • 1-3 October: T-square of Sun square Pluto, opposing Uranus
    In the lead up to the Libran New Moon on the 5th, a challenging cardinal T-Square with the Sun in Libra at its apex, will force you to confront certain long-standing relationship issues and accept that the status quo is no longer working. Cracks may begin to appear in any partnerships or associations that are inherently corrupt, unequal or simply draining. At this time you could find yourself or a former ally walking away from involvement in a situation that makes you feel insignificant, stifled, unheard, overly burdened or morally compromised.

    Globally, this could lead to fundamental shifts in the balance of world power as redundant alliances and outdated agreements fall by the wayside. This is a time when the old ways will be challenged by the new, with both sides vying for position. Compromise and a firm but impartial sense of fairness may be the only way to resolve this battle between extremes. Regime change, political survival, legal legitimacy and calls for the protection of human rights and civilian freedoms are all likely to be themes now.

  • 8 October: Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio
    A rather serious and unforgiving air may descend today as Mercury and Saturn connect in relentless and uncompromising Scorpio. The first of three contacts between these two planets, thanks to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde spell, this particular combination calls for deep and thorough research and consideration of all available options before finalising any major decisions, plans, negotiations or contracts, especially those related to tax, underground engineering or energy exploration projects, and book/manuscript restoration. Policy alterations or announcements concerning recycling, banned substances or activities, or law enforcement are all likely to become a focus now. Given that Mercury and Saturn will meet up again on 29 October 29 and 25 November, the need to do your research and consider all the angles and options before reaching a final workable solution seems like the best way to proceed. The stakes are high, so it will be important to get it right.

  • 12 Oct: Sun square Jupiter
    Today you might find it difficult to penetrate the inner circle of influence in order to be granted favours, no matter how worthy you are in terms of skills or experience. This is because fairness and merit will have no sway with those who wish to protect family interests and maintain close social connections with centres of power or authority. The trick, then, will be to accept that the path to the top is not always straightforward, and will often involve winning over the hearts and minds of decision-makers more swayed by personal bias and social cliques than personal ability or ideals. On a personal level, you may find yourself tending toward an overly rosy, possibly naïve attitude towards relationships, or else a tad too dogmatic or over the top when it comes to maintaining certain domestic conventions. Being charming but not too egotistical or presumptuous is probably the best way to ingratiate yourself and/or fulfil your objectives now.

  • 16 October: Venus trine Uranus
    Peace talks, unusual hook-ups and exciting new associations are all possible now as Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Artistically and culturally, this is an excellent moment to celebrate youthful idealism and innovation. Freedom within relationships and personal inter-dependence are also likely to be themes at this time. Learning new things and connecting with others will seem effortless, while, in social situations, people will feel at ease in your company and no one will judge those with slightly unconventional looks or ideas. You can also look forward to plenty of stimulating intellectual conversations about topics such as new technologies, the pro and cons of different philosophies and travel to far flung places.

  • 25 October: Sun trine Neptune
    Having ingressed into watery Scorpio on the 23rd, the Sun then moves towards a flowing and harmonious angle to oceanic Neptune. This should help to put you in tune with energies, inspiration or ideas usually beyond your conscious grasp, making it a great time for artistic efforts, spiritual healing or meditation. Music, film and photography will have an especially profound, almost hypnotic effect now, so if you are trying to contact higher realms of consciousness, then be sure to make use of these channels to help you do so. Personal power is mixed with compassion for others, enabling you to make intuitive but wise and considerate decisions.

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